Bush, Christie, Kasich; how they fail, Trump, Cruz divide, Sanders ideologue

Republican Debate

Bush, Christie, and Kasich are falling out while Trump and Cruz are surging.  The two are vying for the conservative vote that Bush scorned.  But Trump is being a little too nasty saying the honorable Cruz is a “nasty guy.”

Why are these successful Republican governors failing?  Christie’s praising Obama helped secure the despised president’s 2012 re-election.  Kasich has been on board with GOP Speaker John Boehner’s and his actions against the TEA Party and conservatives.  And worst of the lot, Bush began his campaign saying he would collect enough money to win without the Republican TEA Party base.

Each of them said they would work with Democrats.  There is nothing any of these three offers to conservatives while they claim to be conservatives.  They may believe in conservatism, but, like Obama, they do not practice what they preach.  Each of them is part of the GOP Establishment in Washington that has been working with Obama rather than doing what they were elected to do – STOP the Democrat agenda!

The GOP is telling conservatives to sit down, shut up, and toe the line and vote for the establishment while working against them.  They blame Limbaugh for turning the people against them when all Rush does is tell the truth about what they are doing.  When GOP members say they will vote for Hillary if Trump or Cruz get the nomination what else are we to believe?

Don’t blame Rush for Trump

Trump and Cruz are the only two candidates who are 100% on board with conservatism.  While Ted is known to be true blue, there is some question about Trump’s honesty.  Trump attacking Ted as “a nasty guy” falls on its face in view of Cruz’s integrity.  He doesn’t win with “New York values” pointing at firefighters and police that Democrats despise.  New York voted Obama, Hillary, and DeBlasio.

Trump and Cruz will lead the Republican field through the primaries, and many conservatives are hoping Trump will be a true blue conservative as Reagan became, but even he had his flaws.  Trumps brashness is punishing the media that has successfully shutdown Cruz whose lack of charisma makes his ability to foster followers for his excellent ideals difficult.  The two need to bond to form the ultimate conservative ticket combining The Donald’s charismatic brashness with Cruz’s steadfast conservatism.  Trump’s political sparring is not doing him any good when he denigrates the best young conservative in the field who’s known for not being liked, not because he’s a nasty guy, but because he’s an unapologetically honest conservative who demands the GOP do what the people want rather than serve themselves.

Meanwhile on the Democrat side, Sanders is looking like he may upset Hillary’s bid of the presidency as Obama did.  Hillary has taken up the Obama banner, while Sanders wants to go full leftist socialist dictatorship.  The ultimate challenge to America would to match Trump/Cruz vs. Sanders/whatever socialist he chooses and decide between Americanism or socialism and whether America will recover from the Obama years and sink into them forever.

Obama SOTU – Republicans listen to Democrat advice on how to pander

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The Democrats are as afraid of Sanders as the Republicans are as afraid of Cruz for different reasons.  Democrats fear Sanders because he means what he says about stripping away America’s wealth and making us Venezuela, while Republicans fear Cruz because they know he’ll end their gravy train.  That’s also why they would rather vote for Hillary than for Trump if they can’t get one of their own establishment members in, proving that they have no intention of honoring their commitment to the party or willingness to submit to the will of the people.

Trump is as much a narcissist as Obama with his campaign is asking if we will be honored to call Trump president after having suffered the anti-American Obama?  The question is not will we be honored, but if Trump will be honored to be elected our president!  Get in there, reduce taxes, reduce spending, rebuild the military and take Social Security out of the general fund, close the borders, crush the Jihad, free up businesses, squash the global warming fraud and open our energy and industry, and make both Democrat and Republican cronies pay for what they have done to this country!

Make America Great Again – Trump/Cruz 2016!

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