Obama SOTU: Republicans listen to Democrat’s advice on how to pander


In Obamaville all is rainbows and lollypops.

Thanks to Obama;

  • Syrian Moslems associated with ISIS are coming to America, while America’s are shouting to destroy the Jihad.
  • Illegal immigrants are being given citizen’s rights, while blacks are being left to stand in longer welfare and unemployment lines.
  • Criminals are assassinating cops and calling for police to be disbanded, while citizens are being forced to arm themselves.
  • Global warming advocates are choking American energy and industry, while small businesses are begging for the people to take the government boot off their necks.

And according to Obama America is all rainbows and lollypops.  The economy is booming, America is strong, and the world is at our feet.  Even the liberal media are questioning what planet Obama is on.

The two responses to the SOTU, one by the GOP and one by the TEA Party, are at complete odds with one another.  Where the TEA Party condemns Obama’s accomplishments in diminishing America over the last seven years, the GOP joined with Democrats to condemn the TEA Party.  They went so far as to chastise the citizenry for supporting the two front runners for president, Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Rush Limbaugh explains WTF is WRONG with the GOP Elite’s brains:

“The Democrats get to define what the Republican Party is and isn’t, and the Democrat and their allies in media get to tell the Republican Party what they need to do to fix their problems, and the Republican Party buys into it 100%.  And they don’t understand why a perceived outsider is wiping the floor with every other Republican! They don’t understand it.  It’s right in front of their face.”

What Nikki Haley’s SOTU response speech means

If any two candidates should join forces it is Trump and Cruz, both of whom stand as outsiders espousing fully conservative principles and ideals to stop the Obama Democrat destruction of America and restore this nation.  The damage done by Democrats in the last ten years is profound and will take more than one term in office to even begin to reverse.  The National Debt alone puts the people so deep in the hole that it’s hard to see daylight, let alone all of the apparatus and personnel Obama and his minions have put in place to gum up the work of repair.

Americans don’t want, and have not voted for any Republican who campaigned that they would work with Democrats, but those who said they would work to stop Democrats.  But the D.C. elites have made it impossible for them to function because they are subservient to the Democrat media.  If Trump/Cruz isn’t the ticket for 2016 then don’t expect the decline of America to stop in your lifetime as they are the only ones who are willing to stand against the Washington elites who believe they are rulers and not servants of the people.

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1 Response to Obama SOTU: Republicans listen to Democrat’s advice on how to pander

  1. guidvce4 says:

    I’m thinking(hoping?) Trump and Cruz join forces to take on the dems, rinos and their media. I think that would be the perfect ticket to destroy the leftist apparatus foisted upon us by the current crop of jackwagons in DC.
    To rid the government of the idiots in the various agencies appointed by the left, I’d just nullify every appointment the oblamo made since he has been in office. And, then, go after the rest who were hired over the years and have not done their jobs. Like in the FEC, IRS, etc. Come to think of it, just close down most of the alpha agencies which are not absolutely necessary and Constitutioal.
    Just my idea of a perfect storm for cleaning up the pollution which has become DC.

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