Republicans form their circular firing squad in search of Reagan imperfection

gop circular firing squad

Conservatives vow not to vote for a candidate who isn’t their ideal conservative, the GOP leadership threatens to broker the convention if Trump wins, and Democrats rub their hands in glee at the idea of splitting the Republican vote.

Ronald Reagan was a great president, but the myth of Ronaldus Magnus and the immature concept that one man can cure all that ails America and restore its greatness overnight is a childish fallacy that could cost us everything.  Conservatives who say, “I vow only to vote for Candidate X and no other,” who see lies from every side, who believe all the best of their own candidate and all worst of all others is going to be the death of America.  We only have one life to fight the good fight, but we should always wonder if we have the moral righteousness to choose which fight is good.

Candidates are in a war of words and dirty tricks are involved.  Liberals are going insane saying Trump would be the worst thing that could happen to the Republican Party and cause them to lose the election – and then attacking Trump supporters as wanting to destroy America with a new Hitler, which is really funny since they already elected a Hitler wannabe and, if they really wanted Republicans to lose the election, they would extoll the virtues of Trump so that Republicans hanged themselves.  Conservatives fear Trump is a liberal blowing smoke and playing the piper luring unsuspecting Republicans to support a phony who will betray them once in office.

Trump, like Cruz, says he wants to fight for the people who have been betrayed by the GOP.  Rubio says he is more conservative than Cruz despite his throwing in with establishment Republicans over amnesty.  Both Trump and Rubio accuse Cruz of dirty tricks and lying, while Cruz tries to fight the battle as an intellectual, which will just get his butt kicked on the playground.  And the GOP leadership that doesn’t want their gravy train to end are threatening to broker the convention should Trump or even Cruz win.

So where are Americans to turn?

The most important thing to remember is that Ronald Reagan didn’t begin life as a conservative, and even as a conservative Christian he made his share of big mistakes while serving as president; letting the Democrat Congress run up a trillion dollar debt (even after revenue surpassed his tax cuts due to economic growth Democrats continued to run bigger and bigger deficits), giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens on the Democrat promise to seal the border, and sending the Marines into Beirut to do nothing in the war with Islam except to die and retreat.

Ever since Teddy Roosevelt split the Republican vote to give Democrats their first Supermajority in 1912, Democrats have had three more and each has seen American wealth squandered by their idea of government as taxes and spending rose astronomically.  Were Republicans in charge in the 20th century, and kept America’s wealth in the private sector, then the technological advances that were made, along with the public wealth generated, may have been astronomically greater rather than the debt that Democrats made astronomical.

If Americans allow Democrats to win and destroy the Constitution to install socialism then America will be lost.  Rubio says he is conservative, but is willing to follow GOP leadership.  Trump may not be 100% conservative and only come to conservatism late, but he is a more effective leader than Cruz and also promises to stomp the corruption in Washington.  If the GOP steals the nominee from the people to keep Washington capable of sucking the wealth out of the people then America will be lost.

But it is Republican voters who will decide whether America recovers its greatness or if it is flushed down the toilet into the cesspool of history where empires die.  Liberals did not bring America to the brink overnight, so no one should expect a savior to bring it back to greatness in a day.  Stopping the corrupt politicians in Washington is what this election is all about and if Trump betrays his word the way Republicans in Washington have then America is lost anyway.

Republicans forming their typical presidential election circular firing squad

[Author’s Note: The best chance to unite the Republican Party behind a candidate who will stomp down the GOP moderate leadership is a Donald Trump who stays true to his word.  This will be illustrated in his choice of VP.  If he chooses one of the moderate governors like Christie or Kasich we will know it’s all a lie.  If he chooses Rubio it will be iffy.  If he chooses Cruz then we can be sure that reforming Washington so that they once again work for the people will be his number one goal.  If the GOP brokers the convention and tries to shove one of their own down our throats then they will lose the conservative vote completely.  It will then be up to Trump to form a coalition of conservatives, moderates, and liberals who unite against Washington to elect the first third party candidate since Lincoln.]

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1 Response to Republicans form their circular firing squad in search of Reagan imperfection

  1. guidvce4 says:

    I’m thinking all the ballyhoo and accusations between Trump and Cruz may be for show. I think Trump may end up as the people’s choice for the nominee and Cruz will end up the VP choice. Okay, so I’m hoping that will be the case. The man of action(Trump) and the intellectual(Cruz) filling the top two spots in our government might just work out really well. Maybe.


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