Trump appeal and why it scares conservatives as much as liberals

Donald Trump

Trump’s appeal is his simple approach and refusal to back down to liberal media and the Democrat propaganda machine.

If you grew up then you know you started out as a foolish young liberal and matured into conservatism.  You learned how the world works, how people act, and how they lie.  If you matured into a moral conservative, you know you weren’t always such.  Some people, like Sen. Ted Cruz, come to that moral maturity early, while others, like Donald Trump, may do so very late in life.

Because they don’t know if they can trust his conversion to conservatism is not a ruse, conservatives as wary of Donald Trump.  Because Trump’s appeal is not that of a dedicated conservative, they’re not certain he won’t flop after his flip.  Of one thing they are certain though – that America has already suffered seven years of having a pathological lying Hitler wannabe as president who fooled millions of Democrats into voting for him, and how much worse would it be if another Hitler wannabe gained the presidency by fooling Republicans to continue the destructive policies of the liberal Left.

Why did Trump get into the race for the GOP nomination and what is Trump’s appeal?

Donald Trump got in the race because he is an America who has prospered greatly from America.  He got into the race because he sees the suffering of millions of Americans who believe the American Dream is dead and that they can no longer prosper the way their parents did and he grieves for them.  He sees the division wrought by Obama and his two-faced speech vs. his actions.  He got into the race because Jeb Bush said he would win the election through the financial backing of wealthy donors and not through the support of the conservative Republican base.

Jeb Bush thought he could produce millions of dollars’ worth of propaganda to fool moderates and liberals to vote for him and leave conservatives crying in his wake.  He thinks he can act like Democrats and steal voters from them, which is what pandering Republican moderates have always been about trying to out pander the Democrats and what liberal Democrats have been telling Republicans they must do.  Conservatives know that government cannot go on spending as if they can print money for free because it always has a cost in the end – and conservatives have been educating independent and Democrat voters of that fact.

Some conservatives fear Trump to be a deceiver like Obama.  The difference between the two is that their histories are already well known and people voted for Obama, a man of no qualifications, but of known deceptions, anyway.  Trump is known not to have engaged in deceits and to be fairly honest for a ruthless businessman.

Trump is a plain talking man who wears his heart on his sleeve and engages in juvenile retorts.  There is no discernable deception in him, but an immaturity that is actually far less potentially dangerous than Obama’s skills at deceiving voters.  Children can be brought in line, dictators cannot.

Trump and Sanders both scare the hell out of the establishment for opposite reasons.  Both fear them because they’re afraid they mean what they say.  The GOP fears Trump because he says he will stop the gravy train by taking away their ability to grant subsidies to their friends who will then be forced to compete in the marketplace.  But then they think they can negotiate with him to keep them because he’s a businessman and maybe he won’t.

The DNC fears Sanders more because he promises to not only stop the gravy train, but steal away the wealth of all rich people and the Democrats make up most of the rich.  They want Hillary because she’ll not only keep the gravy train alive, but expand it, which is why some Republicans said they would rather vote for her than for Ted Cruz with whom they cannot negotiate.  The bottom line is, Trump appeals to conservatives, moderates, liberals, independents, Republicans, and Democrats because he speaks simply and honestly.

When the liberal media tries to silence him and convince people to spurn him, which they have successfully done to Bush and Christie and Rubio and Cruz, he throws it back in their faces and continues his plain and honest speech.  People glom onto him because he says what they say, sees what they see, and they hear what they’ve wanted to hear from a politician for decades.  Republicans promised to stop the liberal agenda that was destroying America, but instead became allies with it.  Trump, for all his brashness and braggadocio, appears to be the man who will stick to his guns regardless of the condemnations of the liberals and their media.

God help us if he does not!

(ADDENDUM – Trump is boycotting the FOX GOP debate because Megyn Kelly will be a moderator.  Trump’s juvenile antics may be amusing, and his bravado in spitting on the liberal media invigorating, but his tantrum is disheartening!  Now he is saying he can deal with Democrats?!?!  WE DON’T WANT NO F*CKING DEALS WITH DEMOCRATS!!!  Is Trump now proving to be the Red Herring many of us have feared him to be?)

Of Ted Cruz’s honesty and integrity I have no doubt!

Trump boycotts Megyn Kelly

Trump’s support is the result of Obama’s radicalism and the GOP’s failure

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4 Responses to Trump appeal and why it scares conservatives as much as liberals

  1. Fox says:

    “that America has already suffered seven years of having a pathological lying Hitler wannabe as president who fooled millions of Democrats into voting for him”

    He didn’t fool any of them.
    What he wants is also what THEY want as well.
    Therein lies the real problem that we face.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Phil says:

    Fox. I would agree except I cannot understand how the left could enter into a murder suicide pact with Islam. Are these fools so mesmerized with handouts that they cannot understand the concise words of Margaret Thatcher? “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”


    • dustyk103 says:

      Why did the Russians work with the Germans at the start of WWII? Because they thought they could benefit from it – until the Wolf went for their throats. This time it’s the Scorpion and the Fox. Or, more accurately, the Snake and the Jackal.

      Liked by 1 person

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