Biden’s Lies Reveal Democrat’s Two-Faced Socialist Injustice

This is Impeach Trump Russian Collusion v3.0.  Having their lies, frauds, and smears exposed again and again and again has not deterred Democrats one iota.  Why?  Because they are confident that there are always liberal dupes (that may be 40% of the population) fool enough to believe their lies regardless of how often they are proven false, plus enough oblivious centrists to vote for them regardless of the truth.  Instead of being led by Democrat’s hate and fearmongering, or being distracted by their false accusations, how about Americans turn their attention to the drug Jihad that is murdering our people?  Vaping and supposedly harmless drugs like Adderall are now inexplicably killing people because they are being laced with dangerous substances.  This cannot be an accident.

Instead of working with Republicans to get some much-needed legislation done in compliance with the will of the people that elected Trump, Pelosi, Biden & Co. are demanding Trump’s impeachment for speaking with foreign governments.  They accuse him of doing the what Biden and Hillary have done – coercing a foreign government to assist him in digging up dirt on Democrats like Hunter Biden who was under investigation in Ukraine for corruption.  He was made a senior member in one of their businesses to receive millions of dollars despite having no knowledge or experience.  This is much like Chelsea Clinton getting a near seven-figure salary out of college working in the media.

But those charges were dropped when VP Biden threatened to pull military financial support from their country that was being invaded by Russia.  Then the old fool bragged about it on TV as an example of what a tough guy negotiator he is.  Does he not understand that that is not negotiating as Trump does but thuggery?  Now they accuse Trump of doing the same thing to reverse that investigation.  Except that accusation comes from someone who claims to be a whistleblower who heard about a phone call Trump made and then created fictional details of it.  Liberal media treats it as Gospel truth and Democrats are calling it criminal, even traitorous corruption, demanding his impeachment as a lawless president.  While at the same time they are excusing Biden as part of Obama’s administration that duo continue to claim was scandal free as having conducted Washington business as usual.  Usual for Democrats, that is.

“Nancy Pelosi says, ‘Nobody is above the law.’  Does that include the front runner of her own party?” – Newt Gingrich

This leftist sabotage and subterfuge must be stopped!  A “whistleblower” who is a third hand witness?  Hearsay is not permitted in court but is the life blood of leftwing media propaganda and gossip.  When prosecutors investigate Democrat crimes they are always forced out of a job and called corrupt.  But when leftists make bogus charges against righteous people like Trump, they always call him a liar and cry impeach and imprison until their “evidence” is revealed to be a fraud and their campaign collapses.  This has happened time and again, yet people fall for it every single time.

Doing multiple reruns of their Russian collusion and Kavanaugh sex offender frauds and having them blow up in their faces again does not deter them.  As Democrats openly profess their beliefs, they are being met by pushback from righteous Americans like the little Colorado mom who told O’Rourke off to his face that he wasn’t going to disarm her and make her helpless.  Leftist lies and thuggery cannot be allowed to rule America any longer.  We’re into the Russian collusion lie v3.0 and even those Democrats who are moral and intelligent are seeing through them.

If their whistleblower is legitimate, then I know a guy who is a friend of an acquaintance of John Brennan who knows about Barack Hussein Obama working with the Muslim Brotherhood, sharing America’s secrets, and squandering American taxpayer money to fund their creation of ISIS.  Congress should demand all transcripts of Obama’s conversations with the Muslim Brotherhood, and all witnesses should be forced to testify.  How’s that for whistleblowing?  They can’t discredit that accusation if they say their Trump accuser is legitimate.

If Trump’s son had done the same thing and his father had made the same claims, just imagine how two-faced Democrats would respond.  Leftists make false allegations against Trump as doing what they have done for one purpose – to distract from their own crimes.  If it’s a crime for Trump to do it then why wasn’t it a crime for Biden to do it?  Why is Trump being condemned over a rumor that’s quickly proving to be another false allegation, while Democrats are being exonerated when the evidence of their guilt is out in the open?  They call Trump a lawless president when they are the lawless breed.  Are Democrats really so stupid they don’t think we can see through them?

Fox & Friends Saturday 9/21/19 6am – min 0:40-9:40 Biden Whistleblower

Biden brags about having Ukraine prosecutor investigating his son fired – min 1

Hillary Russian collusion v3.0

Tucker tears Democrats a new one for their impeachment mania

When is President Trump going to take action to bring Democrats to justice?  Is he going to stand up for the American people or is his presidency just the last gasp of the republic?  Is he true to his word and willing to bring Democrats down, or is he just going through the motions before Democrats take America down?  Biden and his son need to be prosecuted for their corruption.  Comey & Co. need to be convicted of their Russian collusion fraud.  And if it can be linked back to Obama and Hillary then charges of treason need to be made and enforced.  Then Pelosi and all Democrat members of Congress and their RINO allies need to pay the price for their duplicity.

Ukraine Scandal Threatens to Take Out Biden, Not Trump

As predicted, Democrat’s Ukraine connection blows up in their faces

Colorado mom tells off Beto over Democrat’s gun confiscation plans

The Naked Soul of the Democrat Party

Credibility – a term that is lost on liberals

When Mueller Speaks, Everyone Listens – and goes insane

[Author’s Note: I’m hearing more and more of corporations being sued as possibly having caused cancers and being forced to pay billions of dollars.  Roundup, Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder?  These are not legitimately proven culprits, but victims of Democrat shake downs.  The perpetrators are the Democrat politicians pushing this agenda to shake down companies that do not support them.  They find bogus doctors to say in their kangaroo courts that their product “may have caused cancer.”  They have leftist activist judges rule their testimony admissible, and greedy liberal fools on the jury to convict them on suppositions.  This is leftist gangsterism in government on display.

From their continuing efforts to dupe their lunatic base of rabid liberals suffering from their delusions by pretending to impeach Trump, Democrats are dedicated to the premise that the Road Runner is the evil perpetrator and Wile E. Coyote is the victim.  Obviously, ravenous wolves have a right to eat their prey.  Democrats continue to prey on Trump in their efforts to seize power by hook or by crook.  Only a truly devastating blow will ever curtail their efforts to enact a coup or to dupe the people into elevating them to absolute power once again.  If they do, then woe to America!]

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