For Trump to unite Republicans he will have to reach out to conservatives

Super Tuesday map

In 2012, Mitt Romney could not galvanize the Republican base and he lost.  In 2016, Jeb Bush declared he could win without the Republican base and he lost before he got started.  In 2008, John McCain fired up the Republican base by choosing a firebrand conservative who gave McCain such a lead that Democrats had to nuke the economy and blame Republicans in order to win.  Neither would do what Trump has been doing – storming against the Democrat agenda.  But what will he do to truly unite the party?

This time around, Democrats do not have the option of crashing the economy through their mortgage banks in order to derail Republicans like they did in 2008.  Trump has been pulling in people from all demographic groups to his campaign, but Donald Trump has a problem which may derail himself.  Unlike Reagan, who started out a Democrat and became the greatest conservative Republican since Teddy, Trump is coming to conservatism very late.  He is so late that many question his sincerity in wanting to stop the socialist agenda that is crushing America’s economy and making our enemies abroad strong.

Some say that Kasich is staying in the race in order to be a spoiler and hope for a VP offer or instigate a brokered convention to screw Trump.  The same is being said of Christie’s endorsement and campaigning for Trump that he wants to be VP or at least a cabinet post.  But both are men who say they would be happy to work with Democrats, who supported Boehner as he betrayed Republican voters and conservatives want none of either in the top spot.

Working Americans do not want any Republican who will work with Democrats toward the Democrat agenda.  They want a president and a party that will sweep away the socialist blight that and crony corruption that is plaguing this great nation.  They want a president who will put America first, have our ally’s backs, and lay our enemies down on theirs.

Obama Democrats have unleashed hell on America by opening our borders and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood to set the Middle East on fire.  Working with them is not an option; defeating and dismantling their government machine to steal American’s wealth and prevent Republicans from repairing the damage they have done is.  As for Trump, Americans can only hope he is the man of his word his children and friends say he is because he is proving to be a formidable leader.

If he is not, if he chooses a Bush, or Christie, or Kasich moderate who wants to work with Democrats over a conservative like Cruz who wants to restore America, then we will know in what direction the country will go.  But that’s no reason to give up.  It didn’t take one candidate for liberals to tear America down.  We didn’t lose this country overnight and cannot take it back in a day.  But we can’t take America back if we don’t start moving forward and keep Democrats out of office.  Two steps forward, one step back is better than one step forward and two steps back as we did in the last two elections.

The bottom line is that this year even many Democrats (likely taxpayers who are realizing they are chickens voting for Col. Sanders) are changing their vote.  They have come to realize that Democrats are wrecking, not restoring the economy.  Except for those ignorant youngsters who want freebies, along with those who are parasites of the government that promises to steal for them, they want the American Dream, not the American Nightmare of socialism.

Trump is winning these people over, but not bringing along with conservative base of Americanism unless he recruits the right man VP.  On the flip side Democrats have nowhere else to go for more voters.  Trump can either secure victory by keeping his word and demonstrating that he will enforce conservatism to roll back the tide of liberalism that has corrupted our land, or he can throw it in the air and pray he can outscore Democrats who are experts at voter fraud.

Super Tuesday results

Delegate counts

Rubio has the charm, Cruz has the brains, and Trump has the balls.  Which would make the best leader?

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2 Responses to For Trump to unite Republicans he will have to reach out to conservatives

  1. Trump is winning the blue collar Reagan democrats and the rest of the non-republican Reagan coalition. Trump is rebuilding the Reagan coalition, which the Bushies and the post-Reagan free trade, internationalist crony capitalist GOP establishment cabal have been trying their damnedest to subvert to support the New World Order Bush 41 tried to launch. Rush Limbaugh called it correctly when he wrote “nationalism trumps conservatism”, and even Krautjammer and grovelling Rove finally saw the light and so did Peggy Noonan.We do not give a damn whether you call yourself a conservative, evangelical , liberal or whatever, what matters is that we all put America first.

    Trump has taken the Reagan principle “we win, you lose” and added the old Viking rule “no booty, no raid” (i.e., don,t go off and waste national blood and treasure on ventures where the nation gets zilch concrete in return) and moved the Reagan Doctrine into 21 st century geopolitical reality. That is Trump Doctrine to guide the Trump Movement. That is why the crowds hearing Trump enunciate his objectives for America (not single outcomes) roar “USA, USA, USA!!” in approval.

    Time to shed the bleary tired old politico-religious shibboleths and get to work on Make America Great Again. Above all, let us restore undisputed/unchallenged Amrican sovereignty . Stop the infestation of illegal immigration, build the damn wall, kill the importation of hundreds of thousands of unassimilable sharia preaching muslims before our country turns into Merkel’s EU and our women are raped wholesale by gangs of muslim “refugees”, bring back the millions of good paying American jobs that have been exported all over by the free trade bleating Chamber of Commerce/ Wall Street crony capitalism nattering cabal, kill Common Core subversion of the traditional mission of American Education to teach American Culture, not inane PC diversity,, and reshuffle the economy to grow free of Government interference while rebuilding our military to dominate the combined opposition, like Reagan did while driving the Soviet Potemkin built war devastated Union to implode under the pressure of trying to keep pace and building the USA into the unchallenged Sole World Superpower . Up the USA and Trump 2016! To paraphrase Patton – Lead, follow, or get the Hell out of the way.


  2. Neither of the other yapping poodle (sorry dogs, not meant to demean
    you, just some overambitious humans) candidates surviving in the top tier of the GOP
    presidential primary race (Cruz and Rubio)
    or for that matter any of the rest of the retired or present GOP field or
    their Dem counterparts has ever run a large production operation
    with multiple regulatory/tax and global supplier interfaces. Trump
    has decades of operating (practical) executive experience dealing
    with politicians, regulators, suppliers and local (State,municipal) and
    foreign governments/tax jurisdictions in initiating, negotiating,closing,
    setting up and running multibillion deals/ventures.Trump has a much
    better (broader) sense and feel for the geopolitical reality than
    any state governor or past or current senator, bar none.
    We can include in that group the current and immediately past
    secretary of state (Kerry, Clinton) not to mention the
    current incompetent post-colonial neo-marxist fumbler occupying the
    White House. In the all important area of operational logistics, Trump has a
    better grasp of the complexities than all but a handful of five-star military
    commanders, and certainly better than any recent or current political candidate.


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