GOP has been world class f***-ups defeating Democrats – give Trump a chance!

Dump Trump

NeverTrump crowd working to sabotage primaries.

The GOP has proven they are no different than Obama.  They say they will do one thing for the benefit of America and then do the opposite to harm America.  This presidential election cycle is a vote of no confidence in Washington!

Obama ran on the platform that “Washington is broken and must be fixed from the outside.”  He portrayed himself as the outsider who would fix Washington and has campaigned every day he has been in office as still being the outsider, but Obama’s hands are drenched in blood up to his elbows.  This is the proven Limbaugh Theorem and millions of Americans continue to vote like lemmings running over the cliffs for the man and the party that is engineering America’s decline – and the GOP is content to go along with it.

Trump represents a real outsider and, as one of the world’s most successful businessmen, brings something to the table no politician, no lawyer, no community organizer possibly could – knowledge of how to make the economy successful.  Democrats and their Republican allies have been managing America’s decline even as they siphon off her wealth for their cronies.  The Middle Class has shrunk for the first time in history and our young have been taught that capitalism, the ideology that built the first Middle Class in history, is nothing but greed, and that socialism, the ideology that has killed more people and squandered more wealth in history, is good.

Donald Trump may be an a**, but he fights and wins against leftists.  He takes the sh*t the leftwing media throws at him and rubs their noses in it.  Much has been made that he isn’t a born conservative, maybe isn’t 100% conservative, but so what, who is?  We all spend our lives learning right from wrong and Trump, like all of us, is still learning.

Republicans who are trying to undo the vote of the people are betraying their own principles.  Taking up liberal logic that more people voted against him than for him is just them degenerating into backwards liberal thinking in their frustration.  Romney lost the unlosable race against the most unqualified, anti-American man ever elected even after four years of proving it!

He can’t do any worse, and if he wins, which he must if America is to survive, then maybe, just maybe he’ll save this nation.  If Hillary or Obama wins then we know America is guaranteed to fall.  Either take a chance on Trump or just accept that the great nation we love will be gone and a twisted, leftist pustule of corruption will emerge in her place.

Attempting to overturn the primaries because you don’t like the result makes you no better than the Democrats who are working to overturn this country.  They commit voter fraud to deny the rest of us the choice we made because they think we’re too stupid to make intelligent choices.  Well, there’s something to be said for that because electing Obama was the stupidest thing this country ever did.  But the fact that both the DNC and GOP are fighting against Trump says more for him than his acting like an a$$ speaks against him.

Democrats already smear him as one of the greedy rich who wants it all for himself, i.e. one of their own.  But, unlike Obama who’s only personal reference was from his America hating pastor he threw under the bus, none of Trump’s friends has anything bad to say about him.  He has been in the public eye for decades and not until he began running against Democrats was he ever labelled a racist, greedy, miserly, or tyrannical.  One thing is certain about his character; he knows how to fight fire with fire and he fights to win!

Trump may not be the leader Americans like at this time, but he may be the leader America needs at this time.  He may be a Democrat in sheep’s clothing or he may be a Republican diamond in the rough.  Either we can give this election to Hillary and guarantee America’s decline and fall or we can roll the dice.  Even the redoubtable Ted Cruz couldn’t defeat him.  A Trump presidency is the only chance America has to survive the corruption in Washington, and if he proves to be the same as the Left then we haven’t lost a thing.

Trump is not a true conservative, but he has the most important conservative objectives as his policies; stopping congressional deficits, getting Democrat’s boot off the throat of our economy, stopping illegals from taking American jobs, getting Americans back to work and off the public dole, and crushing the Jihad!  Where do you find fault if that is his goal and he is the only one besides Cruz not only willing accomplish it but capable of winning?

Give Trump a chance!

NeverTrump road blocks

Never Trumpers are the self-righteous who will get Hillary elected

Crushing defeats of Obama/Hillary leftists, victory for Trump!

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