Jeb Bush’s campaign is fading fast and he has no one the blame but himself

Jeb Bush end 2016

Jeb’s campaign was doomed from the start.

When Jeb Bush announced that he would win the GOP nomination and the presidency with donor’s millions to outspend the grassroots of the TEA Party Movement and attract new voters, he announced his own doom.  You want to win the presidency without the TEA Party?  You want to win without conservatives?  You want to win without the Republican base?


Jeb Bush

What the majority of Republicans want is not a candidate who will work with Democrats, but one who will stop them!  Bush, Christie, and Kasich all talk about how they can work with Democrats.  What part of the Democrat socialist agenda that is destroying America do they think we want?

Cruz, Trump, and Rubio are the candidates espousing 100% conservative ideals and vowing to fight and destroy the works of Democrats that are sucking the wealth out of America.  America is in decline and it has all been the doing of Democrats who have successfully blamed Republicans.  They have dumbed down our young to believe the fairy tale that socialism is good.

It’s high time that we shut down the Left and educate our children!  We can start by saying good-bye to “crossing the aisle,” and “cooperating,” and “compromising.”  It’s time to take a stand for what is RIGHT – AMERICA!

Jeb thought he could win without the base?  Think again.

America is circling the drain and conservatives are at each other’s throats

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6 Responses to Jeb Bush’s campaign is fading fast and he has no one the blame but himself

  1. guidvce4 says:

    I will not vote for any candidate who tells me he/she will work with the demonrats. I want opposition, and lots of it. It is what interests me about Trump, Cruz and Rubio. They talk about stopping the hemorraging of our liberties and freedoms. That is what it will take to turn this country around and realize its potential once again. The left must be stopped from totally destroying this nation and our way of life.


    • Merry Moi says:

      Thing is, talk is cheap…and these three have shown time and again it’s merely for political expediency, not much else. The devil is in the details of ‘how’ they believe they can or will accomplish their designs. Rubio works under the establishment umbrella and has done so each and every time. What influence The Don cannot pull off via negotiation and intimidation he buys off, including the opposition–he’s already bragged numerous times of being corrupt that way. And Cruz has burned so many bridges with Congressional leaders that it will be an uphill climb for him to effectively govern unless he eats a load of humble pie. Unless you intended to rule like a dictator (Barry O) you must be able to work with Congress to get things done. Tyranny on the right is fascism while Tyranny on the left is Marxism–I don’t know about you but I don’t want to live or want my children or my grandchildren, etc. to live under either type of rule. Sad, that the angry people on both sides who are operating out of anger and fear instead of clear heads sound reasoning are making it come down to this type of a choice.


  2. Trump or Cruz will do it, but think again about Rubio. He continues to parrot the same sound bites…Obama knows exactly what he is doing! This is a talented young man who needs to grow up, and demonstrate to folks that he can think on his feet


    • dustyk103 says:

      The biggest problem in this country is that 1/3rd of people want what Obama is doing, one third are against it, and a third don’t believe he’s doing it deliberately. The governors all just think this is party politics and not what Obama said he was going to do. Rubio is trying to hammer that home and the governors are poo-pooing him for it. That’s the entire message of Trump and Cruz as well.


  3. Merry Moi says:

    You wrote: “Cruz, Trump, and Rubio are the candidates espousing 100% conservative ideals…”

    You are, sadly, deluded if you really believe Trump and Rubio espouse 100% conservative ideals. The Don blows with the wind on his political opinions and persuasions, depending on what is the most advantageous to him in any given moment. Rubio is for whatever the political establishment pushes for the sake of political expediency. Carson is more conservative than either of them in his political views not to mention way more intelligent in how he approaches matters. However, the ONLY 2 REAL 100% Conservatives, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee left the race leaving us all to the dogs. Sadly, Cruz is all that is left of anyone standing who is even close to being primarily conservative who will stand and fight for what he believes in. I say, sadly, because he’s seriously alienated his fellow Senate members to the point of not working with him, and you cannot accomplish Anything if you cannot work with Congress unless, like Barry O, you do so via fiat rule.

    The Don has bragged on numerous occasions that he’s the ONLY one who can ‘negotiate’ with Congress as “the greatest negotiator”….that means ‘work with, compromise, etc.’ which puts him in the same lot with the others who say they will work with Congress to actually get things done. It’s the “things” they say they want done and the ‘how’ they will, likely, bring them to pass that merits serious attention of every American this election cycle. That said, I have my serious doubts that Trump is capable of the political negotiation necessary to effectively lead this nation. Why? Because The Don has shown over and over again he has NO patience, let alone Tolerance for disagreement in even just small, inconsequential things, so we cannot expect him to have patience or tolerance with the Congressional back and forth, let alone outright disagreement with what he wants. The way he as treated nearly everyone who dares to disagree with him throughout his life (seeking public retaliation and to utterly destroy him/her via the media) is enough for me to just say No to The Don.


    • dustyk103 says:

      What I mean when I say they espouse 100% conservative ideals is not exactly that they are 100% conservative as no one can truly be. But they each have their issues that conservatives can get behind that is working against the Democrat agenda. But you’re right about the problem which is, especially with The Donald, can we count on them to carry them out? I agree Ted would have trouble bending Congress to his will, while Trump would try to run roughshod over them if they refused to deal. Who can really sort things out, I don’t know. It’s all up in the air. All I can say for sure is if the liberal agenda is not reversed then America will be lost.


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