Of Democrats, Moslems, and Cultural Corruption

Democrat’s Jihadi Loon Squad of AOC+3, Antifa terrorists, and their anti-America actions speak far louder than any words ever will when they claim to be patriots who love America.  The only difference between “moderate” Democrats and democratic socialists is that the socialists are open and honest, while the “moderates” are merely promoting socialism by stealth.  The leftist media, that compromises 90% of those on the airwaves and in publication, is doing their damnedest to conceal these facts.

At the same time, they are striving to smear Republicans as the radical haters that actually make up the majority of Democrats.  They portray Antifa Nazis as patriots and TEA Party patriots as terrorists, Moslems as enlightened and Christians as bigots, Socialists as benevolent and capitalists as greedy.  This gaslighting is obvious for anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear.  Even as Mueller testifies there is no evidence against Trump for any crimes, Democrats Nadler and Schiff go in front of cameras to declare he said the exact opposite.  Those who pay no attention to what Democrats do, but only listen to what they say, are easily duped.

“It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do – or fail to do.” – attributed to Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility?  (I only ask this because leftists will claim credit for the words and deeds of others or deny credit where credit is due.  Some claim Austen wrote these words, but others say it is not in her book.  You cannot be certain of anything you read or hear in media unless you investigate it for yourself.)

It doesn’t matter that Democrats think they are good people.  It doesn’t matter that they believe they are doing the right thing.  It doesn’t matter that they say they love this country.  All of their actions say the exact opposite.  Every Democrat presidential candidate endorses socialism over American capitalism.  Every Democrat condemns all Republicans as racist while giving passes to Antifa terrorism and BLM riots.  Every Democrat believes the utterly obvious frauds of Russian collusion and man-made climate change.  The problem with liberals is not they are unintelligent, but that they believe what leftists say without examining the proofs.  That’s like believing their climate change methodology is “settled science.”

The lesson to be learned is that you can’t spell leftist with l-i-e-s.

Democrats mislead people by duping them with their false vision of America

Why do 90% of blacks vote for Democrats?  Why do most Jews and Hispanics vote for Democrats?  Why do Moslems vote for Democrats?  Why do Mafiosos and Teamsters vote for Democrats?  Why do illegal aliens vote for Democrats?  Why do dead people vote for Democrats?  Why do leftists choose to be leftists?  This may all be linked together in the psychological dysfunction of sociopaths in varying degrees from simply believing lies to believing they can justify murdering the innocent, i.e. assaulting Trump supporters, assassinating police officers, and especially the atrocity of killing babies in the womb.

There is racism in both parties.  Whereas there may be 10% of Republicans who are bigots, 90% of Democrats are bigots.  Republicans will call out the racism in their own ranks while Democrats will conceal and defend their own bigots.  Likewise, with sex offenders.  They create fictional sex offenses in Trump and Kavanaugh while overlooking their own in the likes of Weinstein, Epstein, and Clinton.  Neo-Nazis and KKK members who vote Republican compromise less than .00002% of the party.  Yet the leftwing media is trying to smear all Republicans as white supremacists.  NeverTrumpers and so-called “neocons” are maybe 2% of the party, but they are lauded by the Democrats for having joined forces with them to portray Donald Trump as a “white nationalist” leading the “white supremacist” Republican Party.

The only reason Democrats don’t mention the TEA Party in all of this is because they think the people have become irrelevant.  They don’t care about who Republicans are or what they represent.  They only care about what slanders, libels, and smears they hope they can stick to them.  The only place their labels stick is in the minds of their fanatical liberal base.  No amount of facts or proofs are enough to convince them that the propaganda by which they have been deluded is false.  It’s as they say;

“Just as you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, you tell a liberal the truth, but you can’t make him think.” – Dustin Koellhoffer

In contrast, among Democrats, the racist bigots of BLM, the Nazis of Antifa, the liberal fascists of OfA, and the democratic socialists compromise the vast majority of their party.  The media attempts to either conceal their nature by not reporting on their violent attacks, riots, and police assassinations, or by justifying their actions under the façade that they are “fighting evil.”  The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans condemn people for their wrongful actions while Democrats condemn people over their manufactured charges.

Never-Trumper Neocons Join Democrats to Bring Trump Down with Cries of Racism


Islamic Jihad

Why do liberals believe that “Islam is peace?”  Why do they believe that Islamists “tolerate other religions?”  Why do leftists believe they can pull the wool over the eyes of the righteous with the claim that jihadi terrorists are not really Muslim?  Anyone who has read the Koran knows that Muhammad instructed his Moslem fanatics to conquer all the world by any means, including by the use of terrorism and especially by using deception.  Their “great commission” is to put all people under the boot of Islam, to force all to submit to their god Allah.  Muhammad instituted dhimmitude to oppress non-Moslems and his Sharia Law forbids the building of churches.  Even those that were destroyed by jihadis are not permitted to be rebuilt in Moslem lands.  Islamists have a long history of destroying the religious icons of other religions the way they destroyed the great Buddhas of Bamiyan.

Why do liberals excuse jihadi terror while condemning peaceful Christians as bigoted racists?  Why do liberals believe that Christianity is akin to Nazism when even in the 20th century Moslems allied with Germany in both world wars.  Arabs were especially keen for Britain to aid them in throwing off their Turkish oppressors, but then they turned right around to laud their Grand Mufti for allying with Hitler to exterminate the Jews.  Any rational, moral study of Islam reveals it to be a death cult of oppression, bigotry, and violence rather than a religion of peace and tolerance.  It is unfortunate that Christianity has its own dark history when leftists seized the reins of power to lead Christians astray from the teachings of Christ.  But that was purposeful to give the left the excuse to condemn Christ.

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

Leftists are always willing to justify their crimes and quick to condemn their victims when they fight back.  They infiltrate what is good to steal from the righteous and corrupt them from within.  That’s why the USA, a land of opportunity for those willing to work harder and smarter can prosper, also attracts the greedy who only work to steal from those who create wealth.  Those leftists strive to gain the power in government so they can do their stealing “legally.”

Climate Change

Why do liberals believe man can change the climate of the planet?  Why do they believe imposing socialism on the USA will solve their crisis?  Liberals believe greedy corporations would destroy all life on Earth to make money.  Insanity is not corporations willing to destroy all life to make a dollar.  Insanity is believing that they would.  What kind of damn fool believes that anyone would kill their children to make money?  The answer is – liberals who would just as they happily kill babies in the womb because they are “inconvenient.”

What kind of ass would come up with such stupidity by which to dupe the ignorant?  Leftists.  Believing anything a leftist says is foolish.  It’s like believing them if they say the Sun isn’t up on a cloudy day.  It’s like believing them that the Sun isn’t up when you are in a darkened room.  Leftism is founded in deception and rooted in immorality.  There are not two rights, and there are no wrongs that make a right.  There is only right and wrong, and in politics there is only right and left – and the left is never right.

Follow the money of the global warming scam

The Democrat solution to everything is to take more money from taxpayers to throw at the problems they created to blame their own failures on Republicans.  Theirs is a world of dark deception, concealing their true motives, distracting from the truth by putting the blame on others, and confusing the issues in order to dupe the ignorant.  Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump both left the Democrat Party when they realized its true nature.  Those NeverTrumper RINOs who say they would rather work with Democrats than Trump are not just the frogs who trust the scorpions to ride on their backs.  They are fools in wise men’s clothing.

Americans have been misled down the road to Hell paved with good intentions.  Communists said they would corrupt America from within by using our own morality against us.  It is the fault of the Baby Boomer generation that we stood back to “make amends” for our own faults to allow those who would corrupt our children’s minds to take over our schools and drive the people out of church.  Americans don’t learn history and they don’t learn morality as they used to in church.  Instead, they are indoctrinated into a false ideology with false gods to which they are forced to cling in darkness rather than step into the light.  Donald Trump is an American son who is showing the nation how to fight back against the depredations of leftism.  Learn the lesson and take up the fight lest the forces of communism overthrow this country from within.

Beauty contest winner violated for her anti-Islam opinion

Democrat jihadi Ilhan Omar proud of her anti-Jew bigotry

Omar linked to Hamas

Journalist killed in Somalia by Omar’s jihadi friends

Cruz denounces Antifa as Democrat’s domestic militant terrorists

Tlaib screaming obscenities at Trump event

Google YouTube fined for targeting children

Emmy for Nike/Kaepernik ad of lies

Democrat Congress lies smearing Trump as racist doesn’t make it true

Watch: CNN Panel Attacks Black Former Congresswoman For Not Calling Trump Tweets ‘Racist’

Mainstream Democrat anti-Jew hatred

Democrats anti-Israel

[Author’s Note: What I have learned over sixty years observing people is that no leftist is honorable.  They have the hearts of thieves.  The deceive, distract, confuse, and conceal the truth.  Certainly, none are above reproach as they claim of Mueller & Co.  All of their minions about whom they claim are people of incredible integrity are all liars.  Great men like Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump both left the Democrat party when they realized its true nature.  I wonder, looking back in history, why men like John Glen, Marine Boy Scout, never did so.  Was he duped the entire time he was in Congress or was he corrupted by the power?

Now the Democrat Party is openly promoting Communism, anti-Judaism, and anti-Americanism, and killing babies while some claim to be Christians.  These are the people who slander Christianity claiming Hitler and the KKK were Christians.  The country they want is like the countries they would flee and condemn.  How ignorant and two-faced it is to want to convert the greatest nation of life and liberty into socialist sh*tholes with elites in power being served by the masses?  This is just the pinnacle of galactic stupidity that is biblically evil.

Why the left is never right, and liberals backwards think, is presented in my articles.  If you are a youngster believing what you hear in the media, then you have a lot to learn and this is one of the places in which that learning could start.  I hope you have the intelligence and morals to do so rather than close your mind.]

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