Iowa Caucus results and the reality of growing up liberal


Cruz, Trump, and Rubio took 75% of the vote while Hillary and Sanders tied.

While Democrat attendance was down 25% from 2008 even though 44% of them were first timers, while Republican attendance was up by 50%!  Still it’s next to impossible to compare the two based on the Iowa Caucus system used by the two parties where 360,000 show up to caucus where 1.5 million will vote in the presidential election.  Here are those results for what they’re worth;

How many voters turned out for the Iowa Caucuses

Iowa Caucus results

Ted Cruz is a Mr. Spock

Ted may be the most intelligent man ever to run for president.  He’s not the phony intellect that liberal’s portrayed Obama to be, but an actual genius intellectual.  Combine that with his steadfast Christian morality and you have a man who could be another great president, but not a Ronald Reagan.  The Great Communicator not only had his morality and intelligence going for him, but also a winning personality.

Ted Cruz has all the personal appeal of the Vulcan from Star Trek.  He is extremely cerebral and can defeat all comers in debate, but he is coldly analytical in his approach to others.  Clearly Ted never read Dale Carnegie’s, “How to Make Friends and Influence People.”  This takes away from his potential because he lacks what winning presidents in the age of television all have – charisma.  As for the charges that he torpedoed Dr. Carson, it’s all tripe and just the long knives of the character assassins coming out to try to hack down the new leader.

Donald Trump is a juvenile without guile

Trump’s immaturity when it comes to dealing with critics and opposition is both his strength and his weakness.  As a strength he is able to crush liberal media attacks that would shut down the average Republican.  He will bull through any difficulty and knows how to play an opponent.  In addition, his wearing his feelings on his sleeve makes him appear to be a man without guile – one who is not trying to deceive people in any way.

As a weakness, he makes silly attacks on Cruz like, “He’s a nasty guy,” “Cruz lies, cheats,” and other things that are patently and obviously false.  He is almost pathological in his running hot and cold on people, perhaps even manic/depressive, but this still plays to his lack of guile.  After ten years of watching people being so easily deceived by Obama, his openness would be a breath of fresh air to a people suffocating in the dank atmosphere of Washington duplicity.

Rubio people or establishment

Marco Rubio came in a close third and is winning hearts and minds.  Quite the opposite of Cruz, he is a very charismatic character.  Quite the opposite of Trump he, but very much like Ted, has espoused staunch Christian conservatism his entire adult life.  The only question is, after his stint in the Senate in which he went through contortions being manipulated by both the GOP and DNC, will he stand with conservatives to stop the liberal agenda.

Marco has the problem that he did not support the immigration bill he authored and signed.  His other problem is he, like the GOP, has made statements to the effect that Obama’s illegal executive amnesty cannot be undone.  Without a determination to undo every Obama has done to unmake America that both Cruz and Trump have displayed, Marco becomes as unreliable as Trump who conservative transformation is recent and his determination questionable.

Hillary desperately hiding her socialism

Hillary is suffering from both a dearth of likability and an even greater dearth of trustworthiness.  Rubio’s condemnations of her; that she cannot be trusted to make America secure when she shares America’s secrets with our enemies and then lies about it, and that she cannot be allowed to become Commander-in-Chief because she lied to the families of men who were killed in the line of duty under her watch.  Hillary believes she is entitled to having the Democrat nomination that would have made her president when Obama stole it from her.

Worse, she wants to open the borders to illegals and make them citizens, something Democrats all support because “they have such big hearts.”  At the same time as they are convinced Republicans are evil because they deport jobs for cheap labor, they welcome Democrats importing that same cheap labor.  That, along with her desire to continue Obama’s corporate welfare and funding of Wall Street makes her the second biggest joke to Republican conservatives.

Sanders parading his socialism

Sanders is the greatest joke the Republicans could ever face.  Foolish young Americans are flocking to him in droves because they believe the fairy tale version of socialism.  Only Mr. Global Warming, Algore, could engender more disdain and dysfunctionality among the conservative and liberal electorates.  Bernie has been going about promising all manner of freebies to a greedy youth that broke for Sanders 5:1 over Hillary.

Sanders says he is against greed, but promises to pay for all the freebies he is pandering to the greedy young by stealing from the rich.  Only problem is that all of his programs will cost more than can be taxed from the entire population, 90% tax on the rich included.  If $20 trillion debt isn’t enough, he promises to double it with no end until the nation goes belly up and the economy of the USA, and the world, collapses and all the world once again goes to war.  What does he promise to do about the resurging Islamic Jihad?  Same as Hillary – submit to Allah.

and everyone else…

The Republican governors all fell on their faces in Iowa, but are all hoping for some glimmer of hope to recover in New Hampshire or South Carolina.  By the time Super Tuesday comes around and their campaigns are all burning to the ground perhaps they’ll get the message.  Republicans are furious with the GOP for failing to stand against the Democrat agenda they were elected in two landslides in 2010 and 2014 to oppose.

Any candidate who utters the words, “I can cross the aisle and work with Democrats” is dead meat.  Conservatives don’t want anyone who will work with Democrats toward their agenda, not even to make a deal with them, but to crush their socialist destruction of the American economy.  And this is where Trump may fall into greater difficulty since he, too, recently uttered those words.

Back in the day growing up liberal

As I’ve said in repeated articles, everyone is born a leftist/liberal and must learn morality and how the world works to become conservative.  We are responsible for teaching our youth about the history of socialism and America.  They are being corrupted by leftists who tell them lies about capitalism and feed them fairy tales about socialism.

But we are the ones responsible for their ignorance.  When Obama gets on TV and says Republicans created the National Debt from Reagan to Bush, we must educate them about that lie.  Congress makes budgets – NOT presidents!  Reagan had a Democrat Congress that ran up the debt, and Bush had the same.  Obama was a part of that Democrat Congress that created the $1.5 trillion dollar deficits that Obama, NOT Bush, signed.

Back in my youth I voted for Carter – twice!  I learned from Ronald Reagan and began to “evolve,” i.e. learn morality and the truth.  Over time I turned against abortion, gay marriage, global warming, and especially socialism.  I was always against criminals, and studied history so I know Islamic Jihad to be the evil inflicted on the world by a False Prophet.  Most important, I learned by observation that liberalism is more about deception and false conclusions of dysfunctional logic.

Reagan made two great mistakes in his term as president.  Liberals would tell you his biggest mistake was Iran-Contra, but that isn’t so.  They were Beirut and Amnesty.  If he could do it over again I am sure he would have done neither.

America’s future

This next election should see a Republican – either Cruz, Trump, or Rubio – sweep the states.  Overcoming the Democrat voter fraud machine when they are making machines with no paper trail, have places like Port St. Lucie, FL committing massive voter fraud and a GOP that will not prosecute them because they got rid of a conservative, is no mean task.  Clinton and Sanders both promise more socialism, which America’s youth do not understand they have been living in for the past eight years and it’s only going to get worse.  Patriots need to overcome the liberal propaganda media machine, defeat the socialists, and then rip their minions out of government by the roots so they cannot stop the recovery Republicans would bring.

Iowa Caucus results

Iowa entrance polls

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