America is circling the drain and conservatives are at each other’s throats



Between Trump’s nasty attacks on Cruz, Cruz’s approaching conflict management like Mr. Spock, and Rubio beaming charm, voters are both angry and confused when it comes to dealing with the contest to win the GOP nomination to run for and become the president who saves America.

Obama leftists have been purposefully tearing down and dividing America for the last ten years.  They have ripped the American soul asunder and led the nation down the highway to Hell.  Conservatives, as the people who built America, are the only hope of restoring the American Dream.  And they have allowed the Left to influence them to rip themselves apart as well.

Liberals have put a pair of socialists on the Democrat ticket.  Clinton and Sanders promise not only to continue the transformation of America into a failing state, but vow to insure that only the Washington elites will be the ones who prosper.  America’s youth cry for losing their chance at the American Dream while they vote for its destruction believing all liberal propaganda as if it were the gospel truth.

Conservatives are America’s only hope and they are at each other’s throats.  The Trump, Cruz, and Rubio campaigns are savaging each other, working their supporters up into such a frenzy that many are vowing they will only vote for their own candidate.  Such selfish-righteous stupidity makes them no better than the idiot liberals who wouldn’t vote Republican though their lives depend on it.

Just because a person is a conservative does not make them immune to acting like a leftist.  We all started out as liberals and it’s easy to backslide.  Only Jesus was without sin and conservatives are always capable of doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.

In this case, just like staying home in 2012 allowed Obama to be re-elected, conservatives could repeat their mistake and be the cause of ending, rather than saving, America.  Just like police who shoot themselves in the leg teaching gun safety, or football players who run the ball in the opposite direction, conservatives voting or abstaining for the wrong reasons is as disastrous and their bad attitude contagious.

Remember Marco’s quote to Jeb;

“Someone convinced you attacking me is going to help you.”

It would be nice to have a candidate with Marco’s charm, dignity, and grace, Ted’s intellect and Christian heart, and Trump’s brash courage and skill at manipulation.  But Ronaldus Magnus and Teddy Roosevelt are not available this year.  And even they, despite being the two greatest presidents of the 20th century, had their flaws and made their mistakes.

Liberals love to laud FDR and JFK, but their policies did not help make America great despite their achievements in WWII and the Space Race.  America needs a conservative hand at the helm to keep our out-of-control Congress in check.  We are living through what it is to have a radical liberal leftwing socialist at the helm aiding that out-of-control Congress and $20 trillion in debt with a fading economy and growing welfare class is what we have to show for it.

When people refuse to cooperate there are times you need to cajole, coerce, combat, or crush them.  Ted uses the first, Marco the second, and Trump the third.  You must you must be able to recognize each situation and know how to go about the business necessary to achieve your goals.  You must also realize when the end does not justify the means and when doing the wrong thing for the right reasons still makes it wrong.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

It was true when Lincoln said it as he fought to keep the United States united and free for all men.  It is truer today when the leftist socialists are trying to divide and conquer so they can steal American’s true wealth – liberty.

Communication is a difficult thing.  I have lost count how many times conservatives have condemned my articles when I am saying exactly what they say because they don’t understand how I say it.  Look at actors and how often they flub their lines.  Like Jackie Chan’s stunts that so often go wrong, it takes practice and repetition to be clear and get things right.

Liberalism is reaching the wrong conclusions through poor information and dysfunctional logic, and none of us truly gets past that flaw because we are only human.  So how about growing up, getting smart, and putting aside our own petty differences?  If liberals can do it to support all the wrong candidates, why can’t we do it to support all the right ones?

Just understand that no candidate is perfect and neither are we when we make our choices.  Let’s not forget that this is politics where character assassination, mud-slinging, and lying is the name of the game.  Don’t take anything they say to heart.  Politicians words are like life; don’t take it so seriously cause you’re not going to get out of it alive anyway.

Iowa Caucus results and the reality of growing up liberal

Liberal’s lack of a moral compass is the cause of misunderstanding conservatism

[Author’s note: This entire campaign season is all about the people fighting the powers that be in Washington, D.C.  The GOP has benefited from our support and then ignored us to ally with Democrats.  The people are now speaking loud and clear that business as usual in Washington must end before they destroy us.  The only case in which I would agree to not vote for a candidate is if we selected our choice and then the GOP tossed them aside to choose one of their own.  Then will be the time for the 2nd American Revolution to feed the Tree of Liberty as our Founders said we will one day be forced to do.]

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2 Responses to America is circling the drain and conservatives are at each other’s throats

  1. Gene Harris says:

    Nice read. Point on spot. We need the big change and cut the BS that has been going on for the last 7 years . I won’t vote for someone i don’t belive is good for the country but you can bet i will Vote.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. guidvce4 says:

    To not vote is to aid and abet in the destruction of this nation. That being said, if the “establishment” repubs did substitute one of their choosing for one of ours, I’m not really sure what I would do. Get prepared for the sucking sound which comes after this nation circles the drain, I guess.
    Like Gene Harris, nice read and spot on.


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