How Obama is orchestrating a Democrat Coup attempt

Obama is attempting to paralyze and overthrow the Trump administration.  The Leftwing media that declared Trump insane for declaring that Obama illegally wiretapped his campaign is now in full damage control mode.  They have confirmed that they are not journalists, but Democrat propagandists, saying they will “shut down” Trump’s investigation rather than investigate for themselves.  Why?  Because they already know it’s true.

Leftwing is media running story after story that President Trump colluded with Putin to alter the outcome of the election.  Democrats know it is not possible, but they insist on incriminating every Republican that ever spoke with a Russian as if they committed treason.  These false accusations are the basis of every attack on Trump administration officials.  The resignation of Gen. Flynn and recusal of AG Sessions are two of the greatest strategic errors by the Trump team.

Two things become perfectly clear from this;

  1. Trump and his administration must learn quickly to never, never, NEVER give Democrats an inch or they just use it to validate their lies!
  2. That Obama & Co. are instigating a silent coup attempting to delegitimize the election through backstabbing, cover-ups, and media propaganda in order to convince the people that he should oust Trump and install Hillary.

Obama’s plausible deniability ordering wiretapping by parsing words

We’re living in dangerous times and Trump is the target

Rush 3/6 – Obama orchestrating a coup

Rush 3/3 – Democrat corruption is ruling

When President Trump tipped his hand that he knows Obama illegally, unethically, and treacherously wiretapped his campaign, all leftwing media immediately said it is not possible and that Trump is insane.  Richard Nixon not only proved that it is very possible, but that covering up his crimes is what a lawless president would do.  Obama has spent eight years running roughshod over the Constitution saying he does not have to uphold certain laws such as;

  • Immigration and border control.
  • IRS racketeering against TEA Party and for leftwing groups.
  • And apparently illegal espionage on Americans including his political opponents and everyone involved with Donald Trump.

NYT reporter contradicts self about wiretaps on Trump Campaign

No Democrat denied that the Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks were true.  Instead they say the Russian’s had done the hacking and are trying to implicate the Trump administration as colluding with them.  No Democrat is claiming the Russians actually changed votes in the election, but they are attempting to smear President Trump by slandering his people as being Russian puppets.  Now no Democrat is saying the Trump Campaign wasn’t wiretapped.  They have already convicted themselves by leaking classified information and revealing that their source was an illegal wiretap by Obama’s people.  Obama saying he didn’t personally order the tap does not absolve him in the either the commission of the crime or the cover-up.  Nixon didn’t personally order the Democrat’s Watergate offices to be bugged, but he participated in the cover-up and would have been convicted on both counts though it was never brought to trial.  His impeachment by a Democrat Congress was a certainty, and unlike Bill Clinton, when he was caught lying under oath he did the decent thing and stepped down to avoid sullying the Office of the President.

Obama is a whole other animal who openly violated many of the laws of the United States and his Oath of Office.  He also acted surreptitiously by placing people like Lois Lerner in the IRS to do his will without needing written instructions.  Lerner, who was ousted for illegally denying the TEA Party groups tax exempt status, while fast tracking leftwing groups, was just one instance of his lawless violations.  The multitude of operatives he has embedded throughout the Washington bureaucracy has committed a thousand violations in order to undermine and sabotage Republicans and the Trump administration.

AG Sessions needs to get his act together and rescind his recusal so he can deeply investigate Obama’s wiretapping and undercover operatives.  He also needs to delve deeply into Obama’s Russian connections to explain why he and Hillary gave Putin 20% of America’s Uranium reserves and gave removed sanctions on Iran.  Likewise, he must also dig deep into voter fraud that Democrats claim they don’t commit but that Republicans do.  If you’re going to drain the swamp you have to get under the muck that is the Democrat Party and root out the corruption that didn’t begin with Obama, but will surely end with him.

“Proof” of Trump’s Russian Involvement Backfires on Liberals to Expose Obama Crimes!

Trump’s ‘War on the Media’ the fakest of fake news

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5 Responses to How Obama is orchestrating a Democrat Coup attempt

  1. EIleen says:

    The goal now is less about the President’s alleged ties with Russia than it is about provoking Russian President Putin. Putin came out and warned the US media to start telling the truth. If they don’t back off, I am not sure what Putin will do. However, without clearing out the MSM, it would be impossible to go after former President Obama as the MSM will paint the President as a third world dictator, totally ignoring that we became one when Obama said I have a pen and phone and will make my own laws. Although it appears that the President is giving the Democrats an inch, it is also true that the Democrats, in taking advantage of these “weaknesses” are digging themselves deeper into the hole that they started when they robbed Bernie Sanders of the nomination.

    Notice that the Democrats in Congress has started backing off in their opposition to the President’s Cabinet appointees. So, the President’s strategy may be paying off.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I’m beginning to wonder if all that is happening is part of the Trump team’s strategy to give Obama and the Democrats all the rope they need to hang themselves?


  2. billie says:

    Interesting you should mention Nixon. Tricky Dick was Rockefeller’s stooge and following the NWO party line… until he started imposing tariffs that would actually save American jobs; a huge non-starter with the Rocks and Rothschilds who wanted “free trade” for multinationals to reap staggering profits. We don’t know if Watergate happened and was used or if the whole thing was a set-up, but the Rocks were getting Nixon out of there. The movie portraying Woodward and Bernstein as “cub reporters” discovering all of this is laughable. Those boys were led to every “clue” and, as Nixon left the WH for the last time, he is reported to have said, “I’m not going to end up like John Kennedy”.

    I think the bottom line…and the next step for Trump… is someone has to be arrested and effectively prosecuted for their illegal activities. There has been too much chin-wagging and not enough action. It’s time. Without that, I think it’s all just more theater for the Sheeple.


  3. Once Written says:

    Drain the fucking swamp!


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