The Demonization of Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is a lesbian darling of the left, but she does not share the leftist views that everyone on the right should be demonized.  Now she is taking fire from leftist haters demanding that she either recant or be condemned for consorting with Republicans.  To her great credit, Ellen is standing up for righteousness against the hateful bigotry of leftism.

Ellen DeGeneres speaks out about being condemned

The intolerant, two-faced, angry, hate filled left

Ellen is finding out the hard way that she’s on the wrong side of right.  After making a truly beautiful Christian statement she was chastised, mocked, and demonized by the hate-filled radical left.  Will she learn the lesson that those of us who have grown up to learn morality have?  Or will she continue to reach so many wrong conclusions in supporting Democrats?  Actually, does she support Democrats?  (I wouldn’t know for sure as I haven’t watched her show.)

While homosexuality is abhorred by the church as perverted sexual immorality, it is a fact of life that many adhere to their desires.  Does that make them evil?  I know many gays and their morality I judge on the basis of whether or not they do good or evil to others.  Jesus did not specifically condemn homosexuality, but neither did He condone it.  He did very clearly condemn sexual immorality.  The fact is virtually everyone with a sex drive engages in sinful conduct one way or another.

But those who demand that the church must alter basic morals to fit their particular sinful nature are doing evil to others.  Should the church condone adultery?  How about multiple wives?  Maybe they should allow pedophilia?  Where do you draw the line?  It’s one thing to say that gays can marry in court, but quite another to say that the Christian church must bless their marriage.  That’s not a legal matter.  That’s imposing your morality on others.

While sodomy laws have been done away with, such things as pedophilia have not for one simple reason; two consenting adults engaging in whatever sex they enjoy is not harming others, while adults raping pre-pubescent children is doing harm.  Hebrew law in Leviticus was discarded millennia ago.  That law exists only in Islam today where homosexuals are summarily executed in Moslem countries.  At the same time, most of them also endorse raping children as a form of discipline under the same Sharia law.  That Americans are so ignorant and twisted in their application of morality is disgraceful.

Those gays who are attacking the Christian church and Christian businesses have no business trying to impose their morality on others.  Christians don’t go to their homes and scream condemnations at them trying to destroy them and ruin their careers.  This is just another version of socialist tyranny.  They are not doing this because they are gay but are using their sexuality as an excuse much the way Democrats use race.  Gays are arrested for having sex in public, but so are heterosexuals.  Just because they engage in this ten times more than heteros does not make the law bigoted anymore than blacks who are arrested more often because they commit ten times more violent crimes than whites.

Morality is black and white, but it is also shades of gray.  What morality is not is one or the other.  People who think morality is black and white without shades of gray are typically your self-righteous hypocrites.  People who think morality is gray without black and white are typically your amoral opportunists.  Both are wrong.  Both are selfish.  And both corrupt what is good and right in the world as badly as those who are immoral deceivers and their dupes.

When Jesus said, “Judge not lest you be judged,” He wasn’t talking about judging right and wrong, or legal and illegal.  He was talking about judging whether or not others are going to Heaven or Hell as if you were God.  And I thank God every day that most of the people I know who make judgments on others are not God.  For a people who are born into sin there are far too many who gladly throw stones.  What Ellen says and does is very Christian and people should pay attention to it.

The demonization of Trump 24/7/365 has certainly brainwashed millions of liberal lemmings, but at the same time confused the herd of conservative cats.  NeverTrumpers condemn him, while Christians adore him for his steadfast faith.  For the past twenty years, Democrats have promoted the anti-Christian ideologies of democratic socialist communism and Islamo-nazi fascism.  Now they are going in front of cameras to talk about “their Christian faith.”  How stupid do they think the people are?

Leftist Democrat’s idea of Christian faith is warping that faith to support their ideologies of cursing the teachings of Christ, cheering for killing babies in the womb, promoting the invasion of America by foreigners who only want to steal from Americans rather than become Americans.  They cry that they are defending the Constitution against a tyrant even as they strive to overthrow the constitutionally elected president and install themselves as dictators.  Their constant two-faced representations of themselves and Republicans is not lost on the public at large.

America’s crossroads are at hand and America cannot afford to allow leftist duplicity, cheating at the ballot box, or slanderous propaganda to be the arbiter of America’s future.

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