Hillary doesn’t believe she has ever told the public a lie

HIllary never lies

Just a few:

  • ObamaCare will insure all of America’s uninsured.
  • Ambassador Stevens was assassinated in Benghazi because of a video.
  • Republicans want to deny women birth control and die in childbirth.

When asked if she ever lied Hillary’s answer was “I don’t believe I ever had” And that was the truth.  Hillary, like Bill, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, are all sociopathic pathological liars.  When they tell the people the stories they create they believe they are telling the truth!  In non-psychological terms it’s called being a person who believes their own lies.

Hillary says she believes she has never lied

Everybody lies.  But there is a world of difference between lies that come in three types:

  • A White Lie to spare someone’s feelings
  • A Gray Lie to conceal wrongdoing
  • A Black Lie to deceive

The three examples above are all Black Lies meant to deceive people to believe the opposite of the truth.  It can be truthfully said that whenever people like Hillary or Obama or Sanders say that what they are doing and want to do will make America better they are telling Black Lies.  Socialism has destroyed more wealth than it ever shared, Islam has killed and enslaved more people than socialism, and ObamaCare does not insure the uninsured but makes insurance unstable and expensive in order to destroy it.

Every policy of Democrats is to make people turn to government for help with promises to make their lives better while actually tearing them apart.  When people realize this then they will begin to vote intelligently and begin restoring the America the Left has torn down.  But even Republicans have their share of deceivers and that is being seen in the primary process wherein the GOP is vowing to not allow Trump to win the nomination even if chosen by the people.

GOP brokered convention

[Author’s Note: The percentage of people who are functional psychotics is much greater than psychologists tell us.  There is a degree of psychoses in every human being.  It’s just a matter of how much before it becomes so bad that the person becomes non-functional.  The rest is a matter of how much they can function in society and we see it all the time in criminals, deceivers, and those who aggrandize themselves or belittle others.  Learning to recognize this in others is probably the key to understanding people and their motivations.]

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