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Liberal’s Backwards Think Has Reversed American Liberty

In America, liberalism is a reflection of righteousness, which is why they have it all backwards. Their belief that God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator is just how contrary they have become. Their ideology is the reverse of what is good and true in the world. Continue reading

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Lock him up – Nazis vs. Christians; Democrats Make the Nation INSANE!

Democrats are stoking an insane rage in their lemmings with their lies and when Republicans respond in righteous wrath say we have no right to do so and declare that proof that we are the haters.  This is Obama’s America … Continue reading

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The First Purge – Liberal’s Deranged Dystopian Future

This latest delusional future manufactured by leftists encompasses everything that is wrong with liberal mentality.  Liberals are so ignorant they think movies like this, and “The Day After Tomorrow,” and “Ready Player One,” are documentaries rather than the fiction of … Continue reading

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AG Jeff Sessions the Legal Mouse

At a time when American needs a legal eagle who is a lion of law the nation has Jeff Sessions.  Yes, he was the first senator to jump on the Trump Train.  Yes, he has stayed loyal.  Yes, he has … Continue reading

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What Democrats Actually Believe Proves Liberals are literally INSANE!

A confrontation at the University of California Riverside by a liberal fanatic demonstrates the degree of insanity, hatred, stupidity, and delusion fostered by Democrats.  What they believe based on the ideology into which they have indoctrinated is why Democrats have … Continue reading

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