The Impeachment That Wasn’t

Once again, Democrats prove that they are not only duplicitous, but that they are stupid – too stupid to realize how obviously stupid they are.  Liberals are not only too stupid to realize how stupid they are, but Democrats are too corrupt to realize how obvious they are.  After passing impeachment accusing Trump of crimes for the defying Democrats, they passed his greatest achievement to date – the USMCA, and then the scum sucking Democrats try to take credit for it, and they think we don’t see through them.  This is exactly as I say – leftists take credit for the achievements of others and blame others for their own failings.

Everything in which liberals believe is backwards from what actually is.  They accuse Trump of working with foreign powers against America, of bribery, of enriching himself at the expense of the American people, and of acting as a dictator.  These are all the things that Obama, Biden, and Hillary did.  Democrats not only blame others for their own failings but slander others as having committed the crimes they commit.  This is the way of the two-faced, pathological lying thief.  The Democrat way is the way of the corrupt leftist dictator.  Pelosi declares that she doesn’t believe she can get a fair trial in the Senate.

Democrats rushed to impeach President Trump on false pretenses and now demand the Senate convict him before they send the case to the court.  Democrats in the Senate say they can’t get a “fair trial.”  Is that like the “fair trial” in the House where President Trump was not permitted to face his accuser, not permitted to present a defense, not permitted to be heard, and not charged with any crime.  The basis of their articles of impeachment are lies that Trump claimed to be king and that Congress has power over him.  That the Senate would throw out this impeachment without requiring a vote is a no brainer.  This is tantamount to accusing Trump of being a rapist on the basis of his Access Hollywood statement that women let him grab them by the pussy after they edit out the word “let.”

“Pelosi hopes to pressure McConnell into holding a ‘fair trial’ — this, after she and her party broke every relevant House rule and precedent, and several Amendments in the Bill of Rights, all in the name of their ‘sole Power of Impeachment.’ They forget that a ‘fair trial’ applies to the accused, not the accuser, and has since 1215.” – Joel Pollack

Even their assertion of bribery against Trump was backwards.  The Constitution warns against a president who accepts bribes, not one who bribes foreign powers.  Bribing foreign powers is how diplomacy is done!  Obama, Biden, Hillary and others have accepted bribes from Ukraine giving them money and ultra-high paying jobs to their children, etc.  Talk about a pack of anti-American criminals who should have been impeached and imprisoned!  Why doesn’t this happen now?

Democrat Debate

At the Democrat debate, they once again proved what a pack of blithering idiots they are as Warren tried to smear Buttigieg for hobnobbing with rich Democrats of which she is one and he slapped her in the face!  Biden tried to gaslight the middle class that is prospering mightily under the Trump economy by telling them that it’s not happening!  I can no more listen to Democrats debate than I can to liberals defend them.  There lack of actual facts, their belief in their own delusions, and their deceitful, hate filled rhetoric is just appalling!  Listening to these morons lowers people’s IQ.  All you need to know to fully understand everything about the left is that Democrats are deceivers, liberals are fools, and leftists are fascists.  When they can’t fool you about their stupid ideas, can’t convince you to stop listening to good sense, and can’t insult you into obeying them, then they will force you to submit to them.  When all else fails they will create a following of fanatic haters willing to kill you until you submit.  That is the leftist way.

This so-called impeachment of President Trump is going to die in the 116th Congress House of Representatives because it is a bogus fraud.

According to “Impeachment Scholar” Noah Feldman, “…impeachment under the Constitution: The House must actually send the articles and send managers to the Senate to prosecute the impeachment.  And the Senate must actually hold a trial. If the House does not communicate its impeachment to the Senate, it hasn’t actually impeached the president. If the articles are not transmitted, Trump could legitimately say that he wasn’t truly impeached at all.”

Dear Madam Speaker, you can take your papers and shove ‘em where the sun don’t shine!

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[Author’s Note: It has been suggested that Democrats will say Trump should be forbidden from appointing judges, especially a Supreme Court justice, so long as he has been impeached.  Can you say, “Hey, Chuck and Nancy, GFY!”  Democrats claiming Trump has conflict of interest for wanting Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son for corruption because he’s a potential presidential challenger ignore their own conflict.  The senators running for president against Trump would be the ones judging him in the Senate!  Democrats will only use this false impeachment to further slander Trump for the next year.  This is why the opposition to impeachment was bipartisan, and one Democrat made history by being the first congressman in history to switch to the minority party.  The Founder’s warned that Constitutional impeachment is not for the purpose of partisan political bickering.  Pelosi can make all the noises about the president and Senate Majority Leader being rogue, but it is obvious to the intelligent people of the nation that it is the Democrats who have gone rogue in their war on the Constitution.  There is nothing to be gained by ever giving Democrats an inch because they will always take a mile and then some.  Only give them the rope they need to hang themselves.]

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