Trump vs. Democrats – ‘Acts of War’ and Betrayal

With the killing of Iran’s #2, Gen. Soleimani, who has overseen Iran’s terror attacks around the world for the past twenty years, Democrats have gone ape sh*t stupid in their efforts to condemn Trump and praise Islamist jihadi terrorists.  The ideology of the Democrat Party is antithetical to Constitutional America.  Democrat’s pro-Iranian propaganda is beyond stupidity.  Democrats are openly mourning the death of this Iranian general who was killed in a drone strike by order of President Trump.  They are declaring this mass murderer, who aided jihadis in killing and maiming thousands of America soldiers, murdered thousands of Christians in the region, and also tens of thousands of Moslems who would not take part in the Jihad, to be an atrocity and a tragedy that endangers the world.

WTF is wrong with their brains?  They think because we worked with Iran to destroy ISIS that they are somehow now our friend?  They think the saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a literal thing?  The saying means that when your enemies are killing each other it is helpful to you, not that either side is actually your new friend.  Morons!  Democrats think they are intelligent when they take sides against President Trump in this conflict.  At least Republicans never took sides with America’s enemies even when Obama was aiding them in killing each other.  But we recognized he did it with a very different purpose than Trump.  Donald Trump is the only president in our lifetimes not to get us involved in any new wars.  But he is acting to end some.

What are Democrats saying?  They are saying that his every foreign endeavor is wildly radical resulting in failures.  Tell that to the American people who see his trade agreements benefiting the nation’s economy, and his dealings with America’s enemies either pushing them toward peace or actually inflicting significant damage on them.  Instead of praise, they are calling America an “imperialist, terrorist nation.”  The parasitic maggots of every branch of the entertainment industry, video, music, and sports, who live in luxury off the good will of our patronage, all spewed anti-American sh*t from their mouths.  The lunacy of Democrats is exemplified by a junior member of Congress, who has never served in the military, saying President Trump tweeting that he will crush Iran if they follow through on their threats against America is a “war crime.”  Get that?  Tweeting is now a war crime.

Democrat presidential candidates have gone equally bat sh*t crazy in support of Iran.  Biden accuses Trump of acting like a dictator saying, “No president is allowed to take the nation to war without the informed consent of the Congress.”  You mean like Obama taking out Libya and failing to take out Syria?  Bernie said, “His actions put us on a path to another war.”  Wth?  They think this would be a different war?  Iran has been at war with America for forty years!  Democrats won’t acknowledge this because it began with their permission under Jimmy Carter when they allowed Iran to invade our country in 1979 and hold 52 members of our embassy hostage for 444 days.  Since then Iran has been behind jihadi terror attacks and wars around the world that have killed tens of thousands.

The Situation Today

Iran in Iraq only used the U.S. to destroy ISIS in order to spread their influence in the region, and Christians and Moslems in Iraq and Syria have paid the price.  This was not a case of the enemy of our enemy being our friend, but a case of helping our enemies kill each other and then taking out leaders of the other after the first is destroyed.  (This is exactly like America in WWII when we sided with communist Russia against Nazi Germany when they turned on each other after being allied to start the war.  After the greater danger was gone, we fought the Cold War with the communists as they enslaved Eastern Europe.)  Because we killed their favorite jihadi, Iraq’s Parliament voted to kick America out of their country.  Most of their members were elected under Iranian dictates while they were destroying ISIS.  This is why Obama pulling American troops out of Iraq to allow ISIS to form was a betrayal of America.  Because of this betrayal after all of America’s help, President Trump will now consider giving the Kurds, who were mass murdered by Saddam with chemical weapons, their own country in northern Iraq.

Americans have fought and died overthrowing Saddam, winning the war against the jihadi insurgency, and fighting Iranian jihadi terrorism.  Iran has been supplying terrorists around the world and in the region with weapons that can kill and maim Americans.  They have led the Jihad to destroy Christians in the region, and slaughtered thousands of their fellow Moslems who would not join in the Jihad.  Killing these terrorist leaders merely puts the Muslim world on notice that America can strike at their hearts at will.  Pelosi says Trump is trying to distract from his impeachment.  America asks, “What impeachment?”  She’s withholding impeachment until she can get a senate prosecutor who is another socialist Democrat.

On whose side are Democrats?  They are so stupid that they referred to terror chieftain al-Baghdadi as killing a “noble Islamic scholar.”  Now they call Soleimani a “revered leader.”  The idiots who have been trying to convince us that jihadi terrorists are not really Moslems just admitted that they are lying by naming these jihadi terror leaders as fundamentalist Islamists living in the same manner as Muhammad who began the Jihad.  Tricksters try to say Jihad only refers to an inner fight against evil, but that belies the fact that Muhammad only meant that version for his slavish fanatics in how to treat their fellow fanatic Moslems.  For unbelievers he taught his followers to bring them violently to slavery or death.

Again, WTF is wrong with their brains?  This is more proof that liberalism is a mental illness.  Iran has been calling America their Great Satan waging war on us for forty years.  They are a pissant little third world country with dreams of getting nuclear weapons to use in their Holy War the way wicked children dream of having guns to kill adults.  Democrats defending them proves they are not only, as they put it, on the wrong side of history, but the wrong side of righteousness.  Iranians are saying Trump started a new war.  What Trump has done is punch a bully in the nose that has been tormenting Americans with impunity and now they, like all bullies, say hitting them back is starting a fight.  Democrats, like typical liberal wimps who are content to be bullied lest they make it worse because they suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.  This is a clear example of the three types of people; Trump is a dick, liberals are pussies, and Iran’s regime are assholes.

Team America: Dicks, pussies, and assholes

Democrats condemning President Trump as committing war crimes for killing terrorists, allying with America’s enemy the Jihadi Islamist state of Iran, is not politics – it’s betrayal of the American people and our Constitution that they swore to uphold but are instead sh*tting upon.

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