Who do you trust; Democrats or Republicans or Trump?

Biden and Warren are about to be hoist with their own petards.

Hoist with his own petard” is a phrase from a speech in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet that has become proverbial. The phrase’s meaning is literally that the bomb-maker (a “petard” is a small explosive device) is blown up (“hoisted” off the ground) by his own bomb, and indicates an ironic reversal, or poetic justice.

Democrats desperately striving to destroy Trump have just lit the fuses on their bombs that are going to blow up in their own faces.  Their dog and pony shows designed to smear Trump are merely revealing the true face of the Democrat Party.  Democrats haven’t changed their spots since the Founding as America’s slavers.  They’ve only concealed the spots with stripes.  What this latest episode of Ukraine being Russian Collusion v3.0 has proven is that there are leftist elements in the U.S. intelligence agencies that are still spying on Trump. Also, that they are attempting to sabotage his efforts to undo the Moslem communist president that preceded him who they still serve.  Democrats incite hate, irrational fears, and violence.  They are the gangster thugs they accuse Trump of being.

Ninety percent of the media says Trump is corrupt, a liar, mean-spirited, petty, and vile.  Ten percent says he’s honestly doing good for America.  Which is telling the truth?  Television media was founded under the century in which Democrats controlled Congress 90% of the time.  Is that media corrupt promoting Democrat propaganda, or is the 10% that has emerged over the last twenty years telling lies?

Democrats cry for children dying on the border, for citizens dying from drugs, yet they fight Republicans to keep the border open while Mexican cartels get rich off of human trafficking and drug smuggling.  Think someone in Washington is getting kickbacks?  Who could it be?

Democrats say Trump “puts children in cages.”  Obama, Bush, and Clinton did the exact same thing.  Why didn’t Democrats complain then?  Democrats cry Trump “talks nasty and mocks people.”  Obama and Clinton did the exact same exact thing.  Did they complain their actions weren’t “presidential?”  Bush didn’t do that and he was praised as eminently presidential.  Instead, he was a punching bag for Democrats until his reputation was completely destroyed.  Donald Trump is nobody’s fool.

But Democrats say he attempted to blackmail a foreign government to dig up dirt on leading Democrat presidential Joe Biden.  Joe Biden says he stands strong against corruption.  Let’s examine what he said to the president of Ukraine when he was vice president.

Biden brags about having Ukraine prosecutor investigating his son fired

Did he stop a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor, or did he protect his son using blackmail thug tactics from having his corruption investigated?  Democrats always accuse Republicans of doing what they do.  It’s called Projection and it’s the primary defense of the corrupt criminal liar.  Democrats say Trump tried to blackmail a foreign leader.  Biden did it!  They say Trump tried to use a foreign government to get dirt on a political opponent.  Hillary did it!

Psychological projection is a defence mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting.

Cheering for Biden is like cheering for the Mexican drug lord that has the new border sheriff assassinated because he vowed to stop corruption.  Democrats want to oversee what Republicans do so they can stop them from benefiting American citizens, while they have free reign to import Latino-communists and Islamo-nazis.  Their propaganda machine has been operating for a century through the media, the education system, and the courts to corrupt this nation.

They use simple methods to imply and infer.  Leftists rely on this technique to promote propaganda.  That’s like the way they set up a recording to bias the viewer.  If you don’t watch a video objectively, you must first beware of how the narrator presents it.  The lead-in to a video can make all the difference in the bias of the viewer.  An example is John Oliver presenting video of President Trump meeting Nadia Murad in his presentation of the flaws in the immigration system that he misrepresents.  It’s easy to confuse liberals about immigration, why and how it’s broken, when they don’t know all the facts.

John Oliver – min 14:37

Oliver informs the viewer that she was telling the president her mother and sister were killed.  But, if you objectively watch the video, is that what she said?  With her accent is she saying “killed” or “kept?”  It sounds like “kilt” so could be heard as either.  Donald Trump heard kept and responded with a question of, where are they now, to which she replied, “They kill them.”  Being able to look back to understand her initial meaning is how Oliver interpreted that “Trump is stupidly not paying attention.”  Bill Maher does the same things because comedians make their money by mocking people.  This is why getting your information from a comedian is not a good idea.

Democrats use children to tug at heart strings to override intellect

Democrats use “children” to condemn Republicans and America then cry they are above reproach and cannot be criticized for their innocent truths.  First off, teenagers are not children.  Secondly, children do not know better than adults.  When Jesus said a child shall lead them, He wasn’t talking about immature fools.

David Hogg agreed with Beto O’Rourke that guns should be taken from citizen’s cold dead fingers.  When I slammed him, I was attacked for “disrespecting a ‘survivor.’”  I cried bullsh*t on that!  Being in the same building in which other students were shot does not make you a “survivor.”  That’s like being at an intersection where two cars crash and saying you’re a survivor of a horrific accident.  Paramedics don’t treat the witnesses for their trauma.

Greta Thunberg cursing adults for “killing the planet” is lunacy.  Telling the USA that it’s not doing enough is like going to the rich neighborhood and telling the man cleaning his yard that he’s not doing enough when his neighbor’s yard is piled in filth.  Saying that this is not a valid comparison is simply denying the facts.  Leftists constantly make erroneous comparisons as they denounce valid comparisons.  Their irrational logic might be logic, but that doesn’t make it valid because it is still irrational.

Sure, people produce pollution as all living creates produce waste.  Put a million people together and they make lots of waste.  One of the things that separates us from the animals is that humans clean up their filth.  I was told I have to respect this girl’s opinion because she had Asperger’s.  Just because a person has some kind of mental handicap doesn’t mean we have to defer to their beliefs out of some misplaced sense of empathy.  Compassion doesn’t mean you have to defer to stupidity.

Forrest Gump is a low-grade moron, but he was still morally intelligent.  You wouldn’t ask him to explain science, but you could still count on him to recognize right from wrong.  This faux compassion is just another form of leftist bigotry denouncing others as bigots.  They cursed anyone who said Obama was wrong as a racist.  They cursed anyone who said Hillary was wrong as a sexist.  Well, I denounce anyone who says that old white men are racist, sexist, bigoted homophobes as young, snot-nosed brats with a superiority complex suffering from multiple phobias and other mental disorders causing them to be irrational.  Gerontophobia and Theophobia are real disorders, real phobias unlike those created by liberals.

Things like believing that law abiding citizens with guns are America’s greatest danger rather than the criminals, terrorists, and psychotics with guns is sheer idiocy.  Believing that rich people are willing to kill their children so they can make money is lunacy.  When it comes to killing children, it’s not the rich or the righteous who cheer for killing babies in the womb or committing infanticide if they manage to be born.  It’s not Republicans who are encouraging children making dangerous treks across countries to try to sneak across our borders.  It’s not law-keepers who are oppressing the innocent.  It’s not criminals who are fighting for freedom.  It is liberals who have a phobia against righteousness.  Call them Christophobes with an irrational hatred and fear of Christians.

Wall Street will not support Elizabeth Warren

If Biden gets knocked out by his Ukraine backfire then Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren becomes the top Democrat candidate.  Except she wants a wealth tax without giving Democrat donors their tax breaks.  She’s the one who thinks government builds businesses.  She thinks the government paid for roads and bridges, education, police, and fire protection.  The government paid for those via taxes they took from working people who got their salaries from those businesses.  This isn’t a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg, but a case of causality in which businesses and their employees paid taxes, and the government, acting on behalf of those people, built those roads and schools.  The people elected to government in America DO NOT RUN THE COUNTRY!  They serve US!

Democrats have never seen it that way.  They began this nation at the Founding as slavers.  Those in the South owned slaves outright, while those in the North used indentured servants and sweatshops.  It was Republicans who broke their backs.  Now Democrats are again creating monopolies and using them to control what people do, what they say, and how they think.  Warren’s and Sander’s campaigns are backfiring on them as their own staffers demand to be treated as well as the candidates are promising to treat illegals and deadbeats as proof of concept.  The illusion of socialism being fair for all is being exhibited to be the lie it is.

Why would rich people want Democrats who promise high taxes?  Answer, because Democrats only tax the rich who don’t donate money to them.  They set up tax breaks for their buddies to use.  When Republicans start using them, they call them out as using “loopholes” as if they’re immorally avoiding taxes.  Most of Democrat taxes end up on the middle class, which is what they always accuse Republicans of doing.  Take ObamaCare.  Republicans didn’t create that tax.  It was the largest peacetime middle class tax increase in history.  Democrats blamed the increasing costs they built into the bill on Republicans.  The people were warned about it, but Democrats just said it was the “law of unintended consequences.”  If that was true, then how did Republicans know exactly what it was going to cost the middle class?

Climate change lies are another system designed to destroy Republican businesses.  For example, the hole in the ozone discovered in the 80s over Antarctica was blamed on Freon and aerosol sprays.  Now that hole is gone.  Al Gore said the sea levels would rise 25’ by 2020 and they haven’t after Obama was elected declaring that his election would cause the rise of the seas to reverse.  So why is the Earth still doomed?  Why won’t Democrats take the wins?

The answer is obvious for those who see past the lies that the Earth is doomed which is making some children insane.  The goal is not to save the planet.  The goal is to dupe people into believing that is what they are doing when they elect Democrats to power.  The power Democrats use is to suck up American’s hard-earned prosperity for themselves.  This is the way of every socialist government in the world throughout all of history.

Democrats say America should give the lead to the UN.  The UN is composed of all countries in the world, ninety percent of which are dictatorships run by communist, fascists, and imperialists.  Why should the greatest free nation in the world, the land of the free and home of the brave, the world’s lone superpower, a nation founded on American Exceptionalism, give the reigns of leadership over her people to the dictators of the world?  America does not dictate.  Exceptionalism does not refer to extreme national pride.  Dictators thinking they are exceptional is not the same as American Exceptionalism – it is the opposite.  That liberals do not understand this is the result of their lack of education.

Leftists have always striven to take power by hook or by crook, either by duping people, or by violently seizing power.  Theirs is the ideology of masters over the masses.  Democrats have thrown off their façade in the belief that Americans are ready to embrace socialist dictatorship.  They use their climate change fraud, Russian collusion frauds, and racism frauds to warp people’s minds.  Now they are all naked before the world.

Now answer the question about Biden and Warren; Do you want this man or woman to be president?

Which Democrat would you trust to be president?  Which party would you trust to lead this country?  I began my adulthood as a Democrat but became a Republican before I turned 30 years old because I watched what each party did and listened to what each party said.  Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump also began as Democrats before they became Republicans.  A simple fact of life is that we are all born ignorant liberals and only learn to become conservatives after we are educated.  To continue to adhere the lies Democrats tell after they are exposed a thousand times says what about a person?  Do liberals ever question themselves or do they simply continue to damn conservatives as liars?

Their Russian collusion, climate change, and rightwing Nazi racism frauds have all been laid bare, yet 40% of the population continues to believe in them.  Why?  We cannot convince them with the facts.  We can only defeat them at the polls.  But we cannot defeat them if they cheat.  Voter ID is only one step in stopping massive voter fraud.  So long as ballot harvesting is permitted, voter ID is insignificant.  People must be required to present themselves to cast their ballot and their ballots must be verified so that tampering with computers cannot be used to alter their votes.  America needs honesty and integrity in their government, and they’re not going to get that so long as Democrats can hide who they are and RINOs can assist them in sabotaging America.

Democrats in Media and Democrats in Politics Collude to Create Another Fake Scandal!

Reports: Whistleblower Is CIA Plant, One of Brennan’s Men

Trump’s CrowdStrike Reference Panicked Democrats

[Author’s Note: Rush is absolutely prescient in declaring that Democrats will invent a new slander every month from now until the election and beyond.  This is all designed to keep people distracted from investigating their crimes and to dupe their rabid base into believing they are actually conducting impeachment.  The Washington swamp’s dog and pony shows are designed to keep people uninformed and incensed over insignificant lies.

CrowdStrike and Cambridge Analytica are cases in point.  Democrats smeared Cambridge Analytica as a propaganda machine because they used Facebook better in 2016 than Democrats did in 2012.  When Democrats use social media to spread propaganda it’s good.  When Republicans do the same thing it’s a crime.  CrowdStrike is the company that covered up the Democrat’s claim that their DNC servers were hacked by Trump when they were hacked by Iranians working for them as IT.

Washington is all about how to manipulate the people through lies and smears and it is up to the citizen to see through those lies and smears to discern the truth.  Young people and older liberals are completely duped because they are not grounded in skepticism or knowledge to understand political scams.  Most people don’t understand how government works like Ocasio-Cortez who thinks the three branches of government are Democrat, Republican, and Independent.  Like a trained monkey she is being taught to use certain words without understanding their meaning.

Democrats want all of Trump’s communications monitored.  I say put a microphone on every last one of them and record every word they say and hear.  If they want to start their absolute control 1984 crap, then let’s start with them!  We don’t need the government telling us what to think.  We need to know what they are doing.  Pathological liars like Schiff (D-CA] telling outright lies about Trump and then saying he was just making a joke is not joke.  What he said will be believed!  That’s why believing what any Democrat says and what half of Republicans say is always a mistake.]

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