Mueller says he cannot “exonerate” Trump

Mueller declaring that he cannot exonerate Trump is proof that in leftism their backwards thinking rules their dark hearts.  This is the difference between righteous Christian justice and leftist social justice.  In righteous Christian justice you are innocent until proven guilty, while in leftist social justice you are guilty until proven innocent.  Socialism is the two-faced ideology of god-hating deceivers and their dupes who are completely lacking in good sense guided by a moral compass.

FOX & Friends examine Mueller’s statement

Democrats are scorning President Trump as unrighteously interfering in their actions to overthrow his presidency demanding he cooperate.  What kind of dumbsh*t says this?  What kind of low-grade moron thinks this?  What kind of idiotic fool believes this?  Mueller just proved he is not an honorable man but a sham who has worked for two years on a fraud while conducting a witch-hunt by which to destroy an innocent man.

Obstructing Injustice with Transparency

Comey declares Trump is telling lies

Fired FBI Director, James Comey, responded to President Trump’s declaration that the Mueller witch-hunt was part of a coup declared, “There was no corruption.  There was no treason.  There was no attempted coup.  Those are lies, and dumb lies at that.  There were just good people trying to figure out what was true, under unprecedented circumstances.”

Arie Fleischer responded with the observation, “You know what’s missing there?  Three words – ‘We were wrong.’”

Arie Fleischer crushes Comey’s denial – min 18:15-23:50

Comey was the one who presented the Steele Dossier to President Trump without informing him that it was a fictional creation paid for by the Hillary campaign.  Instead, he leaked it to Fusion GPS to present to the public as an actual spy document, and to the FISA court as a bonafide reason to spy on the Trump campaign.  Pretending that spying on Carter Page as a Russian agent while he was working in the Trump campaign was not spying on Trump is donkeysh*t.  Having FBI agents feed Papadopoulos phony stories about Russia having Hillary’s emails, then using him to spread a false rumor to declare Trump hacked Hillary, was Obama FBI agents using subterfuge to undermine a presidential candidate.  Mueller, concluding that Trump’s joke on campaign asking Russia to find Hillary’s missing emails resulted in them trying to hack her servers that she had destroyed a year before just piled on more lies.

Those are all lies.  They are treasonous lies.  They resulted in a treasonous coup attempt.  And they exposed damn liars who put the nation through Hell the past two years in their war on Trump by persecuting innocent Republicans.  Mueller, Comey, Brennan & Co. deserve to swing from a gallows for this along with many Democrats in Congress as well as those in the executive, i.e. Hillary, Obama, and others, because they all obviously knew they were attempting a treasonous coup via the duping of their lemmings.  Nadler (D-NY) even had the stupidity to repeat that, “If Mueller wanted to exonerate the president, he would have said so.”  It is not the place of an investigator or a prosecutor to exonerate a subject.  Again, in America you are innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent as leftism believes.

Contrary to the belief of rabid, psychotic Democrats, repeatedly declaring your own innocence does not constitute obstruction of justice.  Democrats are so galactically stupid that they are demanding that President Trump assist them in overthrowing him by agreeing with their false allegations, put his own head in their noose, and jump off the chair.  The people who have been calling for his assassination want him to cooperate with their openly hateful, deranged, leftist lunacy.

Only in the Democrat’s world are the innocent required to assist them in their own destruction.  Yet these same people hold American citizens guilty of raping the world while they hold guiltless those who invade our nation by committing crimes beginning with sneaking across the border.  They actually praise them offering to give them benefits!  Democrats have cast aside the white working middle class and the black welfare lower class in favor of importing massive numbers of illegal alien Latino-communists who begin their lives in America breaking the law.

Pelosi advocates for illegal aliens – min 1:20-4:43

Rush Limbaugh on the many phases of the ongoing Democrat coup attempt and the assistance the media has given them in perpetrating this fraud:

“But if you look at it not as journalism, but as a political operation, it’s had a number of phases, and they all failed. Phase one was to make sure Trump didn’t get the nomination. Phase two was to make sure Hillary was not indicted, make sure she was exonerated for the criminal activity she did engage in. Phase three was to make sure that Bernie Sanders didn’t get the Democrat nomination. Phase four was to make sure that Hillary Clinton won the presidency.

“Since that didn’t work, phase five was to start the process of getting rid of Donald Trump, and I’m sure they hoped to accomplish that during the transition. I have no doubt that these people had as an objective to make sure Donald Trump was never sworn in. Phase six, he was sworn in, and phase seven was the effort to drive his numbers down to the twenties and thirties so as to be able to succeed with impeachment or driving him from office. That failed.

“Now we’re into phase seven, and phase seven is the going back and forth on impeachment. Phase eight will be the 2020 campaign and so forth. But it is an effort that was begun in 2015, its overriding objective was to get Hillary Clinton elected and to cover up all that was done to make that happen. That’s really what this is about, is covering up all of the shenanigans that were undertaken to see to it Hillary Clinton won.”

Have no illusions that Democrats would not impeach President Trump for being innocent of any crimes.  Their only fear is that such an action could galvanize the country against them.  They are already losing the black vote as courageous Christians who have been awoken to leftist lies like Candace Owens calls for a Blaxit, a black exit from the Democrat Plantation.  Democrats are illegally importing Latino-communists as quickly as possible to illegally vote in the next election seeding them in swing states to overthrow Trump.  If they are allowed to do this then they will succeed in getting away with their treasonous crimes.

Another destruction of Democrats calling Republicans liars – 10:20-18:51

Trump Breaks the Norm That Says Republicans Can’t Fight Back

Washington Scared to Death by Trump’s Declassification Order

Ten Elements of the Democrat Coup

[Author’s Note: President Trump’s impeachment trial will not be given all the positive press telling lies like Bill Clinton.  For a Democrat they provided smoke and mirrors so that most lemmings believed Clinton was impeached for having sex in the Oval Office rather than for lying to a Grand Jury and tampering with witnesses.  Trump will receive the opposite treatment being smeared as obstructing justice and witness tampering when he did neither.  Democrats will cast him as obstructing justice for every time he declared his innocence because in their social justice system the innocent have no rights to stand against state rule.  They do not obey the Constitution.  They wish to overthrow it.

Mueller stating that he couldn’t charge Trump with a crime only because he is president is meant only to mislead the ignorant of the rule of law in America requiring a burden of proof on the prosecution.  When no crime has been committed the innocent have no right to protest in their social justice system.  If Democrats impeach President Trump, then every congressman voting to impeach will stand convicted of treason for their absolute abomination in corrupting American justice by their betrayal of Constitutional law.

These communists will not stop there.  Their next act will be to declare Trump ineligible for re-election and take him off the ballots in states controlled by Democrat legislatures.  If President Trump does not initiate action through the FBI to arrest these betrayers, or activate the military to prevent this coup, then the only recourse left for Americans will be armed insurrection to overthrow the usurpers (who will certainly accuse Trump of overthrowing the law).  Then let them all be dragged out of their chambers and hanged in the town squares.  Otherwise, Democratic socialist communism will complete their overthrow of America and this great nation will cease to exist as the last bastion of freedom and the light of liberty on the planet.]

Mueller Wants to Nail Trump, But He Doesn’t Have the Evidence!

Mueller Stands Justice On Its Head: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Watch for Media to Accuse Barr of Lying

Rush: “Take a look here what has actually happened in this so-called investigation. James Comey, July 5th, 2016, press conference, lists all the crimes Hillary Clinton committed, lists all the crimes that they know she did! And then said, “But we’re not charging her because we don’t think she intended to do any of this.”

Now, we move to the Trump investigation, “We can’t find a damn thing the guy did, but we are certain he intended to.” What the hell is this, folks? They exonerate Hillary because they think she didn’t intend to do what she did. They can’t find that Trump did anything, but they think he intended to do what he didn’t do, and so we need to impeach him.”

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