Is America Doomed?

Can Americans be educated, and Democrat voter fraud be eliminated, before the nation plunges into the darkness of socialism?  Liberals instantly make snap judgment on innocuous facts.  They immediately believe Trump had Russians cosign his loans and that Kavanaugh molested women even when leftist media liars have to retract their statements the next day.  This is not ignorance.  This is stupidity and there is no educating them.  The only solution is to defeat them.

Elitist Democrats and NeverTrumpers say Trump is uncouth and not up to their standards.  Donald Trump is in the most elite club of self-made billionaires.  Yet he is not an elitist.  Donald Trump is a regular guy who only wants to make America great again, and that’s what makes him America’s greatest president.  All he wants to do is make life better for common Americans and Democrats hate him for it.

Liberals are not progressives.  They are contrarians.  If you still believe in Russian collusion’s erroneous, illegitimate facts, you’re not just ignorant, you’re stupid.  If you believe in climate Armageddon despite Democrats saying the world will end in ten years but, fear not, they have a plan to save the planet in thirty years, then you’re not just ignorant, you’re stupid.

The difference between socialist Democrats and capitalist Republicans is their business models.  Republicans believe in building a great business with a product or service to sell to make money.  Democrat’s communist business model is that government allows people to build businesses and they then shake down business owners to continue operating.  In the 1980s, Northern Republicans fled Democrat corruption for the business-friendly taxes of the South.  This resulted in a paradigm shift of the South becoming a Republican majority and the North becoming Democrat majority.

Backwards thinking liberal media believe that what happened was that redneck racists became Republicans and “enlightened” Yankees became Democrats.  Now, explain why racists would join the Republican Party?  Why would they want to join those who fought a war to take Democrat’s slaves away?  Democrat corruption has made the cost of living in northern and western states untenable.  Now even Democrats that stupidly voted for it are fleeing that corruption for the South, but they are bringing their stupid with them.

What sense does it make to flee socialist taxes and then vote for them in the free places of the world?  Those who fled communist Russia and China and Venezuela don’t come to America to vote for communism.  This is another example of backwards liberal thinking that is based on their dysfunctional thought processes of using emotion over logic and feelings over facts.

“50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know” author, Jerome Hudson, was on Fox & Friends saying liberals use emotion over logic and feelings over facts.

“Democrats would rather see our country fail than our president succeed.”

The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Republicans wanted Obama to fail so our country would succeed.  Democrats conflated the two to confuse people so they could condemn Republicans.

Jerome Hudson 9-17-19 “What the Left doesn’t tell you” – min 34

Democrats deliberately misguide people in order to deceive them from recognizing the truth.  Liberals say it takes five years for what the president does to affect the economy.  The first lie is that the president runs the economy when it is Congress that makes laws and regulations that affect the economy.  The second is that it takes years instead of months.  Once Democrats had control of both houses of Congress under Bush, they began sabotaging the oil market to drive up prices.  When Bush released the oil reserves, they screamed murder, and in retaliation nuked the mortgage banks to crash the economy in order to smear Bush and get Obama elected.

Voting for Democrats to raise taxes on yourself is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders.  Liberals are so backwards thinking that they believe that applies to voting for Trump.  That’s because they believe the Democrat lie that Trump lowered taxes on the rich and raised them on the middle class.  Anyone who can do simple math to determine the taxes they paid in 2017 against the taxes they paid in 2018 knows better.  Liberals, because they do not think rationally, logically, or even forward thinking, believe their taxes went up.  That’s because they made more money in 2018 and paid more in taxes because the tax cut wasn’t as much as their pay increase.

He also eliminated the Democrat’s federal tax cut for blue states to steal from red states, so their people are now actually paying the same federal tax and are seeing the state tax that they previously deducted.  The other problem liberals have in understanding taxes is that the taxes they paid in April of 2019 were for the year before.  Liberals lack the necessary education to understand anything about business, taxes, or capitalism.  That’s why they are so easily duped by socialist’s rainbow promises.

The left is blinded by their own hate.  They cannot see that their own meme of “white privilege” is inherently racist.  They believe themselves to be without sin.  They believe they conceal their own hate, bigotry, and lies within their deceitful behavior blaming Republicans in all things.  Confuse and distract, misinform and redirect.  These are the basics of conning their dupes.  The left does not practice telling the truth or the facts, only promoting their fictions.

The NYT is a perfect example of leftist media operating under the façade of being journalism, while acting instead as Democrat propaganda activists conducting character assassinations of Republicans.  They incite rabid Democrats to go after Justice Kavanaugh over a lie to impeach him and then use that lie to smear him for the rest of his life.  There is nothing Democrats do or say that can be believed if they claim to be right.  Democrats like former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid proudly laud their lies so long as they assist them in winning.  These are people that should never be trusted.  They are the criminals against whom laws were written from which Congress has exempted themselves and protects their media from the consequences of their lies.

Leftist media smears Republicans as racist ignoring their own racism

Christian Americans Stand Against Leftist Prayer Shaming

[Author’s Note: The latest condemnation craze by the left is against vaping.  Suddenly, young people are dying and getting critical illnesses from vaping which has been eminently safe for years.  I think these people are being deliberately poisoned.  It’s the same as college students taking drugs like Adderall from friends and drug dealers only to die because they’ve been laced with a few grains of pure fentanyl.  Leftist terrorists are murdering Americans on the sly and people remain oblivious to the dangers they pose in all they do.

Americans are suffering from Democrat Criminal Swamp Rat Fatigue.  For the last ten years they’ve been getting away with lying, slandering, and smearing innocent people, assaulting citizens, assassinating police, spying on the Trump campaign, importing illegal invaders, corrupting America culture, and committing massive voter fraud while perpetrating frauds of Russian collusion and climate Armageddon on America with impunity.  The righteous have had it and are ready for justice to be meted out to the left for their multitude of crimes.  We keep hearing that the day is coming and are sick of hearing that the day is coming.  Write Executive Orders for voter ID requirements.  Arrest governors and mayors who openly violate federal immigration law.  Individual states and cities cannot be allowed to make decisions to import foreigners who take American jobs and give them taxpayer money.  If they are going to disregard laws, then America is a lawless nation.  Mr. President, pull the trigger and put these rabid radicals down!]

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Credibility – a term that is lost on liberals

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