Democrat’s War on Trump lost in the swamp

drain-the-swamp democrat-swamp

Democrats are trying to figure out why they lost and how they can win back their control over the country.  American patriots are even more proud of their country and proud of their president once again!

As predicted the Democratic Nazi Communists launched their war on Trump, Republicans, conservatives, Christians, and American patriots before Trump’s inauguration had even begun.

  • Schumer strives to delay Trump’s Cabinet.
  • Snowflakes meltdown.
  • Obamaites riot.
  • Feminazis protest.
  • Media diminishes attendance.
  • Celebrities say stupid things.
  • Bill Maher goes off the cliff.
  • Colbert turns into a putz, oh wait.

The DNC front runners for leading to be the new chairman of the Democrat Party include a black racist, an Islamist, and a white woman whose reverse racism and hatred for other whites is so demented that she even condemns her fellow Democrats as being the products of white privilege who won’t bow to minorities of color.  If she hates her own people this much just imagine what she thinks of Republicans?  The party of the KKK is becoming the party of the Black Panthers and their white b*tches.  It is a galactic joke that these two can exist side-by-side, but that’s what leftists do just like Nazis and Communists.  Both want ultimate power and will ally until they have the opportunity to go at each other’s throats for dominance just like organized crime families.

“My job will be to shut other white people down when they say, ‘Oh, no, I’m not prejudiced, I’m a Democrat.’” – Sally Boynton Brown

DNC chair candidates bash white people

Democrats have become the party of America-haters, of anti-Christians, of racists against whites and the people who founded America.  They have become the party of the enemies of America.  Democrats have become the enemies of America that they seek to overthrow and dominate.  They are choosing every petty, minority group with a grievance and making them out to be victims of America, capitalism, Republicans, Christianity, the Right, and white people, and offering to be their champions.  Once they gain their support they do what they have always done – take their money and blame Americans for the lack of improvement in their lives.  None of them is ever encouraged to get educated and go to work to live better, only to be ignorant parasites.

The New Democrat Party – Deadbeat Nazi Communists

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism – Right vs. Left

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