Choosing not to choose – #NeverTrump vs. #NeverHillary

Never choose from two evils

Self-righteousness can lead to doing greater evil.

Standing up for righteousness is never wrong – except for doing so permits evil to rise.  Is it possible to do wrong by doing right?  Of course!  For example; being charitable is right, correct?  But what if you give to someone who then uses that money to support terrorism?  Did you do right or wrong?

It is possible to do wrong by doing right, just as it is possible to do right by doing wrong.  What is not possible is for two wrongs to make a right.  Choosing right over wrong is always right, but choosing wrong by not choosing right is doubly wrong.

Choosing the lesser of two evils may still be choosing evil, but believing that any man except Jesus can be 100% righteous is a fallacy.  Americans are suffering because of choosing their leaders badly.  What Americans need in Washington is a leader who will not continue the corruption to a lesser degree, but work against it.  Ted Cruz would, while Hillary would help it along, and Sanders would make it explode!  Trump is the wild card who proposes to displace the corruption in both parties, but has the perception problem of having supported both.

Voting for pandering moderate Republicans who behave like pandering liberal Democrats constitutes voting for the lesser of two evils.  It’s either the excessive spender or the wasteful spender.  Voting for an outsider who says he will stop the waste in Washington is not voting for the lesser of two evils.  If Trump is not true then that’s on him.

If he is not true then what have you lost when the other choice was Bush whom you know would not support conservatives?  You believe Ted Cruz could have won?  Then you fool yourself about the power and numbers of conservatives.  Conservatives are a minority.

The only reason Ted rose compared with other conservatives of the past is because Trump sucked all the oxygen out for all other candidates, moderates and conservatives alike.  Trump didn’t win by trickery, but by knowing his audience.  Cruz chose the high road and Trump chose the low road because he understands that people are not led by intellectualism, but by baser opinionism.  That’s why it was so easy to smear Cruz as “lyin’ Ted,” just as Obama smeared McCain, Palin, Romney, and Ryan.

By not choosing the lesser of two evils, conservatives allowed liberals to choose the greater of two evils in 2008 and 2012.  How is that helping the cause of good?  It’s understandable after any nasty political campaign filled with smears and mud-slinging to lose sight of the actual character of the people who win their party’s nominations.  But we should never forget the testimonials of people who know the candidates personally.

Obama’s testimonial came from Rev. Wright whom he named mentor and family friend – and then disowned when Wright spoke the truth.  No one came out to speak for Obama after that because his character is well known.  Trump, like Romney, had many come out and testify to his character.  Where Obama speaks in a friendly manner but will stab you in the back at the first opportunity, Trump speaks in a nasty manner but is a compassionate leader.  So don’t sell him short.

Never Trump

You need to get your mind straight and understand that this country is in trouble and choosing not to choose Trump is choosing Hillary.  Believing that they are the same is believing propaganda.  Try not to fall for the same bullsh*t that got Obama elected.  Cruz is the better conservative, but what good does it do to support what is right if you lose to what is wrong?  Trump fights the establishment Republican moderates and liberal Democrats and wins!  The two teamed up would unite the party and make a juggernaut!

Hillary promises to continue the Democrat policies that are destroying this nation, strangling business, choking energy, and allowing our enemies to flourish.  Trump promises to reverse all of this and the question is not the stand he takes, but if he is true to his word.  Those who work with him say he is.  Believe he is evil if you want, but if you don’t choose the lesser of two evils then you allow others to choose the greater of two evils for you.

Trump wins and Cruzers whine saying they won’t vote for him.  Don’t say you’re conservative when you help liberals win.

[Author’s note: Being true to your vote.  I voted for Ted, but he lost, yet some Cruzers are saying write him in on the ballot.  Let’s put this in perspective.  The Cowboys lost yesterday.  I want you to call my bookie and tell him you want to bet on them to win again in yesterday’s game and see how he reacts.

If Trump is not true then four years from now Ted will have another shot and primary him if he runs again.  Use your heads.  If you allow Hillary to win do you think Ted will have a better chance in four years after Democrats inflict more destruction on America?  After eight years of Obama there are still millions of people frothing at the bit to vote for more Democrat policies.

Democrats keep voting for the same people over and over and expecting a different result.  While you keep letting them win over and over expecting them to realize they’re insane?  The question is; when will you realize that you are, too?]

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3 Responses to Choosing not to choose – #NeverTrump vs. #NeverHillary

  1. EIleen says:

    True, I don’t completely trust Trump; however, I am willing to let him try. I do not want 4 more years of the Clinton-Bush policies that bankrupted the country. I was originally a Cruz supporter. I certainly agree that the next time Cruz runs, the nation will have a much better idea on what kind of a leader (or non-leader as in the current presidency) Trump is.

    Nice post.

    Liked by 3 people

    • LMinAppleton says:

      Eileen: Right you are. With Hillary we have a 100% guarantee that she will continue the destruction of the nation; at least with Trump there is a chance he might do what is best for the country and, despite his international business dealings and connections, I believe he genuinely loves America.

      Liked by 3 people

    • M Simon says:

      I wish Ted was a Constitutionalist. He never mentions the missing Drug Prohibition Amendment. Nor do his “Constitutionalist” supporters.


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