When Mueller Speaks, Everyone Listens – and goes insane

Mueller’s testimony was a fiasco of Democrat delusions.  Do you expect Democrats to be rational accepting the truth?  Don’t hold your breath.  Regardless of whatever he would say, we all knew Democrats would declare his testimony to be damning of President Trump convicting him of Russian collusion and obstruction crimes.  It’s enough to drive everyone on both sides insane.  Liberals don’t read beyond the headline or watch anything besides what pundits say who tell them what to believe.  Then they run around like the Queen of Hearts yelling, “Off with their heads,” declaring the innocent to be guilty.

Republicans declared a great victory as did the president, but they’re talking to a wall.  The Russian fraud is dead, but Democrats are going to beat their dead jackass all the way to the finish line of the next election.  If they can’t perpetrate enough voter fraud to overthrow Republicans, they will again cry foul then rinse and repeat.  Democrats are becoming so insane that no one would be surprised if they start asking, “Can Donald Trump legally be assassinated if we think he committed treason?”   Democrats are living the definition of insanity while Republicans are going insane listening to the irrational hatred of the left.

President Trump – Republicans very good day; Democrats destroyed themselves

Both sides are claiming total victory in the Russian Collusion investigation of Robert Mueller.  The proof is in the pudding as they say.  If Democrats are true, then President Trump will be impeached for treason and obstruction and removed from office forthwith.  If Republicans are true, then Barr’s investigation of the investigators will produce indictments that lead to convictions of Democrats and their operatives who will go to prison for their violations of the law and conspiracy to enact a coup to overthrow the rightfully elected president.

It is amusing to hear Democrats who violate all laws, from Constitutional law on the border to street violence to godly moral law over babies in the womb, declare that Republicans are the lawless ones while they see themselves as the law keepers.  Their two-faced declarations of morality are as void as their charges of Republican racism.  The left has nothing to offer humanity except their lies and deceptions as they strive to confuse, conceal, or distract from the truth, along with their hatred for and condemnations of all things righteous.

The left is never right as Mueller proved by refusing to answer any questions by Republicans.  But he also wouldn’t give Democrats the responses they wanted.  He left them unhappily scrambling to declare he convicted Trump as guilty of crimes for which he would not exonerate him.  This fallacious lie has been denounced from the moment he said it.  No prosecutor in America has the power to exonerate anyone.  No one is ever found exonerated in court.

Fox & Friends 7/25/19 8am explains Mueller’s testimony

Leftists prove every day that they are the people who are anti-America by espousing principles that are opposite to America’s founding ideals.  E.g. they are incensed that Mueller did not charge Trump with any crime.  Mueller claimed he could not exonerate Trump.  As any intelligent person who knows the first principle of American law, that was not his place.  Exoneration comes in the appeals process.  In America, you are innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent.  By saying he could not exonerate the president, Mueller was declaring him guilty without a trial or any evidence.  All of the liberal media followed suit with stories of how Mueller couldn’t exonerate Trump of his crimes, not that Mueller couldn’t find a crime with which to indict Trump.  This is typical backwards liberal thinking founded in their immorality.

The degree to which Democrats twist facts are illustrated by Democrat trolls Nadler and Schiff who repeatedly claim to have proof of Russian collusion and obstruction yet never produce any.  Mueller admitted there is no evidence of any collusion or vote tampering by Russia.  Without a crime there can be no obstruction of justice.  Their warped minds are further revealed in Nadler’s claim that the Mueller investigation didn’t cost the taxpayers a dime because Mueller squeezed money out of some of the people he persecuted.  So that money didn’t belong to the taxpayers either?  This is typical liberal math.  They borrow from Peter to pay Paul and think that is not still owing money to a disciple.  Why is this rocket science to liberals?  Because their left hand doesn’t know what their right hand is doing.

Maddow all atwitter over Mueller

Democrats insist they will persecute Trump even after he finishes his terms as president.  When Washington swamp rats say of people who talk about prosecuting Hillary, Obama & Co. for their crimes, “We are not a banana republic that persecutes political losers,” Democrats prove that is a lie as that is exactly what they plan on doing.  Trump must either prosecute these people for their attempted coup or he and his family and every Republican in the future will be criminalized by the left when they are in power.

Laura Ingraham 7-25-19 tears Muellers apart

Democrats are not just Anti-Trump, they’re anti-America


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