Obama sets savages loose to shoot police over ‘legitimate grievances’


“Hands, up, don’t shoot” continues to be the lie by which black criminals live as they protest police protecting citizens as racist murderers.  Obama and Holder give them justification for their phony racial divide.  Rather than going to school and getting a job, these people are living off of crime and money stolen from taxpayers.

Black protesters in Ferguson, Mo., have been there for months now, marching, chanting, rioting, and shooting at police.  This time they got two of them.  Rather than encouraging them to get an education and a job, Barack Obama and Eric Holder have legitimized these vermin saying police are at fault.  As Geraldo Rivera says, “This was a horrible crime that goes right against the soul of civilization.”

Liberal media justifies shooting of cops by “oppressed minorities”

B.O. tweeted his “concern” for the wounded policemen and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to say the police were shot over “legitimate grievances” by the black community.  Putting aside the fact that blacks commit crimes and violate laws twenty times more than whites or Hispanics, who make up 12% of the population but commit 75% of murders, Obama and Holder have been waging war on America’s police who are charged with upholding the law.  Criminals do not have legitimate grievances when it comes to be profiled and prosecuted.

Democrat policies over the last fifty years have made being a criminal a very lucrative lifestyle resulting in rampant crime.  For this reason the people took action by making laws to legalize carrying concealed weapons for self-defense.  Now black activist, Al Sharpton, wants to make it a felony crime for a white person to shoot a black criminal committing a crime.  America needs more armed citizens to stop criminals committing crimes, but Democrats strive to remove guns from citizens making them easier prey.

Al Sharpton wants to make a white person shooting a black in self-defense a felony

It is high time these “protesters,” who are nothing more than criminals on parade, be rounded up and put in labor camps rather than be free to commit crimes while living on taxpayer’s dollars.  Obama and Holder have been firing up these thugs for years even to the point of saying the word thug is the new n*gger.  Criminals do not have a right to protest police, they do not belong on the streets with citizens, and they do not deserve cushy prisons, medical care, and education at taxpayer expense.  Revocation of citizenship and banishment is what these people who reject education and honest work deserve.

Instead, America’s CinC and top cop advocate for these people, people like Black Panther Herman Bell, imprisoned for murdering two policemen shooting them over twenty times.  Bell believes he should be released because he earned a Master’s Degree and learned to play the flute during his time in prison – all at taxpayer expense.  B.O. agrees.

The only thing criminals like this deserve from taxpayers is six feet of rope and six feet of dirt.  Some liberal came up with the stoopidest definition of racism as only being possible hen the person has power over the other.  Then, by their definition, America’s first black president and his top cop, holding the highest positions of power in the United States, can righteously be declared to be racist pigs!

Convicted of murdering 2 cops, Black Panther sues for freedom

Obama tweets his concern

Obama on Kimmel reads “mean tweets”

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3 Responses to Obama sets savages loose to shoot police over ‘legitimate grievances’

  1. Kent Noller says:

    The muslum ideology is the most discriminating genacidal belief on earth. Some people choose the good Spirit and some choose the evil. I refuse to ignore the 200 million people slaughtered by islamist jihad in Europe, Asia, Africa, Indonesia, India and the United States . Much of the free world has to fight the insane invasive savages. Its obviously still going on today. The Muslum ideology is the enemy of every free man, women, and child on earth. They preach hate aginst all of the other beliefs on earth. No intelligent person that gives a damn about their fellow civilized citizens of the this planet would embrace this ideology. You will not regress our beliefs and laws back 1700 years!!


    • Steve Neal says:

      The best of Muslims and peaceful converts are living in denial, hoping to push away and deny the other violent half of their own religion, while the vast majority are silently awaiting their religion’s rise in popularity and shear population numbers. Then one by one, and eventually door-to-door, their jihad will spring upon us with that same “convert-or-die” demand that we have all seen in recent videos, so that there will be no other God but Allah…

      The time to fight them is now. We must fight them ALL, even those who swear (lie to the infidels, like the Quran says to) that they are peaceful and wish only coexistence and tolerance… They’ll appeal to our Christian love and forgiveness, while planning to stab us in the back…


  2. joy in tucson says:

    One day all the ‘peaceful, moderate’ muslims, living and working in America, will suddenly wake up and their war will become reality to the passive, complacent Americans who choose to ignore the bloody writing on the wall.
    They have never advanced in their thinking and will never give up until they slaughter all innocent humankind.
    We should also give the potus credit for aiding in their assault.


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