Republican Frustration is Well Founded

Republican voters are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of President Trump’s actions against Democrats.  Making America great and keeping her great isn’t just about removing Democrat roadblocks to the economy.  It’s about stopping them from oppressing the people.  It’s about stopping their propaganda.  It’s about holding them to account for their spying, their lying, and their attempted coup.  President Trump vows,

“America will never be a socialist country”

And we hope and pray he means it!  But it will happen if Democrats are allowed to continue to run rampant.

  • Why have no Democrats been charged in the FISA warrant scam?
  • Why have no Democrats been charged with attempting this coup?
  • Why is nothing being done about voter fraud?
  • Why are there still tens of thousands of illegal aliens invading each month?
  • Why are Mexican Drug Lords allowed to operate on our borders?
  • Why hasn’t the border been closed?
  • Why hasn’t Antifa been declared a terrorist group?
  • Why are Antifa thugs being allowed to continue running around terrorizing Republicans at rallies?
  • Why are Democrats not being exposed for their scandals?
  • Why is Obama still saying his administration didn’t have the least hint of scandal?

Jeff Sessions sat on his thumbs and twirled for two years when he should have been investigating all this and filing charges to bring Democrats to justice.  Instead, we had dozens of Republicans jump ship in the midterms.  Some of them were also staunch conservative voices.  Why did they go?  Were they forced out by the swamp, or were they undercover agents of the swamp?  Democrats use it as an excuse to say they were all ashamed of Trump.  That’s the same as Democrats whose Congress nuked the economy in 2008 blaming George Bush.

Rush says to be patient as Barr gathers evidence, but don’t expect that anyone will go to prison.  It doesn’t matter if Barr builds the foolproof case.  Democrats will still slander it as conspiracy theories and corruption.  Meanwhile, Democrats have been using the department of justice to persecute Americans.  General Flynn has been bankrupted and destroyed.  Paul Manafort is still being held in the dungeon.  Christian businesses have been persecuted and crushed.  What Democrat have paid the price for their corruption?

If these people are not brought to justice, then America will eventually be lost.  So long as there are people who are ignorant and gullible, they will always be willing to support someone who lies to them as well as Obama, America’s Moslem communist president, did to dupe them into hanging themselves.  There are people who believe that Trump and his children are 10 times more corrupt than Biden and his!  They believe it because they are told to believe it, not because there is actual evidence, but because they’re convinced of facts they can’t possibly understand.  These people are so dense they don’t even understand that politicians write tax breaks into the tax code for their rich donor friends, and when the other side starts using them, they call them “loopholes” as if their political opposition are shadily evading taxes.

Rush points out that Trump plays the media like a Stradivarius making them expose Biden’s corruption even as they strive to cover it up.  Republican voters worry that he may be greater than Sessions at playing us.  What’s the point of electing these Republicans if half of them are going to just turn on us and join with the Democrats?  We believe in our hearts that Donald Trump says what he means and is striving to do good for this country.  But if America ends up becoming a socialist country because he didn’t do enough, then we will feel as betrayed as if he turned Democrat, as if he were just another Jeff Sessions who played us for fools!

Calling Pelosi’s impeachment bluff is not enough.  Americans require justice!  Americans require equal treatment under the law.  Why are all these Republicans in prison for corruption that they didn’t commit?  Scooter Libby was imprisoned for outing Valerie Plame from the CIA when it was Richard Armitage who did it. Manafort was put in solitary for objecting to being smeared by the judge as covering up Trump’s collusion crimes that don’t exist.  President Trump fights back against Democrat attacks.  He needs to take the fight into the Democrat camp.

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1 Response to Republican Frustration is Well Founded

  1. Roy says:

    The president exposed the swamp but has an almost insurmountable job to clean it up by himself. The Freedom Caucus is a help but sleepy Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney are no help. There’s still too many Leftist judges and a corrupt news media. Only the electorate supporting Trump can put America back together again.

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