Congressional Clowns Display Delusional Dysfunction

Joe Biden said, “I believe that the president is an ‘existential threat’ to this country.  Time and time again on issue after issue, Trump makes the wrong choices.  He’s motivated by the wrong things.  He says, ‘Let’s make America great again.’  Let’s make America ‘America’ again,” and the vacuous fools cheered.  What does that mean?  What do they think America was?

Democrats make the most innocuous, ambiguous, erroneous statements and liberals applaud their ethereal promises.  America under Obama was a declining nation with a stagnant economy and a reduced military losing her lone superpower status to be consumed by a globalist elite.  Is that what they want America to be?  Not the land of the free and home of the brave, but the land of the freeloader and home of the depraved.

Disregard the Fake News! Trump’s Mexico Tariff Threat Worked

Donald Trump made America’s economy boom again.  He has strengthened the military, destroyed the Islamic State, and empowered America against her communist totalitarian enemies.  That’s an “existential threat” to Democrats?  You bet it is because they want Americans dependent on their assistance to survive and make America a smaller part of what they believe would be their global rule.

The media speaks nothing but poison of Trump.  They don’t credit him with this economy that is only booming because he tore up Obama’s regulations that kept the government’s boot on the economy’s throat.  They credit Obama – the guy that shut down American coal so that we became dependent on importing Chinese coal.  On every issue it is Democrats who are not only wrong, they are frauds.  Their congress doesn’t advance issues in the nation to make America great.  They import foreigners illegally and endorse criminals over citizens while they distract their base of dupes with phony scandals.

Liberal dog and pony shows – their three greatest propaganda successes:

  1. Russian collusion
  2. Climate Change is Millennial’s WWII
  3. Republicans are racist Nazis

Each of these represents the most deeply held Democrat beliefs that are nothing but false allegations, misinformation, and twisted lies.  Mueller knew there was no Russian collusion when he took the case to investigate Donald Trump’s entire life and found no crimes whatsoever that he could reveal to Congress.  Now they want to impeach him for being innocent of crimes!  Anyone with good moral sense and an elementary education in science recognizes the Chicken Little campaign over climate change and the false allegations of leftist haters.

And Democrats saying America was never great obfuscates the fact that it has only been Democrats who have never been great even as they paint Republicans with their black brush.  America under Republicans has ever been fighting for liberty both at home and abroad.

America under Democrats has always been fighting for slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws, civil dependency forcing people to rely on government rather than being able to prosper on their own, and duping people into believing righteous Christian morality is the evil of the world.

When Democrats say, “America has never been great,” that’s true – under Democrats.  Democrats have always confiscated wealth, presided over recessions and depressions, weakened the nation militarily and morally.  Democrat’s America is not the America for which Americans have fought for two hundred and fifty years. But their imported Latino-communists and Islamo-nazis would love to unmake the America that stands in the way of all totalitarian dictators.

Democrats have voiced their support of the communist dictators making South America a hellhole.  Obama funded the Muslim Brotherhood to create the Islamic State.  To listen to these petulant frauds blame Republicans for all the ills they themselves have created lowers one’s IQ.  To be one of these dysfunctional fools who believes these frauds is proof of a low IQ/EQ.  Intelligent people who are emotionally mature see through fake news while the gullible become fake news fanatics.

“Fools multiply when wise men are silent.” – Nelson Mandela

This is why Antifa Democrats strive to shutdown conservative speakers.  If they can’t do it with smears and slanders, they’ll use violence.  They know that the less wisdom is heard by the masses the more easily they are misinformed and misled into believing that the righteous are the wicked and vice versa.  Their complete lack of a moral compass comes from a complete lack of education in morality, history, and good sense.

  • Which American political party endorsed slavery?
  • Which American political party endorses communism?
  • Which American political party praised fascism?
  • Which American political party has organized violent groups to riot, assassinate police, and attack free speech?
  • Which American political party constantly elevates themselves as noble and pure even as they perpetrate perversions and crimes against humanity by killing babies, booing God, promoting Islamic Sharia, and enabling criminals to prosper?

If you didn’t answer “the Democrats” to all of these questions, then you are proof that uneducated fools in America have multiplied due to the silencing of the moral majority by the leftwing fake news media.

How do liberals convince themselves that they are patriots when they want to destroy the Constitution and remake America into a socialist banana republic dictatorship?  How do Democrats convince themselves they are Christians when they scorn everything about Christianity, praise atheism and Islam which are the two most anti-Christian faiths, and cheer for killing babies while booing God?  How do leftists live with themselves when they champion the causes of criminals and perverts over the good law-abiding citizens of America?

Liberal’s idea of what America should be is as vague as their morality.  They adhere to lies while casting aspersions on the truth.  Now that Mueller has come up empty, Democrats are continuing their fraud declaring Trump to be a criminal regardless of being proven innocent.  Their intention is only to slander and smear Republicans as the tables are turned on these leftist traitors thanks to AG Barr launching investigations of the investigators.

If President Trump doesn’t prosecute and convict Democrats of attempting a coup through spying and false accusations before the next election, there is a great danger that these investigations into their crimes will be swept away.  If he doesn’t stop Democrat’s ballot harvesting and allows them to flip swing states with illegal votes, he will be unseated and both he and his family will be persecuted into prison.  His presidency to restore the republic will be an utter failure and America will fall.  They said of fascism that it couldn’t happen here, yet we are watching it happen before our very eyes.

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