Spooking Liberals with Phony Carbon Science

Here is a video by which liberals swear that conservatives are false on climate change.  The “scientist” in this video gives information that is alternately truthful and erroneous.  Then he takes it a step further declaring lies to be truth.  This is what leftwing media presents to liberals as what conservatives believe to be true science.  No wonder they think we don’t understand.

The truth and falsehoods told by leftist climate scientists.

Let’s take a few of his opening statements to task:

“Carbon is the basis for all life on Earth.”

This is true.  All life on Earth is carbon-based.  Our bodies are 60% water and 18% carbon.  Despite silicon being the most predominate element known, it is carbon that is the building block of all organic molecules.  All living organisms only survive by consuming other organic organisms.  Roughly 96 percent of the mass of the human body is made up of just four elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, with a lot of that in the form of water.  Carbon coats the surface of the Earth.  All animals, plants, on land, in the sea, at the bottom of the ocean is carbon.  Carbon even seeps down into the mantle for a few miles becoming a sludge from which we get oil and natural gas, both are carbon based.  Carbon is the only fuel that burns at low temperatures, i.e. less than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Body Science

“Carbon Dioxide is the source of that carbon for all life on Earth.”

This is patently absurd!  Several of feet of carbon coats the surface of the Earth.  Plants wouldn’t grow in the soil if there wasn’t any carbon in it.  Topsoil is loaded with carbon.  The trace amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere consists of less than .0001% of all carbon on the planet.  CO2 is what plants use to “breath” taking it in and converting it to oxygen as they consume the carbon molecules.  This is necessary for photosynthesis which is what makes plants green.  If it were the case that all life gets its carbon from the atmosphere, then why is there twenty times more oxygen than carbon floating around?  Carbon Dioxide makes up .04% of the atmosphere.  How are living creatures going to develop from that little amount of carbon?

Atmospheric science

If you can’t recognize that his entire spiel about carbon being sucked out of the atmosphere into the oceans creates fossil fuels, you need to stop listening to these hacks because you are too easily duped.  His line about life requiring so many parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or the planet dies is just hooey!  Where does he get that information?  There is no experiment or planet known in which that has happened.  He gets his data from computer models that are programmed by these liars who put garbage in and get garbage out because their hypotheses are garbage.

What’s truly hysterical is that liberals probably miss the line where he says the planet’s CO2 was out balance decreasing to “dangerous levels” and we put it back into the atmosphere with our pollution.  That argues the exact opposite of what liberals have been saying.  By his logic, we need to put more CO2 into the atmosphere, not less.  This person argues against the left’s climate hysteria while at the same time promoting bogus science himself.  Don’t tell people he’s on my side, if he is, because he’s not any good.

The truth of life on this planet is that the planet puts massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere every time a volcano erupts.  Man is unnecessary for keeping the Earth in balance to support life.  Man has no appreciable effect either way.  The fact is we can only affect our immediate environment, not the planetary ecosystem.  Life is not produced by CO2 in the atmosphere, but by all the carbon sitting on the ground that is consumed by plants and animals.

The fact is that fossil fuels are created by vegetation decomposing and some of it seeps down into the earth to be compressed into sludge.  Most stays on the surface where plants grow over and over.  When carbon sinks below the mantle into the magma is from where volcanoes spew it back out.  That’s why volcanic soil is among the most fertile on the planet.  The amount of scientific knowledge that liberals lack to be so completely duped by someone claiming to speak science fact is completely self-destructive.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and lack of knowledge results in choosing what is wrong over what is right.  They cling to this fiction as they declare God to be a fiction leaving their souls empty and desperate for meaning.  They take their cue from the corruption of Catholicism by leftists in the Middle Ages to incur their own sanctimonious drivel and form their own Inquisition.  Environmentalism is atheist’s religion.  They worship Gaia as pagan heathens did and woe to the unbelievers for their rejection of the word will be punished!

“It’s not about protecting the environment.  It’s actually about making everybody feel guilty filling our religious abysses in our souls.  So that you have sin in the form of pollution.  You have redemption and atonement in the form of recycling.  You have the End of Days in the form of global warming.  You can even purchase your own indulgences in the form of carbon tax credits.  It is the leftist’s religion for atheists.” – Michael Knowles

Democrats say they can read the minds of Republicans acting as racist Nazis colluding with Russia.  They say they can predict the future of economic recession and climate Armageddon.  Who believes this crap?  Liberals.  Every minority with an axe to grind formed out of ignorance, hate, and petty greed.  That’s why the leftist’s solution to combatting our “common enemy”, as Bernie says, “climate change,” is to make America weak through taxation and crushing regulations to advance the cause of socialist globalism in the world.  This isn’t about saving the planet.  It’s about empowering the dictatorial elites.

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