Rubio, Cruz, Trump – the charm, the brains, and the b*lls

Trump Cruz Rubio

Trump, Cruz, and Rubio have joined the battle in earnest as the undisputed leaders in this race.  Each has pros and cons to their campaign and character.  Always choose brains over brawn, but never choose a wimp over a warrior.  Having the courage of your convictions does not necessarily mean being able to lead, let alone fight fire with fire.

While Kasich and Carson have become the redundant candidates who are just wasting space, Trump, Cruz, and Rubio are dominating and vying for the prize – to be the Republican nominee for president.  All three say they will do what is right for the American people.  But what is it each believes and how will they go about achieving their goals?

Illegal Immigrants

All three say they will close the border, but only Trump and Cruz say they will remove the illegals that are here.  Rubio says this cannot be done.  In this case, IMHO, all three are wrong.

The border must be closed and illegal immigration halted without a doubt.  The wall that must be built cannot be of brick and mortar, but must be a dynamic wall to track and stop anyone trying to sneak into the country.  As for those that are here, if they are living on welfare, are hiding and not paying taxes, or committing crimes then they need to be removed.

If they have been working hard and contributing to society then they can stay as long as they continue to be law-abiding and taxpaying.  They can then be put at the back of the line of all those currently applying for citizenship before they can be made citizens and have the rights of citizens to vote or collect Social Security.  As it is now, many vote illegally and collect citizen benefits unrightfully and this must be ended.


All three say they will stop ISIS.  Stopping Islamist jihadis will take more than killing a few murderous idiots.  Islamists are being brought into America to spread their anti-Christian, anti-American ideology by the Obama regime.  This, too, must not only be suspended, but reversed!

Democrats endorse Islam because it is the ultimate socialist ideology in which all the people are the same and their rulers dominate them.  While the atheist socialists of the Left say they would like to do away with all “fantasy” religion, “the opiate of the people,” they do not deny that Islam has unified their societies and made any other ideology impossible to prosper.  This is the kind of control socialism requires and the Left desires.

The candidate who would lead America must be the one with the strength of will to not only halt the Democrat agenda, but sweep it aside and reverse all the damage they have done.  Democrats have corrupted America against itself falsely educating our young about their ideology and the history of America and socialism.  And they have installed people in positions of power to restrain any attempts at dismantling their machine for unmaking and transforming America.  This requires a candidate of great will and the ability to enforce that will.


Democrats have done their utmost to shut down American energy.  Obama shut down as much oil drilling as he could and said we could not drill our way to lower gas prices.  But he could not shut down fracking and now we produce more oil than we need – and Obama takes credit for the lower prices.

Democrats have been giving trillions of taxpayer dollars to their Wall Street cronies that the people will have to pay for over a generation.  They initiated subsidies at the beginning of the 20th century that even the GOP has joined in bestowing on their donors.  This is a state of affairs that Americans can no longer afford.

Those in government are supposed to protect American business, not choose who prospers and who fails by giving money to their friends and inflicting regulations on their competition.  The candidate who can undo these is one who is going to work against the leadership of both parties.  Business cannot prosper with one party or the other putting a boot on its neck and taking from those who achieve to give to those who fail as Obama has done with American energy.

Restoring America

America needs a strong leader who can achieve what he says.

Can Trump make America great again through force of will?  Are his policies what will make America great again or is he just conning the people?

Can Cruz convince others to follow his ideas which are the most conservative?  Will he lead America in the right direction or be kept pinned down by a combative GOP allied with Democrats?

Can Rubio lead the GOP to do what is right for the people?  Or will his willingness to accept the promise of those “older and wiser” that what they want is what is right?

America has a decision to make.  The question is not what America needs as that is obvious – we need to dismantle the liberal socialist mechanisms that are dismantling the Constitution and restore the country to the people who want to make it prosperous by living the American Dream.  The question is; which of these men has the best interests of the people at heart and the will to wrest power from Washington to restore America?

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5 Responses to Rubio, Cruz, Trump – the charm, the brains, and the b*lls

  1. Betty W. moon says:

    Thank You. That is, in my option, a fair assessment of what America is facing. Now I have to process carefully who I want to vote as president. I certainly want someone who is not afraid to do what’s right to return America to its greatness. I’m hoping Trump will settle down and show his potential to be the one. 🙏🏻👍🏻


  2. Paul in NH says:

    Maybe one of these men will announce something like this:
    OK, I’m tired of all of this infighting, we are all better than the democrat alternative. So I propose that one of us take the lead and combine our forces forming a coalition team. Since obama, the democrats and the RINOS have done extensive damage to our constitution and our country, it will take extraordinary leadership to restore her to our founders ideals of limited government and separation of powers. The three of us along with Dr. Carson and Gov. Kasich will agree to as a team work together with God, the courts and congress as much as possible to reverse and restore America to our constitutional government of, by and for the people. And live by those dictates. Those who have caused and perpetuated the damage that we find ourself will be persecuted as treasonous traitors of the United States of America and so be punished depending on the extent of their participation that caused this damage, up to and including death by hanging for the leadership.

    Liked by 1 person

    • guidvce4 says:

      Your last sentence says what I would like to see happen to the traitors who brought about this mess. The reality is that it would take another revolution to make that happen and, generally speaking, I believe there is not the will to accomplish it. I’d settle for a turnover of the current administration including the Rinos and others who brought this destruction upon our country and Constitution. Like you, I can dream.


  3. onenameleft says:

    I do like most of what trump says, and the left wing media often gets tricked in to covering things that wouldn’t ever be mentioned. We are finding out those so called patriot radio hosts that are connected with certain people that aren’t really patriots like levin I heard he is connected to cruz.


  4. delmarvajim says:

    Visit the conservative tree for the most in-depth coverage and analysis of this election. It is all laid out, step by step


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