Democrats Falsely Convict Barr of Lying Under Oath

The making of a Democrat lie:

AG Barr testified, under oath, that Mueller declared the restriction from indicting a sitting president did not affect his conclusions.  At a press conference in which he allowed no questions, Mueller, NOT under oath, declared that the only reason he didn’t convict Trump was because of that restriction.  What did the leftwing media and their Democrat masters do?  They didn’t ask any of the witnesses who were present at the meeting of which Barr spoke which of the two spoke the truth and which is lying.  They didn’t ask Mueller to clarify or ask Barr if Mueller lied.  They ran to their cameras and declared in unison that Barr lied under oath.

Mueller presser says Barr lied

Democrats emphasized that Mueller claims to be a lifelong Republican.  President Trump once again confirmed that Mueller is a NeverTrumper who supported Hillary over him.  Which side do you think is lying?  There’s only one way to get to the truth.  That can only be reached if Barr videoed his meeting with Mueller.  But Mueller wouldn’t have lied if he had been recorded.  So, it’s Barr’s word against Mueller’s word and the left will always declare the righteous to be criminals regardless of evidence.  The left always declares the righteous to be guilty unless proven innocent and you can never prove something that didn’t happen.  This is leftism in which the truth is toilet paper.

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