How America steals the wealth of the poor nations of the world

rich and poor cities

The Left would have you believe that America became wealthy by stealing the resources of poor nations and holding them in hock for giving them technology.  The reality is that every nation that has done trade with America has become wealthy and some of them actually stole from their benefactor.  The only ones to blame for their remaining poor are their own leaders.

Have you heard how liberals reason that America steals rather than trades for the resources of third world countries?  It’s a fascinating study of dysfunctional logic reaching false conclusions thanks to disinformation by leftists.  This is how Obamabots come to believe that America is the problem in the world rather than the solution.

This is why they want to make America the world rather than make the world America.  They do not see the Third World as a cesspool of corruption and iniquity.  They think the poor are noble, that Native Americans were noble savages living at one with Mother Earth and their god Gaia.  Their foolish fantasy is leading them to bring America down rather than build the world up.

Liberals think America steals the wealth of poor countries by bringing them civilization in the form of medicines and technology.  According to them we go in and build dams and infrastructure that will make their lives better.  We do this by extending credit to them and then, after it’s all built, we call the loan due and we own their a**.  It’s a quaint little theory, until you examine the history of how it has worked out for us.

You know all those oil wells and refineries we built in the Middle East?  We did that by making trade agreements with the rulers of those lands.  Why did we agree to those?  Because we couldn’t do anything without their consent because they have armies and we didn’t conquer them first.

So after we built those wells and refineries why didn’t we call in the loans to own their butts?  Because you can’t make someone pay unless you conquer them.  No one is going to pay back the money they owe you unless they are either honorable or you force them.

But we didn’t loan them those oil wells.  We traded to put them in their lands and drill.  What did they do?  Being Moslems whose religion teaches them they don’t have to honor agreements with infidels they stole them.  They call it “nationalizing” them the way socialists do making when making the property of others the property of government.

What did we do about that?  Did we invade and conquer them?  Did we shut down trade with them?  No.  We paid through the a** to them and they held us hostage in the 1970s to the oil we developed and needed.

Now what part of that sounds like we owned them?  Why would they now want to kill us?  The answer is not because we swindled them because it is they who swindled us!  The answer is that that is what Muhammad teaches them to do in his religion.

For those who are ignorant of history and ignorant of the teachings of Islam, this is mind blowing and they cannot accept it.  They think Arabs are a backwards and primitive native people, which they are, and that makes them noble.  They cannot imagine that barbarians and savages would want to kill sweet little missionaries like themselves.

So welcome to the real world that young, ignorant liberals do not understand.  The world in which they invite millions of Syrians to migrate to their homelands, and when the savages start looting and raping and say it is their right to do so unless you convert to Islam, liberals go all batsh*t stupid and lay down for them because they don’t know when, where, or even how to fight.

This is when the adults need to take charge and teach those foolish children about war.  It is when the adults need to teach the children about how America trades with the world and the world prospers.  The Chinese would still be riding bicycles in the streets around their huts if it weren’t for American trade.

Socialists believe they can rewrite history and conservatives are letting them do it.  It’s high time we started educating our young in actual history and not let the fairy tales of socialist fairy tales fill their ears.  America is not the bane of the world, it’s the hope of the world, which is why everyone and his brother wants to come here.  It’s not for the “free stuff,” (until now under Democrats), it’s always been for the freedom to prosper under a protective rather than oppressive government.

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4 Responses to How America steals the wealth of the poor nations of the world

  1. guidvce4 says:

    A great analysis of the reality of what really goes on when dealing with the “barbarians” of the muslim third world. The children(irregardless of age) cannot seem to grasp the reality of the situation both past and present. Or, they use the lies and distortions they spew, to seize the power they covet. I, personally, think it is the latter. They, like the “barbarians and savages”, have no honor nor integrity standing in their way to absolute rule. The “adults” will have to clean up the mess, sooner or later. No time like the present to do so.


  2. The above applies to the commercial and business history of Iran, but not Saudi Arabia, who have largely, if not entirely, kept to the letter and spirit of their commercial and trade agreements.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Not so. They, too, nationalized the oil wells and refineries we built and “revised” that trade agreement. The degree to which they did so was felt in the 70s with their oil embargo when we put too much reliance on them. Now that we have developed fracking and have more oil than they do, they are driving down the price in an attempt to put our oil companies out of business. They may succeed because they have hundreds of billions for their royal family while we have a huge nation and world for which to provide. This is why the Moslem migration is being foisted on Europe and America while the Saudis sit back and laugh.


  3. your opinion on netflix’s lets make money


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