Black Lives Matter – An analysis of America’s newest hate group

Black riots

What BLM should be vs. what it actually is; a comparison in righteousness and wickedness.

Black Lives Matter is a liberal movement founded because young black men are being killed at a far greater rate than any other demographic group.  If this were the only factor they would have a case, but nothing takes place in a vacuum.  A cause that could have been a call for righteousness has become a rallying cry for criminals to terrorize police, white people, and the law-abiding public.

What BLM was founded on:

  • Trayvon Martin was a ten year old black boy murdered by a white Hispanic as he walked home eating his candy.
  • Michael Brown was a gentle giant dreaming of going to college when attacked by a white cop who shot him in the back as he knelt with his hands up pleading, “Don’t shoot!”
  • Eric Garner was choked to death by police on the streets of New York.
  • Freddie Gray was beaten to death in the back of a police transport.

These are the lies on which BLM was founded.  It is no wonder that this movement purporting to care about the lives of innocent black men became corrupted so quickly when it was founded on lies that glorify criminals.

The truth;

Trayvon Martin was a seventeen year old gang member thug caught scoping out homes to rob when spotter by a neighborhood watchmen whom he ambushed and beat down, but was shot when he tried to take his gun.

Michael Brown was another thug who had just robbed a convenience store and then attacked the policeman questioning him, and he, too, was shot trying to take the officer’s gun.

Eric Garner died of a heart attack because he was a big, obese older man wrestling with police.

Freddie Gray was alone in the back of the van banging his head to claim a police brutality injury but over did it and caused himself a fatal head injury.

What Black Lives Matter should be:

Black Lives Matter should be about the millions of young black men who are lured into gangs to become career criminals.  It should be about the tens of thousands of young black men who are killed on the streets by other young black gang members.  It should be about black leaders who make their followers feel they are victims, and teaches them to be deadbeats and parasites of the Democrat voting system.

It should not be about glorifying criminal behavior and denigrating education, honest work, and achievement.  It should not be about police killing a few hundred vicious criminals.  It should be about the tens of thousands being murdered by black gangs.

What BLM has become:

This movement has turned from caring about young black men leading dead end lives to advocating the murder of police and terrorizing citizens.  It has become about disarming citizens so that criminals can run rampant to loot, rape, and murder without fear.  The BLM movement is America’s newest terrorist group.

Advocates argue that their righteous movement has been hijacked by a few radicals.  These are the same fools who claim the TEA Party is the KKK and believe the lies that the four criminal examples were innocent victims of racist police.  This happens every time the Left produces any activists of their ideology because their ideology and morals are entirely corrupt.

A movement built on a lie is always the opposite of what they claim to be.  Democrats condemn the TEA Party for contesting Democrat policies that are destroying America as vile racist hate, and then laud BLM chanting for the murders of police.  Obama supports this movement making such statements as, “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon.”  The American Left is the heart of racist hate.

8 police murdered in 9 days

Megyn Kelly wipes floor with BLM advocate

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15 Responses to Black Lives Matter – An analysis of America’s newest hate group

  1. Julia says:

    The facts do not register in the “Flawed Thought Process” of the liberal mind! They live in La La Land, and that may not be, all bad…until Obama has destroyed America, as we knew it!


  2. CraigFranklin says:

    Black lies matter to the civilized world. What we are seeing is a bolder emergence of African rule. Look here and around the world where Africans rule. Detroit, Baltimore, Ferguson, any African nation, and see the civilization built on black crime and lies. Did you ever wonder why civilized people flee areas where Affies take over?


    • dustyk103 says:

      It’s a major problem in America that people are fleeing areas where blacks and Moslems congregate. It’s one thing when people of a similar cultures associate. It’s another when then band together to drive out others.


      • Arthur W. DiMatteo says:

        So are people fleeing the area or are people congregating in the area? Or do you think that blacks and Moslems simply do not count as people?


  3. Liz says:

    Was Freddie Gray really alone in the back of a police van? This is the first place I’ve heard that. If it’s true that he accidentally killed himself trying to set up cops it’s pretty hilarious… or at least, it WOULD be if not for all the trouble he’s caused through his own idiocy and selfishness.


    • Arthur W. DiMatteo says:

      You think he killed himself? Why would you think that?

      Is it not more plausible that the police took him on a “rough ride?” The cops wanted to teach him a lesson, and they went too far, and the tragic death of a handcuffed man outraged the community.


      • Liz says:

        “You think he killed himself? Why would you think that?”

        Well I said *if it’s true that he accidentally killed himself*, in response to the original blog post. So again, I’m not sure what happened but it’s a possibility. People do stupid, dangerous things all the time and the world will never run out of Darwin Award winners.

        If his death was completely the result of recklessness by fed up police officers then that is a tragedy for Gray’s family… even if he’d foolishly provoked the officers beforehand, it wouldn’t be an excuse.


      • Jamminjayden says:

        Where’s the community outrage for white,Asian and other races of criminals that are beaten by police? (Police don’t discriminate when it comes to brutality)there is hardly any,if any at all,that’s because it’s not normal to glorify criminal behavior,and racially identify with the victim like they were a best friend of yours to justify stealing and vandalizing property of people who had nothing to do with it,where’s the community outrage when blacks die at the hands of other blacks?Black lives won’t matter until there is community outrage against their criminal behavior.


      • Roman Marquez says:

        Where’s the community outrage when blacks die at the hands of other blacks? Are police supposed to look the other way when they see blacks committing a crime?BLM is making the problem worse for blacks by not questioning the criminal behavior of blacks ,while they vilify the people hired to stop it.


  4. arnoldfishman says:

    BLM has caused riots on college campuses, shut down discussions and caused several presidents of such institutions to retreat in fear.


  5. The sad part is the old tired analogy, that white racism and hundreds of years of slavery resulted in their poverty. I agree to certain extent that the traditional fatherless black household could be blamed on slavery. However, after 40 years of affirmative action, we still see a hugely impoverished black population that continues to blame the white man and a Democratic party that loves to stroke the narrative for votes. Don’t my white children matter too? This hate group is no different than the KKK, only a KKK for thugs and the delusional left.


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