Beck believes Trump is a Democrat in Republican’s clothing

harry-reid trump is frankenstein

Why would you believe Harry Reid?  Trump hasn’t even been elected yet and already there are self-righteous fools calling for his head.  Just because he is boorish and bull-headed does not make him a tyrant.  And why would being a tyrant for America be worse than Obama who has been a tyrant against America?

We all know Glenn went off the deep end awhile back, but this is getting into the realm of insanity when these people are calling for his ouster, or even his assassination, by the GOP elites before he even gets elected let alone serves!  When the self-righteous Cruzers take the same side as the GOP elites don’t you even begin to see that you’re going wrong?  When you join with the people on the left does that make you far right?  I supported Ted and he got my vote, but Trump fights more effectively than Ted ever has and there is nothing in his past to suggest he is duplicitous like Obama or will work against America, but rather FOR her!

In any case, America is hanging over the edge of the cliff and the self-righteous have refused to turn out for two elections now giving us two-terms of Obama.  Do you think America needs to suffer even more in order to see the light?  Don’t you realize the light is not coming on, that there is a large portion of the population that wants America to fall?  This election is it, we’re on the edge of the abyss, and once you jump there’s no changing your mind.

Why must you believe the media smears of all candidates that America is always electing the lesser of two evils and making her more evil instead of acting for the greater good?  Is electing the devil you know in any Democrat who is going to overthrow the Constitution better than the devil you don’t know who may just save this great nation?  It comes down to this, it’s just like putting your faith in Christ over atheism; if you’re right and I’m wrong are we any worse off, but if I’m right and you’re wrong then what have you done?  Have a little faith and maybe it will all work out for the better.

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[Author’s note: This is why I stopped following Beck.  He needs to be smacked in the head!  Knock off Trump and put Hillary in the White House?  WTF is WRONG with your BRAIN, Beck!?!  I know Trump has greased the palms of Democrats and flip-flops all about trying to attract all the voters he can and I say – so what?  If Trump attracts Obamabots – GOOD!  Obama lured them to himself by pied piping “hope and change” and then delivered unto them a sh*t sandwich he called the “new steak.”  If Trump pulls them back to be America’s patriots rather than being America’s parasites then more power to him!  If he betrays us then we are no worse off than the guaranteed outcome of electing Hillary because we know that Democrats will destroy us.  But if he is for us then we are much better off than we would have been with Cruz.  Ted got shut down by Trump, the GOP, and the media, and a real fighter would not have been.  If he couldn’t beat them then what hope would he have had of advancing the superior conservative ideal?  Trump may not be as big a roll of the dice as you think.  The people who know him personally certainly don’t think so.  Take a chance of making America great again rather than guaranteeing that she fails!]

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7 Responses to Beck believes Trump is a Democrat in Republican’s clothing

  1. Eileen says:

    I have made the same argument to people I know who are arguing which libertarian candidats is better. Yes, I’d prefer someone who values freedom more than Donald Trump does; to me that is seeing the trees instead of the forest. Who cares about economic freedom when in 4 years we won’t have columns like this one or guns? At least, with Trump for all his personal faults that people find so distateful, we will have a political system where liberarians can argue about Trump’s eminent domain instead of sitting there wondering what happened.
    I, for one, prefer a philanderer who has girlfriends while divorced, than Mself described Socialist or someone who takes Saudi money while pretending to be ‘for women’.


  2. Bugfan1 says:

    Someone that values FREEDOM more than Donald Trump does??? I can NOT believe you just posted that in a comment. You are talking about a man that has FUNDED his own campaign. Do you think ANYONE else would have done this??? I can tell you no. No-one else has or has even said they would. Donald Trump loves America. H loves his country, his family and whether you believe it or not; he DEFINITELY cares about WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. He cares about our veterans. He knows we are NOT safe in OUR country. Some STUPID – NO BRAIN people ONLY speak about the parts of Trump’s speeches that fit their OWN agenda. Here’s one HUGE example: People say Trump wants to deport ALL Muslims for good. That’s NOT true. He wants to deport the Muslims that have been in jail or prison and have gotten out only to commit another crime. I say YES YES YES. He wants to STOP all the refugees from coming into OUR country until we have a program in place to help in giving citizenship to the ones that TRULY are in need of help. Because so far ALL the ones Obama said he was allowing in our country that were old women and children have turned out to be young boys and men. These are the ages they learn to fight and the others are the ones that know how and are helping the young ones.

    Trump wants to do away with Obamacare. If you are NOT for him doing that; your insurance must NOT be hurting you like it is the majority of us. Including the doctors. I could go on and on but I won’t. I don’t know whether you are a Christian or not. But if you are; you know we are definitely living in the END times. It’s in the Bible that unless OUR country starts turning back to the LORD than we are DOOMED. I may be wrong like our preacher may be wrong and the majority of Christians in OUR country; but as a Christian I know for a FACT that GOD works through people in so many different ways. This is FACT. But as I was saying; there is such an out-pouring of Christian people that truly believe with everything that’s been going on in this Presidential Election with all the party members fighting amongst each other in the Republican party as well as in the Democratic party; there is TRULY something huge happening in this world that’s so much bigger than we all know. Donald Trump is NOT perfect. He says he is a Christian. And I do know this. Only he and our good LORD know the TRUTH in this.

    So what if GOD is working through Donald Trump in a way to try for the FINAL time to get people together and get our country to turn back to the LORD. I do know people are coming together. I’m not talking about the protesters. I’m talking about all the people young and old that have found common ground to stand on with each other. They are UNIFIED in doing one thing and one thing only. And that’s to “TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK”. The majority of these people (myself included along with my family and friends) TRULY think Donald Trump is the man to help do this. He may NOT be the sweet talking woman’s man & a few other things; but with GOD’S help he could turn out to be a BETTER man than ANYONE ever expected. GOD COULD TURN THIS MAN AROUND WHILE DONALD TRUMP IS HELPING TO TURN OUR COUNTRY AROUND.



    • kris says:

      Ben Carson said he is talking to Trump a lot about a Higher Person working thru him. Trump is amazing already. I trust he will continue to grow. He is still in fight mode. Who else would beat these people? Certainly not these Pius Elites, certainly not this term.


  3. Bruce F. Andrews says:

    All these elite self-righteous anti-Christian, anti-America hypocrites should be, and most likely are, taken with a grain of salt. Trump is the real deal and, in my opinion, is going to make one of the best Presidents America has ever had. There has only been one reporter, or journalist, if you prefer, that has talked about Trumps pragmatism and how good that is for America. Especially now after a total disaster like Berry aka Obama. There is so many things that the next president will have to counter. Just in his first term. This is why only a Bull headed person such as Trump can get the job done. In their first term. Trump, of course, will need 8 years to ferret out all of the damaging things that Berry and his disastrous administration has put into effect. And Berry’s czars have to be included. Trump is very much needed and as such this is why all the elitists on all sides want Trump out of the running. They know it will mean their downfall! There are some very powerful people that want Trump dead. These people are today’s mafia. People such as the Clinton’s.


  4. Karen Thies says:

    Glen Beck has lost it. I went to two rallies in DC and one in Dallas and now I believe it was to further the ambitions of Glen Beck. He is supporting Hillory Clinton because this is part of the Mormon agenda. He is a charlatan. It sounds like the evangelical noise of 4 years ago


  5. Hambone sambone says:

    Trump has several decades of consistent liberalism that proves he’s liberal… Remember right after Benghazi when Trump went on air bragging on how great hilLIARy was? What good people the Clinton’s are and how she got mistreated by media…. Americans have very short memories and that’s why we’re in such trouble…. Cruz argued to the UN to protect us from our guns and speech being controlled by UN… He argued 5 times to the supreme court as well… He didn’t win every case but he filibustered and does NOT compromise…. Unlike Mr “let’s make a deal” do a search for. Trump/Soros connection,,,. Many decades of entanglement… Trump donated to Hillary seven times and endorsed her in her 2008 campaign… Trump endorsed Harry Reid, Nancy palosi and Charlie Rangle,… SHORT American memories will decapitate America…..


    • dustyk103 says:

      Everyone starts out a liberal as I’ve pointed out in many articles. So long as a person comes to understand that liberalism is wrong what difference does it make? Even Reagan started out as a Democrat and made huge mistakes as president. Even if Trump doesn’t lead America as conservatively as Ted what difference does it make if he is more successful than Ted would have been? Would you rather have the guaranteed destruction by Hillary? This country is going down the toilet because conservatives are allowing liberals to win and undermine our national spirit because they want perfection. I don’t need perfection. I need leftists to be stopped and repair this nation’s foundations.


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