Democrat’s Impeachment Forever

President Donald J. Trump may go down in history as the only president to be impeached more than once.  No president has ever been convicted and removed from office, but Democrats are bound and determined to see their Trump Derangement Syndrome of rabid hate carried out to the end of Trump’s presidency.  The Founders warned that impeachment is a critical process only to remove president’s who have betrayed their office by committing high crimes (felonies) or taking bribes from foreign countries (not making them) or working with a foreign enemy (like Obama funding the Muslim Brotherhood with taxpayer dollars to create ISIS).  As with all things liberal, their backwards thinking in declaring Trump guilty until proven innocent does not qualify as proof of anything.  Democrat’s slandering the president as a traitor and criminal, while denying him any defense in the House, then declaring they want a “fair trial” for their prosecution in the Senate to further persecute him is all completely backwards of how Constitutional jurisprudence operates.  Their “prayerful” imposition of their convictions holds as much water as their testimonies to God.

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How many times would Democrats like to impeach President Trump?  How about an impeachment every month?  How about once a week?  How about every day?  Democrats can impeach Trump for the umpteenth time, and it won’t make a whit of difference to patriots who love this country for whom he is doing great things.  Democrats have been trying to sabotage the election of President Trump and undermine the nation since he came down the escalator of Trump Tower.  From FISA spying to subverting electors to the Mueller investigation to the Ukraine phone call to their articles of impeachment; Democrats have done nothing for the benefit of this nation, only for the benefit of themselves.

Democrats are importing millions of illegal aliens to pack their states demanding they be counted in the census, demand they be given the vote, and pardon felons to give voting rights to those who forcibly took away the rights of others in order to give themselves the national majority.  Nothing Democrats have done in the past 10 years and more has been about benefiting America, but about empowering themselves to take America’s wealth by shaking down businesses while smearing Christianity.

Obama’s blame America first ideology, cursing Americans as the world’s thieves, embracing every perverted anti-Christian ideology while persecuting Christians, and telling people that the economy he crushed is the new normal because of their claims that American prosperity is what is destroying the entire planet is every big lie Democrats can form.  Liberals believing in Democrats are as deluded, as duped, and as dumb as Hansel and Gretel.  America can only hope that they see through the witch’s (Democrats) schemes attempting to dupe them into giving up their freedom, their prosperity, and their rights and shove them into the oven of political lies to be burned out of existence.

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This site is my opinion only and is unpaid. I am a retired Paramedic/Firefighter with 25 years of service in the City of Dallas Fire Dept. I have a B.A. degree in Journalism, and A.A. degrees in Military Science and History. I have spent my life studying military history, world history, American history, science, current events, and politics making me a qualified PhD, Senior Fellow of the Limbaugh Institute, and tenured Professor Emeritus for Advanced Conservative Studies. 😄 It is my hope that readers can gain some knowledge and wisdom from my articles.
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3 Responses to Democrat’s Impeachment Forever

  1. Bob Green says:

    Another good article that I will be sharing!

    Some thoughts…This impeachment process was NEVER ABOUT ACTUALLY REMOVING the President from office. It was always about mortally wounding him and Republicans in Congress going into the 2020 elections. Call it Kavanaugh 2.0; it has always been the Democrats’ intention to ‘Kavanaugh’ President Donald J. Trump! And every single day that a Senate Impeachment trial goes on plays right into the very dirty hands of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, et. al. We must NOT give them the satisfaction of being able to drag this c-r-a-p out until next November. SHUT IT DOWN! Dismiss the case with prejudice and move on!

    When a constitutional scholar with the gravitas of Alan Dershowitz speaks, everyone should pay close attention:

    “I believe that the Senate need not wait for articles of impeachment to be transmitted. Senators are empowered by the constitution to begin a trial now — with or without further action by the House. Just as the House has the “sole power of impeachment,” so too the Senate has the “sole power to try all impeachments.”

    More from Rush: “Don’t fall for any of this (the Democrats’ disingenuous demands for “fairness” in the Senate trial), ‘cause it’s nothing but a phony and corrupt effort to turn the Senate trial into a never-ending television commercial in which they would get to air every grievance they have about Donald Trump because they’re frustrated that they haven’t gotten that message out.” “It’s gonna become the ongoing, daily campaign event for 2020, and it will be on television every day.”

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  2. johchi7 says:

    I don’t see the authors name in any of LBWT articles, but, my hat is off and a sweeping bow to whomever you are for this well worded article.

    When Romney was running against Obama on Huffington Post, I coined the phrase “Liberal Logic” to indicate how reversed their ideas are to reality, that someone took and created a meme out of it.

    The Democratic Party isn’t hiding their Marxism anymore since Obama became president. I’ve been calling them “The New Socialist Party” for the past 5 years or more because everything they’re saying and doing is Leftist ideologies. History backs that up going back to President Woodrow Wilson creating the Federal Reserve and starting the Individual Income Tax on the rich that’s become the inequality graduated tax bracket system we’ve had since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” that economist say brought Economic Fascism to America. People are not aware that during FDR’s time we had American Socialist Party’s, American Communist Party’s and American Media hid the fact those disbanded when they joined the “Democratic Party” with saying things like “… the Democratic Party is doing what we were wanting…” the American Fascist never started a party to my understanding, but the democrats were all aligned with the European Fascist Movement of “Forward” and “Fundamental Transformation” – that Obama adopted later. You can’t even hide the Marxism of Lyndon B. Johnson in “The Great Society” theme that created so many Federal Government Departments designed as wealth distribution and Economic Fascism in itself caused a massive “Fundamental Transformation” of our schools into “Institutions of Indoctrination” (that I coined in 2014) starting in our elementary schools to our. Universities and Colleges as the Federal Board of Education was created to divide the wealth through more taxes distribution.

    Few people understand that during “The New Deal” and “The Great Society” the “Democratic Party” and Obama’s first 2 years in his first term, held the supermajority and the majority just shy of a supermajority of all three branches the Executive, Legislative and Judicial of the Federal Government. This meant they could pass anything they wanted with very little opposition from Republicans in Congress or the Judiciary.

    So how did the “Democratic Party” get so powerful? The short answer is “Psychological Manipulation.” The historical evidence is that Marxism came to America in the middle 1800s into our Institutions of Higher Learning where the majority of our politicians come from. You can literally recognize the changes in politics in America going back to the end of the Civil War. More and more the political ideologies changed toward the Federal Government helping the population through offerings of programs of assistance. It was a form of buying votes by campaign promises that the ignorance of the population hurting from events like WWI, the Stock Market Crash, The Great Depression and WWII that caused economic disruptions and people needed help so badly they sold their souls and freedoms to whomever offered them relief. Seriously, if you can vote for someone to give you financial aid is a powerful manipulation of your physiological state of mind. This ideology of Psychological Manipulation is something the “Democratic Party” became master’s of like puppeteers pulling on emotional strings that became “Identity Politics” for every minority fractions of the population for “Equality” using the Government as a weapon against oppression. Think about how “The Women’s Suffrage” movement changed America and was a “Identity Politics” the Republican Party took in to champion that got them a large voting block that was equal to when Republicans created the 13th thru 15th Amendments giving blacks their equal rights to whites. That the “Democratic Party” created the KKK Terrorists Group to harass and intemidate the blacks, Jewish and anyone white that showed any liking to them. They created “Jim Crow Laws” in the defunct Confederate State’s that had segregation going against the Constitution until LBJ reversed the “Democratic Party” stance in the “Civil Rights Movement” freeing the criminal MLK – whom was guilty – from jail, giving the false impression that blacks can now vote – when the Republican did that after they passed the 13th thru 15th Amendments – and they allowed blacks their already Constitutional Rights to Government Assistance Programs, expanded Planned Parenthood into more minorities districts – to expand Margaret Sangers’ euthanasia ideologies – and created the Affirmative Action that passed with a majority Democratic Congress in Nixon’s Administration that all bought Democrats the majority of black voter’s. Add the “Gay Rights Movement” to the “Identity Politics” and the 27th Amendment lowering the voting age from 21 to 18 years old too, that got Democrats vast voting blocks through “Psychological Manipulation.” But it didn’t stop there. The “Democratic Party” is all about “Identity Politics” and Obama’s DACA created another voting block and then the “Open Borders” ideologies created another voting block. But Republicans got some too through the “TEA Party” starting in Bush 43s Administration and the newer attack on Gun Rights from Democrats pushed a lot of Democrats to the Republican Party.

    But nothing compares to what President Trump has done for the Republican Party bringing people from every race, sexual preferences, political ideologies, economic statuses and religious ideologies to the largest voter block increase since the Republican Party began before the Civil War. The New Socialist Party has been very effectively killing the old “Democratic Party” as people are abandoning them in mass. It’s a combination of how far Left this Socialist Party is going towards Globalization on Open Borders, Environmental Extremism, Identity Politics and the Trump Derangement Syndrome for Impeachment that along with the policies President Trump has created brought America to being Great Again economically that has brought every walk of life into the Republican Party. Literally nobody has garnered the massive turnouts to every Trump Campaign Rally that he has consistently had.

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    • dustyk103 says:

      Thank you, Johchi, I hope you enjoy my articles. There’s no author listed on each article because they are all mine. This is my blog. I’ve been writing here for a few years after canned me and deleted the thousand articles I had written for them. I saw no purpose in writing for someone else who had the power to censor anything I’ve written for whatever petty reason they felt like. I wrote for for a couple of years, but they sold to another publication. I don’t get paid for this or make money from advertisements. I just try teach those who don’t understand what is happening in their government in the hopes that they make intelligent, informed, moral decisions rather than get led around by the nose by Democrats pulling the wool over their eyes. I’m glad you know so much of your history. I’d be cautious about claiming credit for coining terms, though. Rush Limbaugh has been calling our schools institutes of indoctrination for over twenty years. 😉 I’ve coined a couple of terms myself that I’ve heard used years later on the radio and had a good laugh about it.


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