Searching for the ‘most qualified’ presidential candidate for 2016

Trump vs. Republicans

If conservatives are pushed out by the GOP and the election ends up another Bush vs. Clinton farce, then I hope Trump does run third party and I’ll vote for him and screw the GOP!

Donald Trump is throwing a monkey wrench into the Republican political process of talking conservative and then wimping out.  While there is a question whether or not Trump is truly conservative, Walker, Cruz, Rubio have proven repeatedly to be the True Blue Christian conservatives that America needs.  But the moderates of the GOP leadership want Bush so they can get their turn to dip their grubby, greedy hands into the public till the way Democrats have for the past eight years.

Democrats have successfully embezzled ten trillion dollars from taxpayers, and the poor fanatic fools who vote for them wonder why their income is going down.  For Trump, after all his years promoting Democrats, to say he is now solidly conservative, but will consider running third party, does not speak well of his potential playing Ross Perot for Hillary.  If Trump is legitimate in his policy stands, he will be in for a war against both liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans.

It remains to be seen who the GOP presidential candidate will be.  If it’s Bush and Trump runs third party, I’ll vote for him and the GOP be damned!  But if it’s Walker or Cruz and he runs third party against them, then he will be revealed to be a Democrat shill running interference for Hillary.

Donald Trump and the Perot Disruption Potentiality

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6 Responses to Searching for the ‘most qualified’ presidential candidate for 2016

  1. radman414 says:

    I hope that Mr. Trump keeps up the pressure to stimulate the conversation. He continues to be a flamboyant and forceful “ECHO” of the public sentiment on many issues important to conservatives; and, he has definitely made the political scene far more interesting. However, I will say, for the record that while Mr. Trump has been a resounding echo of conservative thought recently, his history of political alliances has been ‘mixed.’ There is but one candidate in the race today who has been a consistent VOICE of constitutional conservatism from ‘day 1’, the “anti-Obama” if you will, and that person is Sen. Ted Cruz. I hope that everyone will take the opportunity to study his qualifications to be our 45th POTUS, review his accomplishments and, most importantly, take the time to listen to his message to America. #MakeDCListen #CruzCrew


  2. Arthur W. DiMatteo says:

    Bernard Sanders is clearly the most qualified presidential candidate, a true progressive, and the only one in the field with integrity. I also like Rand Paul but do not think he really has the conviction and the principles that his father demonstrated.


    • radman414 says:

      Arthur, Arthur, Arthur. Sanders is an AVOWED socialist. Do you honestly believe that America can survive another one? We’re already in an $18.3+ TRILLION hole; we DON’T need someone who proposes digging deeper. The old saying about socialism working great…until you run out of other people’s money is operative here, but this quote is a better statement “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.” – Thomas Sowell

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  3. kendall wise says:

    your just as bad as the media, you mention everyone but the strongest candidate outside Trump, like he doesn’t even exist, what is wrong with you people we have the best man running in decades and no one even even says is name, you are all a bunch of fools ! he has the best chance for beating Hillary too, are you all blind ? I like Trump better than all the politicals but he will never get enough of the Hispanic vote or the black vote to win. Carson will easily, and he is running better against Hillary than anyone else, but you’d never know it by listening to the news, if you will listen to what he says really listen you will see what I am talking about.


    • Patty says:

      You do know that he’s very wishy washy on amnesty and guns. He’s flipped on amnesty too many times to count. He would make a great Surgeon General.


  4. Trump/Cruz ticket for 2016! the best!


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