First debate separates Republican wheat from the chaff

1st gop-debate-2015

The first GOP debate for the Republican presidential candidate was split into two parts.  But those who were in the Top 10 are not safe from those in the bottom 7.  Candidates displayed not only their strengths, but also their weaknesses, and polls will tell the tale.

The first Republican debate brought out the seventeen candidates to be put on display for public consumption.  Conservatives already know who is who and what they believe.  It is for the moderates to learn, and the LiV liberals to get a chance to mock and ignore as instructed by their leaders.

It’s campaign time, and during campaigns EVERYONE is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE, and most of them are lying about it.  While some voters of the hard right say they will only vote for “true conservatives,” the fact is that there are several who are true conservatives.  But there is no one who agrees 100% with you, no one who does not speak differently about certain issues, and no one is exempt from making mistakes.  It is the degree to which they agree with conservative Christian values that can easily be measured by examining their track record, and half of these candidates are more than qualified to lead the nation as Ronald Reagan did.

Republicans who allow Democrats to control the narratives that have been misleading LiVs do not demonstrate that they are strong leaders.  Those who say they are willing to work with Democrats are admitting they are not conservatives, but moderates.  There is nothing liberal Democrats offer, no policy that is successful in making American life better but do just the opposite, and no agenda of theirs of which conservatives want any part.

What I took away from the debates;


Right off the bat, Mr. Trump would not commit to not running as a third party candidate to split the Republican vote like Perot did in ’92.  This, along with his being overly brash in his answers, plus Fiorina’s condemnation of his swapping positions, and his expressing dislike of Meghan Kelly, may cause him to drop in the polls.  But that very brashness may be what is necessary to go into the presidency and put both liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans in their place.  Boehner and McConnell, both elected to stop the Obama agenda on the basis of campaigning to do so, have instead bowed to him while denying they do so.  They repeatedly attack Sen. Ted Cruz for speaking out against them and condemn their own party’s base.


Gov. Bush continues to display his weakness in standing against liberal Democrats coming into the debate after apologizing to Hillary’s condemnations.  Bush keeps saying he will work with Democrats when conservatives want nothing that liberals have to offer.  No one voting Republican wants Republicans like Boehner and McConnell who will pay lip service to what’s right and then go along with the liberal agenda.


Gov. Walker is a Republican who defeated all Democrat opposition to his improving Wisconsin’s economy and crushed the liberal agenda there.  Despite the state voting for Obama twice, they voted for Walker three times!  Though he didn’t do as much as he promised, he improved the state taking it from deficit to surplus.  Scott Walker has shone brilliantly as true as a conservative can be in his beliefs about how to run government, help the economy, confront America’s enemies, and beat down liberalism that threatens to make America a second rate power.


Gov. Huckabee still has a strong following and still speaks conservatism.  But whether or not he can take his old record from his governorship of Arkansas and make it work, after failing in the last two elections cycles, is yet to be seen.


Dr. Carson is a genius, no doubt.  But so are Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, and Ted Cruz.  Most of the rest are brilliant men, but brains is not enough.  Though he certainly had the best joke of the night saying about his skill as a neurosurgeon, “I’m the only one who removed half a brain, but if you went to Washington, you’d think someone beat me to it.”  Dr. Carson is a living legend and champion of Christian conservatism, but among politicians he may be out of his league trying to deal with halfwits.


Sen. Cruz is undoubtedly, unashamedly, and unapologetically a Christian conservative, a genius in the debating room, and the most driven and determined conservative in Washington.  His weakness is that, unlike Ronald Reagan, he is not a people person.  While he boldly stands on the truth and righteousness, he doesn’t know how to sway the unrighteous to his side.  Where Reagan persuaded his enemies to follow his will, Cruz may need a sledgehammer to get anything done.


Sen. Rubio is certainly the most charismatic of the lot, and his message of living the American Dream and understanding how to help people achieve that dream resonates every time he speaks.  Though young, he displays all the qualities of leadership that Ronald Reagan possessed.  If you were to combine Cruz and Rubio, you would have Ronaldus Magnus.  Despite Boehner and McConnell attempting to drag him down with their illegal immigration scam, running him over with the Washington corruption machine, he remains strongly and steadfastly a conservative.


Sen. Paul says he’s “a different kind of Republican.”  On the economy, reigning in the IRS and EPA, he is exemplary.  But he falls short like his father on foreign policy when it comes to confronting violent ideologies that threaten America around the world.


Gov. Christie always speaks conservatism, and has done an excellent job of pulling New Jersey up out of the gutter.  But in 2012 when he embraced and endorsed Barack Obama as “presidential,” essentially costing Gov. Romney the election, he exposed himself as too weak to lead against the worst of Democrat opposition when it really counted.  A Scott Walker he is not.


Gov. Kasich has done Ohio proud, but even his excellent record as governor does not stand well when he expresses his willingness to work with Democrats.  His support of Speaker of the House Boehner, who has been the Republican bane of the TEA Party and conservatism, does not speak well of his leading America out from under the thumb of Washington corruption.


Gov. Perry has led the State of Texas so well that it has the 12th largest economy in the world!  Texas has carried the United States through the Obama Recession, making the nation’s GDP growth be in the black instead of in the red for the last six years.  Yet, he still does not shine on the debate stage.  Perry is not a genius, he’s not even brilliant, but he is a great leader who knows how to get the right people to do the best job.


Sen. Santorum always speaks conservatism from the heart.  But watching him lose his seat in the Senate, his desperation when faced with a losing proposition, does not speak well to his potential leadership as president.


Gov. Jindal has an outstanding record of promoting conservatism, but his lackluster performance as Louisiana’s governor has been anything but sparkling.


CEO Carly Fiorina has impressed many people with her brilliance, her drive, and her conservative ideals.  Where Trump comes new to conservatism, Ms. Fiorina’s has been on display her whole life.  As the leader of America’s #1 company, having risen to the top from the very bottom, she, like Trump, understands fully how best to build the economy.


Graham has been recognized as a RINO who is too wimpy to contest with Democrats.  He occasionally speaks up, but not too forcefully.  He is as wimpy in politics as he appears and is always ready to work with Democrats.


Pataki is a liberal Republican who has many views with which he agrees with Democrats.  He will go nowhere with conservatives.


Gilmore is unknown on the national stage, hasn’t held office in years, failed attempts to get into Washington.  Why does he even bother?


I indicated my personal preferences in how I highlighted the names of the candidates.  Some are exemplary, some show promise, and some should go home.

BOLD – The best of the candidates that should move forward.

BOLD/ITALIC – Good candidates that may prove better in the future.

ITALIC – These candidates would do well to drop out now.

This revue doesn’t reflect any new polls as they haven’t come out yet.  But we shall see.  A real debate of those who express powerful conservatism will consist of these five candidates:

  • Trump
  • Walker
  • Cruz
  • Rubio
  • Fiorina

Top ten candidate’s closing statements

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6 Responses to First debate separates Republican wheat from the chaff

  1. Tom Kelly says:

    The house and Senate leadership have to change to get the full republican enthusiasm to gather the needed money to put a Republican president in office!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      Absolutely! Boehner and his GOP moderates have been killing elections of conservatives since 2010. Republicans could have taken the Senate, but they spit on TEA Party candidates in every election, so it took till 2014 and is one of the chief reasons Romney lost in 2012. If congressional Republicans don’t act in the next year to remove Boehner and McConnell, there is a strong possibility we will get another panderer as our candidate who won’t change the corruption in Washington one whit.


  2. david says:

    agree on your top five, though swapping paul for trump might make sense, too. i’m a cruz guy but i worry that his style may limit his reach. enjoy the blog. keep up the good work.


  3. JP Mac says:

    I mostly agree with your assessment. It will be interesting to see the next round of polls. I would like to see Fiorina get her chance on the main stage. Probably Graham and Pataki will be the first to go. I would like to see Cruz and Rubio challenge the current front-runners for the top spots.


  4. Conchita M. Hill says:

    We need to return to basic civility and chivalry! Not one male on that panel had the cajones to defend a lady
    against the “Degrading Donald!!! He is an abomination 1 The fact that he was even on that stage reflects the mentality of the masses ! We must do better or we won’t survive as a nation!
    CM Hill


    • dustyk103 says:

      Not surprising when Obama calls Christian conservatives of the TEA Party “teabaggers” and Republicans said nothing about his vulgarity.


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