Trump needs to back off the ‘Ted Cruz is a nasty guy’ meme

Palin endorse Trump

Despite her endorsing Trump, Cruz had nothing but love for Sarah Palin.  Trump’s meme that Cruz is “a nasty guy” is more an admission that he can be a nasty guy, which is good when used against enemies, but not against friends.  Those who hope for a Trump/Cruz ticket are becoming dismayed.

We all understand that politics is a fight and it’s a war and all is fair is war, but dirty fighting among those on the same side is never admired.  Republicans are sparring to determine who will face the Democrats in November.  Like the AFC and NFC duking it out to determine who goes to the Super Bowl, they are going to hit each other as hard as they can to win by knocking out their opponents.

Just as everyone hates the player who spikes another player with their helmet, or tries to sweep their knees to injure them to the point they take them out of the game, no one appreciates a dirty player.  Trump saying Cruz is disliked by everyone in the Senate because “he’s a nasty guy” is just such a low blow.  Cruz isn’t disliked because he’s nasty.  He’s disliked because he adheres to the truth and working for the American people rather than for the Washington Establishment.

Ted’s honest, integrity, and dignity stand far above Trump as exhibited by his statements on the campaign trail.  Cruz said he will not attack Trump on a personal level, but will only attack his issues where Ted sees him in error.  When beloved conservative Sarah Palin came out to endorse Trump over Cruz, Ted spoke glowingly of her.  Does this sound like a nasty guy?

Trump’s immature attacks need to stop if people are going to consider him to be dignified enough to be president.  Obama was elected by Democrats because they don’t care if their candidate talks nasty about others who do not deserve such treatment.  Republican voters are another matter and, while The Donald is liked and admired and is now taking up the mantle of full conservatism, wearing his emotions on his sleeve as he wears his ideological agenda will not win him any support in this race.

This is especially so when so many conservatives would like to see a Trump/Cruz ticket and have Ted succeed Trump down the road.  Those of us who remember Reagan/Bush remember how nasty Bush got during the primary’s campaign, yet Ronaldus Magnus was gracious enough to offer the honorable Bush the vice presidency which led to his presidency.  If Trump is going to be as honorable as Reagan then he will have to stop being as nasty as Bush during the internal battle for the Republican ticket.  He can criticize Cruz as not having the know how to convince people to follow his lead, and not having the force of will to coerce them, but not that he is nasty to his opposition because Ted is anything but.

Trump says Cruz is a nasty guy

Palin endorses Trump

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