The Trump/Cruz Republican dream ticket


Now that Donald Trump is espousing full conservatism and running roughshod over the media, many are doubting he is as committed as Sen. Ted Cruz.  Ted came to conservatism at a young age and has been a steadfast adherent, while Trump has up till now said he will support Democrats over Republicans.  But the damage done by America’s Divider-in-Chief to the economy and Americanism has fired him up to take action.

Donald Trump has not been known as a conservative most all of his life.  While he has lauded American virtues to which Obama has paid lip service as spoke from the other side of his mouth denigrating, he has supported Democrats over Republicans and believed in liberal media propaganda.  No more, he says, as he now espouses conservatism and acts to take the lead as the Republican candidate for President 2016.

Sen. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has been a steadfast Christian conservative his whole life.  While Trump may be excused his past because he was (and obviously still is) maturing, and because he took some stands as a businessman who didn’t want to be shaken down by Democrats, Ted has butted heads with both the liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans from his first day on Capitol Hill.  Now, between the two of them, they are dominating the Republican race.

Many conservatives distrust The Donald’s conservatism with good cause.  But his success in crushing the liberal media attempts to crush him are undeniable exhibitions of strength that other Republicans, even the most conservative like Ted, have lacked.  The TEA Party is all in behind The Donald and Ted because they are disgusted with Republican Party hacks who keep saying they would stop the Democrat agenda that is destroying America then bending over to join it.

Some Republicans, those who ally with Democrats, have said they would rather vote for Hillary than Trump.  The TEA Party, the Republican base, have been shat upon by the GOP Golden Boy, Jeb Bush, who said he would win without them by making more money than any candidate through rich donors has faded to insignificance.  Donald and Ted stand head and shoulders above them with the trust of the people, but a division due to the character of each.

Both have great strengths and great weaknesses.  Conservatives don’t want a deal maker, but an American juggernaut to crush the liberal agenda to unmake America.  What some see is that together as a team the two could offset each other’s weaknesses and profit from each other’s strengths to become the force that sweeps aside liberals and moderates whose only goal has been to soak the taxpayer and weaken the American citizen.

America has come upon desperate times that call for desperate measures.  If we don’t unite to overcome the liberal socialists of the DNC and the moderate money grubbers of the GOP then America will face the end of its existence.  And that end will be assured if we do not install a president and Congress that have the strength and determination to unmake all the Democrats have wrought.  Obama is busy installing his minions in position whereby they can block Republican works to repair and restore the nation, and we need leaders who will rip liberal socialist leftists out by the roots!

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