Netanyahu defeats Obama’s effort to unseat the Israeli Prime Minister

Netanyahu wins

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu wins 3rd term as Prime Minister in a landslide despite Obama operative’s efforts to overthrow him for a candidate more favorable to Obama’s leftist regime.  Netanyahu will be a thorn in Obama’s side as the Democrat president tries to reach a deal with Iran that will allow the Islamic theocrats to build nuclear weapons.

In a landslide victory, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, a powerful voice against the Jihad and Islamic expansion in the world, defeated the forces of Barack Hussein Obama and the wealth of leftists to overthrow him and have one of their own installed.  Despite leftwing media saying the election was too close to call, liberal media immediately lamented his re-election as the crushing of potential peace in the Middle East, declaring Netanyahu racist for pointing out that Obama operatives were bussing brown Arabs to the polls to vote against white Israelis.  Their definition of peace is as dysfunctional as their definition of racism, making for an interesting study into how perversely the Left thinks.

(Jews and Arabs are the same race – Caucasian, and the same culture – Semitic.)

The answer is found in what Israelis and Arabs say is required for peace.  The Israelis want the Arabs to stop attacking them, to coexist without Jihadis bombing and shooting them.  The Arabs want the Israelis dead and gone as stated in the Palestinian Charter.  The Right says the Israelis have a right to their homeland.  The Left says they have no right.

The competing philosophies of freedom can be summed up by these quotes:

Right – “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

Left – “I would rather crawl on my hands and knees to Moscow than be nuked.”

These two sayings sum up the foundational beliefs of the Right and Left.  The Right believes in everyone’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, while the Left believes that all people living equally as slaves to authority is fair.  To the Left, that means that the Right believes in the creed of pirates, “take what you can, give nothing back,” when they believe in the very opposite.

Pirates, like all leftists, have the same thing in common; they want to enslave others for their own gain.  The confusion of the young liberal is failing to understand the difference between living free and living freely.  Morality is not something with which people are born, but is learned over the course of their lives.

Socialism requires an autocrat to make all people equal according to his ideal.  It is a child’s view where he wants to control what is fair and good in his mind rather than the adult’s view of what is right and just.  The two visions of leftist socialism and rightwing capitalism are not synonymous, not competing ideologies of advancing peace and prosperity.

The 20th century stands naked as a shining example of where socialism leads; appeasing autocratic pirates and 200 million dead.  Liberals will ignore Obama’s racism and the murders by Jihadis to their own demise.  Americans must learn from the Israelis how to overcome the leftist voter fraud machine and oust them from control if the country is to actually progress toward a prosperous future.

Netanyahu wins 3rd term in landslide

Obama plots revenge against Israel

Obama working to hamstring America from fighting the Jihad

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