Florida’s Harvey

Democrats are already predicting Florida will be completely destroyed by Hurricane Dorian.  The storm hasn’t even gotten close to landfall yet and the left is doing their Chicken Little Dance.  The fact is that Dorian, even at Cat 5, cannot cause the devastation on the scale of Harvey or Katrina.  But don’t let that stop leftists from trying to scare the bejeezus out of everyone.

Anyone who understands science knows that Dorian cannot cause catastrophic flooding on the scale of Harvey in Florida or rack up a death toll like Katrina.  Even if the storm ran up Florida’s spine it would be an insurance nightmare, cause coastal storm surge floods, but nothing like Harvey.  Harvey stalled for a week over Texas and all that rain had only one small coast to drain near Houston.  Florida is nothing but coast.  Likewise, Floridians are prepared for hurricanes the way New Orleans never did.

So, don’t buy into Democrat scare tactics.  Like Katrina and Harvey, the government is prepared to send in aid anywhere, including the Bahamas.  Liberals continue to damn President Bush’s Katrina response to this day despite it being immediate.  Democrats to blame for siphoning off money meant to strengthen levies continue to be acclaimed.  This is how backwards liberal thinking remains.

Another question is; with all these models and tracks that are created and altered from day to day, does anyone ever examine to see if any of them are consistently more accurate than the others?  Meteorologists can’t predict weather from hour to hour, yet liberals believe there is science that they can predict the weather in a hundred years – especially when they make opposite conclusions of the seas rising from global warming while the land dries up.

Liberal Climate Science is a Load of Gobbledygook

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