Comparing Trump to Obama

Trump Obama

Many conservatives are falling back into their liberal roots and the liberal trap of self-righteousness in their anger over Trump’s victory.  They would rather go down in defeat than support anything less than perfection.  Thinking you can make this a perfect world is what immature liberals believe.

Obama made himself out to be a messiah who would make everyone wealthy by stealing from the rich and deluded them with simplistic language of “hope and change” to rally idiots to his cause.  Trump using his wiles to win over idiots with his simplistic “lyin’ Ted” is not making himself a messiah.  He is not promising to make everyone wealthy, just to give everyone a chance to get a job by taking government’s boot off the throats of businesses.  Obama says he wants “everyone to have a fair shot and pay their fair share,” but his actions make him out to be the liar of the two.

Ted Nugent’s 20 reasons to support Trump

After reading that list you wonder why some Cruz conservatives are against Trump and think he’s another Obama.  Trump and Cruz have the same enemies and the same goals, just different resumes and different styles.  Ted took the high road and Trump took the low road and Trump got to Cleveland before him.

Many conservatives are taking self-righteous stands as liberals do, which is why I keep saying that just because you espouse conservatism doesn’t mean you can’t backslide into your roots of liberalism.  Everyone is born liberal until you are educated.  Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality, and this was an education in basic humanity.

There is nothing moral about putting yourself so far above others that you cannot appreciate what they do right.  Some have so blinded themselves that they now see FOX as being both pro and anti Trump and have turned to CNN thinking they will support conservatism.  Trump may be an SOB, but he fights for what is right and gets results – something we have not seen from anyone in Washington since Newt.  Ted fought and stood on principle, but losing does no one any better than making the faux fight against Obama in which the GOP has engaged.

Liberals are saying Trump will lose to Hillary.  These conservatives are agreeing because they say they will not vote for him.  Because they are thinking emotionally like liberals rather than logically they are deciding to lose and blaming those who supported Trump.  Who is behaving like a petulant child now?

Conservatives who believe they are too good for Trump

WARNING!  Relapsing to liberalism may result in permanent brain damage

[Author’s note: Many do not like Trump’s campaign style, but his has served him well appealing to the common voter.  Though many conservatives detest his past statements, they must remember that that is the past.  We all learn as we age.  Heck, fifty years ago I stupidly believed the propaganda against Reagan and voted for Carter.  But even Reagan started out as a Democrat in his political career.

The best measure of a man is how he treats those who serve him.  Many have attested to Trump’s exceptional treatment of servers, police, and others, while America twice elected a man who treats our military like chattel.  Trump also says he doesn’t need to unite the party to win, but he may be talking more about the RINOs than the Cruzers.

This is why I say Trump should make Cruz VP or possible a Supreme Court Justice.  He must reach out to the base once again because he pulled in moderates with his primary campaign and alienated many.  If a conservative then refuses to vote even with Ted on the ticket because Trump is at the top then you will know you are dealing with a self-righteous liberal in conservative’s clothing.

We held our noses and voted for McCain who still lost.  We supported Romney, but some self-righteous fools stayed home and gave us a second term of the worst Obama the America hating Moslem people stupidly made leader of the free world.  I would have held my nose and voted for Bush.

But with Trump we have a businessman who wants Americans to do better and not the Washington elites to do better.  When you refuse to vote for Trump you are voting for Hillary and those Washington elites.  When you take the side of the GOP elites that you say you are against, maybe you should re-examine your position?]

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2 Responses to Comparing Trump to Obama

  1. guidvce4 says:

    Dusty, I have never thought of the conservatives who proclaim they won’t vote for Trump as liberals. However, I do now. Thanks for that insight which somehow escaped me in all this hullabaloo of Trump not being a conservative. Of course, he’s not a conservative. He’s an American businessman, a very successful one at that, which probably pisses off those who proclaim to be conservatives. They would like it better if he were more PC and did not point out the incompetence and stupidity which exists in DC, they are afraid that their own inadequacies and self-serving actions will be pointed out as Trump pulls the curtain back on the shenanigans of the government. I say let the light shine on all of them and expose whatever is found. That they are afraid of the transparency which Trump seems to offer, encourages me to support him even more.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I didn’t say they were liberals. I said they were relapsing into their root liberalism. It’s like someone who goes to church and is very devout, but then suddenly becomes completely self-righteous and condemns anyone who isn’t as “pure” as they believe themselves to be.


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