Racism – the colossal ignorance of the Left’s language of division


The liberal’s understanding of racism is that of a child’s understanding.  Racism has nothing to do with the color of your skin, but bigotry has everything to do with racism.

Ignorant liberals say Jews are racists against Arabs.  This is the problem with liberalism – the vast ignorance of its practitioners.  Liberals do not understand words and their meanings, but are happy to make things up as they go.  Racism is one of the words liberals love to throw at people without any comprehension of the actual meaning of the word.

They call anyone who objects to Obama’s leftist policies ‘racist’ because Obama is half African, or more correctly, because “he doesn’t look like previous presidents.”  They say ridiculous things like “only people who have power over others can be racist.”  And they declare that racism only means “white people believing they are superior to black people,” and then qualify anyone with dark skin as black.  They do this only to foster animosity between anyone they can call black with anyone they can call white.

Liberals do not understand what race is, let alone the difference between race, ethnicity, and culture.  They apply the word in the same way as people of the ancient world who didn’t have any knowledge of science, sociology, or an extensive vocabulary.  Ancient Romans called non-Roman peoples “the Greek race” or “the German race” when all the people of Europe are of the same race but different cultures.  In the same way the Left declares Jews “racists” against Arabs, as “white people” against “brown people” when both are of the same race – Caucasian, and the same ethnicity – Semitic, but different cultures – Hebrew and Arabic, as well as different religions – Jewish and Islamic.

Ethnicity and Race

This is the kind of ignorance that drives all things of the Left.  It is the kind of dysfunctional, ignorant thinking that shuts down debate and opportunities to educate people.  By comparison with the learned and moral people of the Right, the Left consists only of the uneducated masses and the corrupt who lead them.  Teaching the simple-minded young not to trust charlatans like Obama who promotes their ignorance is the key to leading America out of its decline.

The Left is blind to the difference between prejudice and bigotry (prejudice being judging someone as being part of a group before getting to know their qualities and bigotry being placing someone as part of group in spite of knowing their qualities).  They are also blind to their own hypocrisy and self-righteousness in casting Republicans as racist against blacks but not themselves as racists against black Republicans.  The two-faced bigotry of the Left is what divides America and feeds the hearts of those who are consumed by the sin of envy.

Now, after losing their battle in Ferguson to label the police as racists, leftists are realizing they are losing the war to label Republicans as the anti-minority party.  Following the DoJ publishing proof that Michael Brown was shot while assaulting a police officer rather than assassinated while surrendering, that Eric Garner died of a heart attack rather than being choked to death, and that Trayvon Martin was an older teenager killed while attacking George Zimmerman and not a little kid murdered by a “white Hispanic,” their “racist Republican” agenda is crumbling.  Fanatic leftists have begun resorting to pathetic attempts to start fights with police and then have friends video their arrests – like the UVA student Martese Johnson who is trying to make a name for himself as a black victim of white police.

The only life their racism game has is in the vacuous minds of their rabid adherents who still believe in the Republican war on women.  While there is nothing that can be done about these sociopaths, the rest of America is starting to see through yet one more Democrat fraud.  Eventually, the majority will understand that the entire Democrat Party and their agenda are all deceptions designed to destroy America the beautiful and remake America in their image as a dark and hopeless land of greed, envy, and hate.

Obama sets the savages loose over ‘legitimate’ grievances

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5 Responses to Racism – the colossal ignorance of the Left’s language of division

  1. Dan says:

    I find it interesting and almost comical that you talk about how ignorant Liberals are because they don’t understand what racism is. You’re right about people not knowing the difference, but you’re wrong about Liberals being the one with the problem. This so not exclusive to any one group. Just like you paint one broad stroke over a group of people, whom you have decided belong in that group and then classify them. You my friend are guilty of your own commentary


    • dustyk103 says:

      How you err in your opinion is that you take a generalization and try to make it an absolute. Forty years ago I made the same mistakes that you are making now. But I have learned the error in those absolutes. When you understand that no one is perfect, especially yourself, then you will begin to understand how you go wrong in declaring what is right is not universal.

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  2. Lisa says:

    Liberals are the real racists, believing that blacks and other minorities need the government’s help (affirmative action/racial quotas) to get anywhere. Stop helping them and we’ll see what they can achieve on their own. What makes liberals think that minorities need their help anyway?


  3. Well, right off the bat you claim that liberals think jews are racist against arabs. Well, they are. Not that they are wrong for doing so.


    The err of the jew is in the hypocrisy of having its own ethnostate while simultaneously shaming any European countries for wishing the same for their own people.


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