Iran is to be feared because Nazis are good people, too

How liberals count Trump’s lies is a case study in duplicity.  Leftists tell a lie and if he denies their lie then they say he’s the liar.  A bully will punch you, and if you punch back will accuse you of starting a fight.  Pathological deceit is simplicity itself.  Promoting the Big Lies is so easy to do with ignorant people who are gullible fools.  Whenever Trump denies their false accusations that he colluded with Russia, Democrats in the media count that as a lie.  So, in their own deluded minds anyone who tells the truth and calls them out on their lies is the liar.  This is how they keep their Big Lies going in the minds of their rabid liberal base of dysfunctional thinkers.

How deeply do leftists believe in their own lies is exemplified by Iran’s reaction to Trump’s retaliation air strikes.  Iran has been killing Americans in the Middle East for twenty years.  The way to deal with a bully is not by trading hits because they will just keep escalating until you submit.  You deal with them by going nuclear on their stupid ass and either make them submit or kill them.  Iran will never stop attacking the U.S. until their leaders suffer the ultimate defeat either through humiliation or death.  For those liberals who are just dense as rocks, this doesn’t mean using nuclear weapons.  How stupid to think that is what I am saying.

The lying Democrat media is openly rooting against President Trump battling against the world’s leading terrorist nation.  Obama gave them $150 billion dollars.  Trump gave them a rocket up their ass.  Obama helped create ISIS and allowed an American ambassador to be assassinated in Libya.  Trump smashed them in the head for rioting against an American embassy.  And then there’s Biden who says Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, that he’s a bully that little Joe says he would punch in the face.  Here’s a clue for those who don’t understand righteousness.  Those who stab you in the back like Iran, or make empty threats like little Joe, are the bullies.  All you need to do is stand up to them and be willing to beat them down.  Little Joe would break like a cracker the way Saddam did.  Iran needs more convincing.

Ever since the leftwing media told the lies that President Trump said Nazis are good people, too, when he was clearly talking about the peaceful protesters in Charlottesville, their lies have become shriller and more obvious.  They have spread more lies that Trump is the evil promoter of state terrorism conducting terror attacks against good people than they have ever done to condemn Iran.  The leftist media constantly slanders Trump with false allegations designed to dupe gullible liberals.  It’s the same technique they use to promote their global warming scam as science when it has no scientific basis.  It’s the same technique they use to slander Christianity for the Crusades when they were a defensive response to the Jihad.  It’s the same technique used throughout history to destroy good people.  It was used against the Christians by Nero when he burned Rome.  It was used against the Templars by King Philip IV to steal the people’s gold in the first bank heist.  It was used against the Jews (of which Jesus is one) by Hitler and his predecessors to create Blood Libel.

Democrats side with Iran against America just as Obama allied with them.  Trump worked with them to destroy ISIS.  Killing this general wasn’t a case of betraying an ally.  It was killing an enemy who has been killing American soldiers after aiding our enemies to kill each other.  Iran didn’t destroy ISIS with Obama’s help but used its creation to invade Iraq to overthrow American influence after Obama pulled all our troops out to open the way.  Confusing ignorant liberals about whose side America is on in the war against the Jihad is easy when they haven’t the first clue to understand America let alone Islam because of the conflicting words and actions of Democrats and Republicans.  As Sun Tzu said, if you don’t understand your enemy you will lose half your battles.  If you don’t understand yourself, you will lose them all.

Trump’s airstrike takes out Iranian general – (The YouTube war on conservatism continues as they allow leftists to spam the site in order to conceal the truth and confuse ignorant liberals, so if this video is deleted please find FOX & Friends 6AM hour on January 3, 2020)

[Author’s Note: President Trump is the only president in our lifetimes that has not initiated a foreign war but striven to remove America from useless wars that are actually aiding the Jihad.  This attack by Iran is deliberate and in league with Democrats to slander Trump by forcing his hand.  Democrats from Obama on down have been meeting with Iranians to plot these attacks for the purpose of smearing Trump as a warmonger.  Liberals, who don’t pay attention to what Democrats do but only listen to what they say, who don’t read past the headline or investigate a story beyond what they are told the first day, are the ones who are their targeted dupes.  It takes a week for a story to unfold and leftist media conceals most of the facts by omitting them in their reports because their only intention is to paint Trump as the evil one relying on liberals to remain ignorant.]

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