Obama’s Utopia – the American Dream killer

“Income inequality” is Obama’s new mantra.  There is no more hope of an economic recovery, there is only the change from capitalism to socialism and the destruction of the American Dream.  A young millennial wrote an article for Rolling Stone endorsing Obama establishing a communist dictatorship in order to lead America into another failed socialist state, as if the last century of socialist failures was not enough to prove this is insanity.

His ideal society has everyone getting a paycheck from the government and no one required to work, and Obama supports this as if Democrats stealing wealth made the economy better in the 20th century.  Every time they raised taxes America entered a depression, and every time conservatives lowered taxes the economy boomed.  Today’s young fools believe the Obama scam that “trickle-down economics” doesn’t, because Democrats have been wrecking the economy for the past seven years and successfully making Republicans the scapegoats due to moderate boobs like Boehner bending over for Obama.

More than ten million fewer people are working today than in 2008.  This is masked by the Democrat’s system of measuring unemployment in the short term that they instituted after Reagan restored the economy following the disastrous Carter term.  That masking has been effective in convincing the low information voter that unemployment is below 7% while it has actually remains in the double digits just like it was under Carter.

The year after Democrats took over Congress and laid waste to the economy to get Obama elected, they successfully blamed Bush and in the minds of low information voters for the deteriorating economy they orchestrated.  Even Bill O’Reilly drank the cool aid and said, “Banks became gangsters” for making loans mandated by Democrat laws and selling worthless stocks Democrats allowed so they wouldn’t have to suck up the massive losses.  The last deficit of a Republican president and Congress was $167 billion, while the first deficit of the new Democrat controlled Congress with Obama presiding was an insane ten times that.  How the nation went from requiring a budget of $2.5 trillion to over $4 trillion dollars a year is easily explained by Democrat greed to steal as much from tax payers as possible.

In order to achieve their dream of raising taxes on the middle class and having the dupes support it is to tell them they are paying for everyone to have affordable premium healthcare and are “saving the planet” from fossil fuels.  With the global warming fraud unravelling, they are forced to push ObamaCare harder saying anyone who doesn’t support it is a racist who wants people to die.  Due to his economic destruction, Mr. Obama has had the Fed printing and borrowing a trillion dollar every year under the name of “Quantitative Easing” whereby his friends on Wall Street get tons of money and double-digit inflation is also masked.

By whatever name, communism, fascism, Nazism, imperialism, or despotism, socialism has proven repeatedly that only the leaders prosper leaving the masses to scrape by with no hope of achieving better.  Obama’s income inequality is nothing less than to sick the poor on the rich to bring them down, and Obama has made certain there are many more poor today than there were six years ago.  America isn’t going to the dogs, it’s going to the greedy pigs, predators, and parasites that comprise the Democrat Party.

Obama promotes income inequality

Young millennial endorses socialism

Ronald Reagan explains why socialism fails

Under Carter, both unemployment and inflation were in the double-digits, though the historical record revised by Democrats would have people believe Carter’s economy was superior to Reagan’s.  Reagan restored the economy that boomed through the end of the nineties until America was attacked by Islamo-fascists.  Now America has been living under Carter II, and re-elected it to suffer Carter III, because low information voters are easily fooled by a pathological liar whose greatest achievement has been to bring about the decline of America, weakening the greatest power for good in the world.

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