Democrat’s Impeachment Ten Step Methodology

  1. Make false allegations accusing Trump of crimes ranging from sexually molesting women to treason.
  2. Flood the zone of leftwing media with false accusations of lies, implications, innuendo, and assumptions.
  3. Manipulate ignorant people to believe all that they say by twisting facts, concealing truths, and warping people’s morality.
  4. Declare they have proof but never reveal it, declare they have witnesses but never let them testify.
  5. Accuse Trump of obstructing the investigation if he refuses to give Democrats erroneous facts they can confuse as dirt.
  6. Accuse Trump of attempting a cover-up to conceal the fictional crimes of which he is accused and slander him.
  7. Accuse Trump of witness tampering when he demands to confront his accusers or investigate the facts.
  8. Declare this to be a Constitutional crisis of Trump’s making as Democrats destroy any American’s trust in government.
  9. Declare Trump guilty even if proven innocent and continue to proclaim his guilt regardless to obstruct investigating their lies.
  10. Rinse and repeat.

How should President Trump and Republicans respond to this continuous onslaught?  America has been besieged by leftist democratic socialists who have been striving to make America a slave nation to socialist dictators since its founding.  Only eternal vigilance combined with the determination to expose and bring to justice the duplicitous Democrats and strip away power from their dupes will resolve this issue for a time.  Every generation has their greedy, selfish denizens of hate and envy, gullibility and foolishness who will believe leftist lies again and again.       They cannot be turned from their dysfunctional condition.  They can only be defeated by stopping them from the crimes of voter fraud and slander.

Donald Trump has shown Republicans who lack the spine how to stand up against Democrat lies rather than bend over and take it!  Only those RINOs that have infiltrated the GOP under false pretenses to join with Democrats stand against him.  Democrat smears never stand up against righteous morality truthfully spoken.  These accuse Trump of extorting Ukraine because he asked for a favor, while they approve of Biden’s extortionist racketeering to coerce them to give his son a job and not investigate his corruption.  Democrats have been using government to enrich themselves for over a century by this method of extorting money from businesses both foreign and domestic.  It is time they were brought to justice in the courts rather than just the hopes that the people will open their eyes at the ballot box.  Liberals are not woke, they are broke.

Key among these issues is that Republicans not only stand for the truth, but that they stop defending leftist institutions.  Democrats embrace every anti-America ideology and agenda in their efforts to dupe the people into overthrowing the Constitution and establish them as ruling monarchs.  Their most two-faced statements that they are defending the Constitution as they strive to destroy it is the most obvious clue to their criminal intent.  They manipulate Republicans with their false accusations to take stands against them that which would benefit the left such as defending religious liberty to include Islam.  Defending Islam is defending leftist socialist tyranny.

Stop protesting the persecution of Moslems in China.  This is just two leftists seeking to dominate each other just as the Nazis and Soviets were when they went at each other’s throats.  When your enemies are destroying each other, stand back and watch.  Christianity is under assault in America.  Socialists want to deny Christians rights.  Democrats condemn America as abusive of civil rights for the stupidest, most erroneous and false reasons.  In defense of America, Republicans point at Chinese human rights abuses including imprisoning Moslems.  Islam is every bit as tyrannical and oppressive as socialism.  The only difference is one has a god and the other says there is no God, but both are anti-Christian, anti-Jew (Jesus is a Jew), and anti-America.

If you want to defend America, then defend Christianity and the Constitution while standing against Democrat lies.  The greatest enemy of Americans is ignorance; ignorance of our history, ignorance of political ideologies, ignorance of science, and ignorance of faith.  Ignorance is not bliss; ignorance is the breeding ground for deception.  Nothing good comes from leftism.  There is not a radical left and radical right that are both bad with a creamy goodness in the center.  There is right and there is wrong, and the left is never right.  Until people become wise enough to recognize that there are always people who want to deceive the unwary in order to dupe them into supporting their lies, people will always be susceptible to having their naïveté and gullibility used against them.  Deceivers declaring Trump to be a deceiver is worse than the pot calling the kettle black.  This is how the Pharisees condemned Jesus.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness.” – Isaiah 5:20

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