America at War – Enemies Both Foreign and Domestic

Biden’s “presidential plans for Covid relief” from his shadow government – Blame Trump! This is not helping the nation but dividing and disrupting the nation. Usurping leadership is not acting for the country but against the country. Biden and Democrats have taken no actions to benefit Americans but are blocking Republicans in Congress from doing so as they whine and corrupt the news. Twisting words and meanings with through their propaganda wing of media is not fighting America’s enemies, but aiding them. They report Trump as breeding misinformation through their own misinformation campaign.

If you say anything else about the origin of the virus being from the Chicoms, or that deaths may have been artificially inflated by leftist Democrat doctors, or that reopening the economy is necessary for America’s survival, then you are, in the eyes of liberals, a racist conspiracy kook. The Democrat Party is not working with the President in this crisis but using every opportunity to undermine him. Their liberal dupes cannot reason through their propaganda static because they don’t listen to Trump. They only listen to what Democrats say about him.

So, what plans did “President Biden” put forth? Here is what he proposed as America’s solution to the Coronavirus:

  1. Blame Trump
  2. Smear Republicans
  3. Slander Conservatives
  4. Repeat as necessary

The Chicoms who unleashed this pandemic on the world critically miscalculated. If they did this in revenge for President Trump forcing them into fair trade, they are going to suffer the consequences. Democrats, who tell us every day who they are with their blame and greed, are likewise being exposed as, not only unreliable, but treacherous. All Biden proves is that he is a doddering, little old man trying to stand in Trump’s shadow.

What We Know

  • This virus originated at the Chicom’s bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, China in November or December of 2019. If you say this instead of declaring the virus is from a Chinese “wet market,” then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • As the mortality of this virus became evident, China closed down Wuhan, suspended all flights from there throughout China, but did not suspend international flights from Wuhan. If you say this is a clear case of Chinese guilt in spreading this to the world, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • The president of W.H.O. declared that there was no danger of human to human transmission of this virus. If you don’t believe he was right, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • President Trump took action in January to restrict flights from China while he was being impeached by Democrats and they called him a racist saying he should not be doing so. If you suggest that Democrats were acting in league with China, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • In February, American doctors, even Dr. Fauci, and Democrats were still declaring that there was no danger from this virus inviting people to attend large group events. If you don’t believe that Democrats were acting in the best interests of America, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • In March, President Trump shut down the economy to quarantine people away from the Coronavirus. If you don’t believe that this was the idea of Democrats, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • Democrat Gov. Cuomo of New York screamed that Trump wasn’t giving him enough ventilators after several thousand were delivered declaring he needed forty thousand. If you point out that NYC didn’t use more than 5,000 ventilators, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • In April, the president announced plans for reopening the economy by stages in cooperation with governors who know what their states need. If you don’t demand that the economy stay closed until a vaccine is available for this virus in a year or two from now, then you are not only a racist conspiracy kook, but you want people to die so Wall Street can make money.
  • Most Democrats, and many RINOs, were discovered to have committed insider trading on Wall Street right before news became public of the quarantine shutting down the economy to make millions. If you say this rather than claim that Trump would profit from selling Coronavirus treatments, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • China has reopened the Wuhan wet markets where they claim this virus originated while their economy is going gangbusters as the rest of the world is suffering in quarantine. If you suggest that this is proof they knew damn well what they did and from where that virus was unleashed, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • For the remainder of the 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden plans on “leading the nation from his ‘shadow government’” until he can be officially sworn into office. If you still vote Republican, then you are a racist conspiracy kook who is obviously hateful and insane, and therefore someone whose vote should not be counted.
  • If you believe that Democrats want mail-in ballots so they can commit massive voter fraud to steal the election by eliminating voter ID, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • If you don’t believe every slander and slur that the Democrat propagandists say about Trump, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • If you don’t believe that America is the source of all evil on the planet, that Americans are destroying the planet, or that capitalism is the evil of greed and socialism is the great benevolent ideology of the world, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • If you don’t believe that this disaster was brought about by Trump’s poor diplomacy and ruthless greed running the economy rather than by leftist’s hate and greed, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • If you don’t believe that Democrats wanting virus rescue money to institute the Green New Deal, to finance Democrat’s high tax states, and that shutting down American energy would be beneficial to the country, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.
  • If you don’t believe that Trump is Hitler reborn, that conservatives are Nazis, and that Republicans are the KKK, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.

Good moral sense beats not so common sense

Anyone who doesn’t agree with backwards liberal thinking, doesn’t suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, or refuses to give in to Democrat’s demands is a racist conspiracy kook in their minds. This delusion has resulted in many Democrat governors believe they can make dictates as “emergency measures.” A word on protests. As expected, Democrat governors are using the opportunity of this pandemic to impose their socialism on their states. Why shouldn’t they, they think? We are now living under actual socialist rules. The people are forced to obey and suffer, twenty-two million have lost their jobs and told to wait for government aid, while those in government are still getting their paychecks. Let them suffer privations and they wouldn’t last a day.

We see the effect of socialism on greedy, self-serving liberals who ran to stores to empty out toilet paper. This epidemic may only have killed a few tens of thousands, but the mortality rate, even in the great USA, is over 5%! So, doing all they could to mitigate this was a wise move by President Trump. But these Democrats are going far beyond this by trying to abrogate American’s rights. Virginia’s dictator is trying to use this as an excuse to seize guns. Pelosi and Schumer are using this to try to extort the people into accepting their Green New Deal to allow Democrats to steal the people’s prosperity. Shutting down beaches and outdoor church services where you can’t catch viruses is proof of their tyranny. The bogus excuse of “saving the planet” doesn’t fly in the face of poverty and plague.

America is in crisis and at the greatest crossroads of her existence. Democrats are using this opportunity to violate the people’s Constitutional rights. If Democrat governors can force their states into mailing in ballots for this next election, they can stuff the ballot box for themselves to steal power. No doubt they are already filling their closets and car trunks with millions of ballots. If President Trump doesn’t issue an executive order to force all polling places to require ID and allow only citizens to vote, and that only votes counted by Election Day qualify, then he will not be re-elected. Democrats would count whatever they need to overturn every state they can. He needs ICE and federal agents at every polling station to ensure that the election is done right. Let the Democrats scream racism till their lungs explode. Patriots would happily suppress every illegal vote Democrats would cast. Americans deserve an honest government, not a socialist dictatorship let by the Democrat Politburo.

Democrats Hope Corona Can Do What Mueller and Schiff Failed to Do

Pelosi interview blames Trump and supporters as not believing in science rewrites history for her oblivious liberal base

[Author’s Note: It should be noted that in January President Trump said his team had any viral outbreak under control as he closed transportation from China. It was in the month of February that Democrats were saying his claims were a hoax, racist, and urged people to congregate. Pelosi urged people to come to Chinatown, and New Orleans’ mayor said there was no danger at Mardi Gras. Now they smear Trump as being unprepared while painting themselves as sounding the alarm. Most of the virus that came to America, however, came from Europe that the Chinese also infected. Now Democrats say Republicans blaming China is racist trying to deflect from Democrats laying blame on Trump.

Democrats are using virus rescue bills to force their agenda down American’s throats and crush the economy that Trump rescued from Obamaism. Any online timeline is suspect as Democrats omit his correct actions. That he thought he had everything under control is rendered moot by Democrat’s philandering declaring there was no danger. Pelosi is sitting fat and happy with her ultra-gourmet ice cream in San Francisco while 3.5 million business owners beg for Washington to give them relief. The first half trillion dollars all went to the first 1.5 million applicants. Democrats care nothing for helping anyone unless they can seize power to bring back Obama’s socialism permanently.

It remains to be seen if this is just a huge hoax with death rates artificially inflated by leftists. Democrat states like NY are telling Trump that they need federal aid to meet their budgets. Bullsh*t! This is Cuomo trying to take advantage of the situation to bail out his state’s high taxes and the income they’ve been losing. Removing blue state deductions of their high state taxes from federal taxes so they paid less nationally is how Trump levelled the field for red states that don’t tax their citizens to death. Democrats are fielding a thousand lies at a time through which Trump must wade daily. President Trump had better wage war on them if he plans on saving us.]

Pelosi in February urging people to gather in Chinatown saying virus is not dangerousn

There Are People Who Want the Economic Destruction to Continue

All the Coronavirus Taboos You Can’t Talk About

We’re Heading for a Self-Inflicted Great Depression

Get Ready: Democrats Will Say Republicans Value Money Over Lives

As the nation devolves into leftism, dumb liberals flee from the states of socialist dictatorship ruled by Democrats for whom they voted to seek refuge in Republican states where they again stupidly vote for Democrats to take control and make them slaves. All that President Trump has accomplished in just three years of undoing Obamaism to bring manufacturing back to the USA, to create a growing and robust economy has been crushed in just three weeks. Globalist Democrats who work with China believe this proves that they are great, and that Trump is fake, that they tell the truth and that Trump is a fraud. And if you don’t believe that, then you are a racist conspiracy kook.

Democrats lie, cheat, and steal to benefit from Coronavirus ignorance

April 19, 1775 – The Shot Heard Round the World

ADDENDUM: This plague is one of three things:

  • An accident that Democrats are using to blame Trump as incompetent.
  • A deliberate attack by Red China in revenge for Trump’s trade equalization.
  • Or a terror attack by a rogue Chicom that the Chinese communist government and the Democrats are covering up so they can blame Trump.

However it originated, this is being used to assist Democrats in portraying Trump as “orange man bad, communism good” to their oblivious base of lemmings. The questions that need to be answered are; what is the true mortality rate of this virus? Is it truly so virulent as to make this shutdown necessary? There are studies coming out that are saying the true death rate of this virus is akin to the flu in the entire population rather than 5%-10%. There are those who say leftists are using false factors to inflate deaths such as saying any death with Covid was caused by it rather than by pneumonia or heart attacks. There’s the possibility that using the ventilators is killing most of them, or that the worst of unscrupulous leftist Democrat doctors suffering from TDS are actually killing people.  Or was this shutdown necessary and right?

Democrats love saying that Trump doesn’t believe in science or listen to his scientists and doctors. Yet Dr. Fauci and others have been right there with him all along. Fauci has been in D.C. for 25 years. What’s to say he’s not a swamp rat that engineered all this by putting fears of mass death in Trump’s ear? He was one of those who originally said as late as February that this virus was not dangerous. He’s the one on whose suggestion Trump closed the economy. Now he’s saying that we shouldn’t reopen until the virus is eradicated. This sounds just like Pelosi who won’t give any businesses more financial aid while she sits in Frisco eating gourmet ice cream unless they bow to her will. This could all be the Democrats inflating the danger as they inflated their need for ventilators by a factor of ten!

Democrats are using this crisis to distract the nation from Joe Biden’s senility to get him elected, put Michelle Obama in position to be his VP, and give us eight more years of Obamaism! To think that this couldn’t happen because Obama had no coattails in 2016 and 2018 is to underestimate idol worship by stupid people. It’s a real possibility to corrupt and conquer America from within. Democrats would love nothing less than to be able to rape America so completely that their corrupt her into a communist Islamist dictatorship. That’s why I believe voter fraud is the single most important element that Trump must crush before the election. How many Obamaites would turn out in droves to vote multiple times to reinstate their messiah?

Ingraham 4-20

Rush 4-20

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  1. Roy says:

    Democrat’s can look you and the camera straight in the eye and tell you a lie without flinching. They have raised lying to an art form. How gullible can one be? Just ask CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NYT, WAPO, LA Times, RT – they know that propaganda works with their unquestioning audience.


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