Liberalism is for the galactically stupid and batsh*t crazy!

Hillary jobs

From “You didn’t build that” to “Businesses don’t create jobs,” Obama, Hillary, and the Left don’t know jack sh*t about how the world, let alone America, works.  If the government built that, then tell us – Where did they get the money?  If they understand they got it from taking taxes from the people, then tell us – Where did the people get the money to pay those taxes?  People who don’t work for a business don’t make money to pay taxes!  ONLY THE GALACTICALLY STUPID CAN’T FIGURE THIS OUT!

This isn’t even close to being a case of ‘which came first.’  When Elizabeth Warren said that businesses wouldn’t exist without the government paying for roads so people can get to work, or for education their workers to become qualified to do a job, she was putting her galactic stupidity on display.  This would be comical if it weren’t for the sad fact that Democrats believed her to be intelligent and wise.

Are there any Democrats in America who know the first thing about running a company and making it grow?  Do they understand that how communities came together, worked together to build something?  Do Democrats understand the first thing about how one person can start a business and make it grow?  The answer is obviously – NO!

Democrats have no knowledge of how to make money, how to save money, or how to invest money.  Their leaders only know that rich people have money and they want that money.  Their greed and envy coveting what their neighbors worked for is what drives them, and it is their immorality that convinces them what they want is right and good.

Propaganda is like the Force, it has a strong influence on the weak-minded.  Obama says the economy is roaring, yet anyone with half a brain knows that America’s economy is in deep sh*t.  Obama says unemployment is low, yet anyone with half a brain knows that our workforce has shrunk back to Jimmy Carter era levels.  Obama says he is all for energy production through an “all of the above” approach, yet anyone with half a brain knows he has been shutting down oil and coal production and fighting fracking.  Obama says production is up, yet anyone with half a brain knows that China’s economy surpassed America’s, and America’s worldwide credit rating went down thanks to Obama and Democrat policies.

Democrats believe the rich are stealing from them, that they’re shipping jobs overseas giving them away to cheap foreign labor.  And then they want to open the borders to let all that cheap foreign labor into the country so the jobs can be kept at home where illegal immigrants can get jobs and welfare benefits from a country they hate.  These people are batsh*t crazy!

Democrats want to tax the rich and steal all that money back, and don’t believe that wealthy people seek to move their businesses out of America because the government is taxing them for everything they make.  Why should an entrepreneur want to keep his business in a country that won’t let him prosper from what he produces?  They complain that capitalism makes wealthy people powerful.  Why would people who make high salaries and live in the luxury that is America complain about that?

The answer is they don’t.  It is not the working man who is complaining about the rich.  It’s the deadbeat, drug-hazed, voter slave living off of welfare who wants more and more and more.  Jesus said, “It is as difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as it is for a camel to pass through the eye of the Needle.”  The Needle was a low gate into Jerusalem through which a camel had to kneel down a crawl.  Jesus did not mean that rich people could not get through it.

What these parasites don’t understand, however, is that to everyone else in the world, anyone living in America is rich!  People in Third World countries do not have welfare offices, food stamps, public housing, or free luxuries like Obama phones.  The world looks at America’s poor and envies them their great wealth!

Yet Democrats would tear all this down and remake America into a socialist state.  The difference between a capitalist nation where billions of people have risen from poverty into the very wealthy Middle Class, and a socialist state where only those who serve the government can rise above the peasantry, is that socialism makes the powerful wealthy.

Democrats are not Robin Hood.  He did not “steal from the rich to give to the poor.”  They are Prince John; the government that Robin fought to take back the taxes that he stole from the peasants.  There are no poor Democrats in government.  They are all rich people who have duped the poor people of America into believing that they will help them become wealthy and that it is Republicans who keep them poor.

The poor fools are still in poverty and they are too galactically stupid to figure out why.  Democrats have been in control of America for a century, and the only times that Americans have really prospered have been under great Republican leaders like Calvin Coolidge, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and Newt Gingrich.  America’s next great leaders, like Ted Cruz, are being so demonized by liberals and moderates who want to keep their gravy train in Washington going, that they are disliked and distrusted.

The problem in America isn’t the income gap, it’s government efforts to establish a totalitarian dictatorship.  The problem in America isn’t racism, or sexism, or make believe phobias, it’s an ignorant populace who believe fairy tales like their exhalation of CO2 is killing the planet, and the only cure is for America to become a poor, socialist state.  The problem in America isn’t ignorance of science, it’s the ignorance of history that teaches an ill-informed public to believe America is not the solution to the world’s problems, but the cause.

The problem with America isn’t conservative Christianity, but liberal atheism that is destroying her moral core and corrupting her people.  The problem isn’t the greedy rich, but the greedy poor who support them when they are promised bread crumbs from their table.  America’s moral deterioration is at the heart for the decline of this nation, and the Information Superhighway of the Internet is being used to spread the lies and misinformation to a public that lacks a moral compass to understand the difference between doing what is right and what is easy.

The bottom line is; if you think running a business is so easy and business owners are greedy people who won’t pay their employees enough, then you try running your own business where you’re the boss and see what it takes.  And see how you feel when someone comes along who tells you your trainee should be paid as much as you, the owner of the company.  Liberals have no clue that everyone is in business for themselves, even employees who seek to sell their skills to employers.

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Obama has a future as another comedian for brain dead liberals.  The man who bends over for Putin and the Ayatollah mocks Republicans who crushed CNBC moderators as “whiners.”  Democrats, who cower in fear of FOX and refuse to have a debate on the conservative network, yuck it up for their HNIC whose presidency has been a complete joke – albeit a bad one.

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“Liberals attack the messenger because they don’t want to deal with the truth of their message.” – Carly Fiorina

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2 Responses to Liberalism is for the galactically stupid and batsh*t crazy!

  1. Wonderful information that cannot be found elsewhere!


  2. Monte M. Mann says:

    Liberal / progressive / communist may read but they will never agree or change their made up minds. The leftist machine is strong and powerful and preaching to them will never help them. One half of the country is just too dumb to understand and our educational system is not helping them.


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