The new Jihad – coming to America to make America Islam

Marxism and Islam

Islam is the most successful of the socialist ideologies because it forces all to submit to a god and pray five times a day.  Such brain-washing is most desirable to socialists who want all people to be the same.  Moslems coming to America are not coming to become Americans, but to make America Islam.

Two of the guests at the FOX Republican debate were a Hispanic immigrant and a Moslem woman.  Both complained they are being made to feel unwelcome by America’s growing anti-immigrant politics.  The Moslem woman complained that Americans are attacking Moslems three times as much since the terror attacks and that this is unfair to those who came to America to prosper.

Coming to America to prosper as an American is fine, but coming to America to make America Islam or make America Mexico as Islamists and La Raza desire is NOT!  Either leave your country (and especially your hateful religion of Islam) behind or stay there if you think your culture is so great.  Such people are bringing America down into the same gutter as the place they left and they don’t get to prosper at our expense.

That is not becoming an American.  That is coming to America to steal.  These people will certainly vote for Democrats who promise to steal from rich Americans for them, which is why Democrats are so hungry to bring anyone to America, legally or not.  Democrats want a permanent underclass that will always be dependent on them to provide support so long as they vote for them.

Republicans are all promising to close the border to illegal aliens and potential terrorists while Democrats want to welcome them to come and take jobs.  (Democrat voters condemn Republicans for sending jobs overseas for cheap labor and then stupidly call for letting Democrats bring that cheap labor into America.)  But only Trump has said he will stop Moslems from coming to America when they are coming to either force us to become Moslems or will bring terrorism into our homes.  People need to learn the truth about Islam and stop believing that we can make these countries civilized where their rulers are raking in billions but their people are being taught to want death for America.

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9 Responses to The new Jihad – coming to America to make America Islam

  1. vladdi says:

    Nazis, commies, liberals and muslims are all the same: they’re group-might-makes-right embracing tribalist gangsters – who, as paranoid “totalitarians,” want “total” control over everyone else’s lives.

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  2. msvivphd says:

    Even if it were possible to discover a person’s intent for emigrating to America, what could the rest of us do to prevent that intention from being carried out? Nothing. America has been for a very long time, a multi-cultural nation-state. Historically, it has limited the number of people entering from particular parts of the world and, since a nation-state has the right to control its own borders, I assume it can continue to do so. I think the real argument for not allowing Muslims (Islamists) to enter the US is that the European experience with admitting them has been and continues to be so negative: they do not assimilate to the standards and practices of the nation that takes them in. You could say they are undigestible by the host nation, so that they seem to remain as parasites, feeding off the host but not contributing to its well-being. In the current situation (where thousands of refugees are being generated by unnecessary wars the US started), the real solution is for the US to withdraw from their territories and give up the fruitless effort to make them “more like us.” It seems to me they have a right to live their own lives without our attempts to control their resources (which we should be able to buy from them) or manipulate them for the sake of our corrupt alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I agree with most of what you say, but must differ when it comes to foreign wars and U.S. involvement. If you mean that the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars are the cause of this you would be wrong. It is not our aggression that brought on those wars, but theirs. If you mean that Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood overthrowing their leaders and installing Islamist jihadis in their place that has set the Middle East on fire then you are exactly right.

      The solution is not for the U.S. to withdraw and let them set the world on fire. Nor is it for the U.S. to take them into our homes and allow them to corrupt our children. We must learn to recognize and be willing to undertake when the situation calls for peace or war.

      As for their resources, I guess I need to get my article published on how liberals are propagandizing America’s trade with other nations as America stealing their resources. We have always traded with other countries to their benefit and it is more often they who steal from us.

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  3. dotty says:

    the ones you can’t criticize are the ones who have control over you. you don’t see other muslim countries w/ all their wealth taking in refugees from syria…….saudi arabia, uae, and others could help their muslim brothers and sisters. but they don’t…

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  4. Sara says:

    I agree with not withdrawing our (the USA) forces from the middle east, and here’s why. Say you notice something going on in your neighbor’s house. Another neighbor says that there’s a crime in progress, and you should go help. So you look thru the windows, see somebody getting a beat down, and enter. Once inside, you kick butt, but make a horrible mess. After the dust settles, the whole situation is *not* what you thought, or even what you were told. Now, do you walk out? Or do you stay to help clean up the mess you helped make. And your neighbor you helped ‘save’? They’re pissed. Now, the kids are scared, don’t know who to believe, and after everything they’ve seen, are hateful & resentful. If you leave, the situation goes from bad to ‘sh*t storm’, but again, this isn’t wholly your fault. No easy answers, but if you want to live in the neighborhood, you have to do something.
    Not a perfect analogy, I know I missed a point or two and it’s overly simplified, but that’s the general idea.


  5. Jimmy Johnson says:

    They have all been raised and taught the ideology of Islam and the Quran. You can’t take that out of them. They need to stay in the middle east and those here need to be deported!!! This is America, not Islam nor Sharia law, but the Constitution and One Nation Under GOD!!!!!~ The hell with what Obama described it to be!! He is not American born, he’s Islam, Muslim, supporter of terrorist’s period!!!!!!

    You can’t change these people and this is locals!!


  6. James MacArthur says:

    I don’t know guys, I’ve been reading more and more about Islam and I genuinely feel more of connection to God than I ever did reading the Bible.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Therein lies the trap of Islam. It appeals to humanism through propaganda in the guise of godliness. Make people pray five times a day and convert their thinking by self-imposed brainwashing. If you lack any moral education and are largely ignorant of history, it is easy to mislead a person. Try reading the Koran and the history of Islam and you will find a death cult that believes imposing slavery on all or killing them off is their ideology like all leftist socialism. Nothing godly about it. It’s no different than leftist propaganda that portrays socialism as benevolent and capitalism as greed. Islam is a false god portraying Christianity as oppressive and Islam as love. Satan always shows us a mirror by which to delude ourselves. Convince people to dupe themselves and call it righteousness. Try reading a book about Muhammad’s life like Mark Gabriel’s “Islam and Terrorism,” or Spencer’s “The Truth About Muhammad.” Leftists always gloss over their history to make them look good just as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao did before they killed hundreds of millions of people. Muhammadans have killed and enslaved billions over the centuries and justified it all. Take a clue from the son of a Palestinian terrorist leader who said,

      “I left Islam because I studied Muhammad’s life. I accepted the Gospel because I studied Jesus’ life.” – Nabeel Qureshi

      Muhammad was a thug terrorist leader. Islam, like socialism, is an anti-Christian cult. The reason they all hate Jews is because Jesus is a Jew. Why else do you think they impose a death sentence on those who are apostates of Islam? What, to you, sounds good and godly about that? That is not an aberration. That is the teaching of Muhammad. I pity the fool who falls so easily into their trap.


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