Trump shows Republicans how to do it right 

Donald Trump speaking to some 1,400 people at Van Wezel as part of his Statesman of the Year Award from Republican Party of Sarasota Thursday evening.  (May 21, 2015) (Herald-Tribune staff photo by Thomas Bender)

Donald Trump speaking to some 1,400 people at Van Wezel as part of his Statesman of the Year Award from Republican Party of Sarasota Thursday evening. (May 21, 2015) (Herald-Tribune staff photo by Thomas Bender)

Trump terrifies the media, liberal Democrats, and moderate Republicans with his bold disregard of their political correctness.

Whenever a Democrat makes a declaration that offends most of the country and refuses to retract it they are praised by the liberal media.  When a Republican says anything to which liberals object they are castigated and ostracized until they fall to their knees begging forgiveness, and then they slink away with their tail between their legs never to be heard from again.

Trump takes it to the media

Trump’s abuse of Sen. Graham was not only well-deserved but well-done.  Like McCain, that RINO wimp is always too ready to go belly up for Democrats.  The Moral Majority does not want Republicans who want to work with Democrats toward their anti-American, anti-Christian agenda, but who will fight to stop it and undo the damage they have done.  McConnell and Boehner are the GOP leaders who don’t care to roll back Democrat taxes, but want to profit off them as well.

Democrats and Republicans, liberals and moderates are selling out our country to foreigners for a few bucks.  Arabs and Chinese are profiting off of our infrastructure, and then Obama is going around saying he will repair it with higher taxes, which he never does, but will always blame Republicans for it not getting done.  These shysters are then standing before the public and denouncing the wealthy corporations whom they serve, except they only denounce the ones that are contributing the most to their opponents.

What poor, ignorant, liberal Democrats don’t realize is that Republicans are not the party of the 1% – they BOTH ARE!  Democrats are more wealthy than their Republican counterparts because they engage in more cronyism than they do, but they talk as if they are for the little guy and blame Republicans for the nation’s ills.  Trump is independently wealthy to the point that the liberal media cannot control him any more than the political parties and that is what makes him more bold and fearless than even Sen. Ted Cruz or Gov. Scott Walker.  And unlike anyone in politics, he made his fortune by virtue of his own financial genius and drive and not through pandering, begging, or swindling other people for money the way liberals and moderates do through taxes.

Two Americas: Americanism vs. Socialism, Right vs. Left

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