Is your name Biden?

Joe Biden says he will only serve one term if elected and allow others than himself to rule.  His corruption runs so deep it’s impossible to reach the bottom.  Is your name Biden?  Do foreign companies offer you million-dollar salaries for jobs that you haven’t the first clue how to do?  Democrats fixate on their lies and liberals can’t see past the surface of their sea of deceptions.  From Democrats extorting foreign governments to false claims that foreign governments control Republicans.  These are the people who want to give the vote to illegal foreigners.  They demand Trump be impeached for being falsely accused of what Democrats do.  Biden says he won’t testify at his impeachment because it’s just Trump trying to distract from his own crimes.  This impeachment is all about distracting the people from a multitude of Democrat crimes.  Democrat’s two-faced ideology is why they have earned the moniker of Demonrats.

Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was asked if he would have been given a job on the board of directors of Burisma if his name wasn’t Biden.  Surprisingly, he almost answered honestly with an, “I don’t know.  Probably not.”  Well, the actual answer is no.  Burisma didn’t offer me a million dollars a year to sit on their board of directors and do nothing because I know nothing.  Who else in the country whose name is not Biden, whose father was VP under Obama, was offered such a job?  Let’s poll the other 299,999,998 people in the country.

Liberals think they should all get jobs like this right out of school, but they are not the children of rich, corrupt Democrats.  Politicians in Washington who send their children to foreign countries, to be given jobs for which they are unqualified, and make salaries a thousand times more than the common people are not advancing Americanism in the world or enhancing trade.  They are shaking down other countries under threat of being cut out of American protection and markets.  Like Chicago gangsters, this is the Democrat way.  Republicans who copy them are equally guilty.  This is the swamp that Trump is draining that wants to destroy him.

“Sleepy Joe Biden” has been renamed by President Trump for his character and actions.  “Quid Pro Joe” is also going to be “No Show Joe” for his declaration that, if subpoenaed, he would not show for an impeachment trial of President Trump.  What happened to contempt and obstruction of Congress?  Now he is flipflopping as Democrats always do when called out for being two-faced.  Pelosi is obstructing Congress by declaring as the prosecuting party in President Trump’s impeachment that the defending party in the Senate must relinquish its position to the prosecuting party of the Senate.  If a prosecutor in a court case told the defense attorney that they must withdraw in order for there to be a “fair trial,” who in America would not laugh in disbelief and be outraged?

Biden is a gutless wonder who claims he “stands up to bullies like Trump,” that he would fight him in the school yard, challenges Trump supporters to push up contests and IQ tests, and says he is a righteous man.  He is on video record bragging about being a bully extorting Ukraine.  Like De Niro who says he would shove a bag of excrement in Trump’s face to humiliate him, he believes he is a righteous man.  These peanut heads go around talking about how crude and offensive Donald Trump is, how he bullies people, and here they are behaving like nasty children.

These two little men, like the human Jabba the Hut, Michael Moore, all believe Trump supporters are rabid morons and that they stand up against his bullying the press and the Democrats in Congress because they believe that they are righteous men.  Righteous men don’t talk like children or act like criminals, bullies, or petulant snot-nosed brats.  President Trump may be crude, but he has been honorable in all he has done.  No amount of Democrat smears claiming he only lies can conceal his transparency in everything he says and does to make this country better and expose Democrats for faithless charlatans.

One Term Biden

Biden obviously lies about being moderate when he openly says he would trash America’s energy and manufacturing again.  He only seeks to be a one term placeholder for a more radical Democrat of the Obama model who can lie as well as effectively as the Moslem communist.  Would Biden let Obama rule from behind the scenes?  Why are liberals so dedicated to believing in lies, especially after they are proven false?  They present the façade that they are for the poor and that Republicans enable greed, then enact socialist policies to help the elites steal from the poor.  Like believing in socialism, liberals believe in erroneous things like:

  • Ancient aliens over the Bible
  • Christians are malevolent Islam is peace
  • The KKK were Republicans
  • Nazis were Christians
  • There was no Holocaust, Eisenhower starved Germans
  • Communism is good capitalism is greed
  • The Moon landings were faked
  • The Towers were brought down by demolition
  • Saddam had no WMDs
  • Trump colludes with Russia to steal the election and bribed Ukraine

This list is long and stupid.  In contrast, when Republicans tell the truth and present facts, Democrats declare them to be lying creating bogus conspiracy theories.

The impeachment hearings were so hard to watch.  There was nothing but Democrat’s posturing and Republicans slapping down lie upon lie.  At their impeachment hearings, Democrats declared that Trump was guilty of violating the Constitution “by ignoring a co-equal branch of government.”  Now they are saying, “this has never happened in the history of the country.”  Horseshit!  Barack Hussein Obama ruled by his pen and his phone to make law like Democrat judges making law from the bench instead of upholding Constitutional law.  That’s why it is so easy for the Supreme Court to overturn them and why President Trump was able to sweep aside Obama’s mandates to clear the way for the American economy to thrive again.

Donald Trump is not ignoring Congress when they are doing their lawful duty.  He is ignoring a traitorous Congress enacting a coup against the country to overthrow the lawfully, rightfully elected President of the United States.  Congress keeps muddying the waters with their lies and it takes time to clear away their scum to reveal the truth.  The truth is that Democrats are the traitors to the Constitution, the nation, and the American people.  Now Pelosi holds Congress hostage to her demands of a conviction before the trial begins declaring Republicans are biased as if Democrats are not.

Fixing America requires undoing what Democrats have wrought to keep Americans in bondage.  Start with what they created since the beginning of the 20th century:

  • Eliminate the Federal Reserve
  • Eliminate income taxes
  • Fix tax rates
  • Ban communists from teaching
  • Enslave and imprison only violent people and thieves

Cities have always been the center of society, which also made them become centers of wealth that attract the greedy thus breeding crime and corruption.  The middle class of suburbia is the backbone of the economy, and the heart and soul of Americanism.  Democrat elites believe the people exist to raise up the “gifted few” like themselves rather than to live good and prosperous lives themselves.  It is said that the greatest lie Satan ever told was to pull off convincing the world that he does not exist.

Likewise, the greatest lie that Democrats have been able to pull off was to convince the country that Republicans are the party of the greedy rich while they are the party that helps the poor.  They are gaslighting America with their campaign claiming that the middle class is disappearing because of Trump’s tax cuts rather than because of their high taxes.  In all of American history the middle class was only decreased under eight years of Obamaism.  How stupid are people who believe the crap that Democrats say?

People are coming to recognize when Democrats like de Blasio bloviate about rising anti-Semitism in NYC that Democrats have fostered, belaboring the obvious, and then blaming Trump.  Their propaganda has great effect on the ignorant and weak-minded, which is why they want to lower the voting age to 16.  With more and more young adults living as children with their parents the voting age should be raised to 25 with exceptions at 21 for working a full-time job or 18 for being in a military profession.  America needs adult citizens voting, not children wanting handouts, criminals who take rights from good people, and illegal alien foreigners voting for communism.

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