Left vs. Right – The true paradigm

For years now, the language of America has been subverted to confuse the people.  Over a hundred years ago, being a Liberal was a good thing.  The definition has been changed by Leftists.  Pick up a dictionary from fifty years ago and you will see something quite different from the definition you find on the Internet today.

Wikipedia now refers to Liberalism as a dichotomy of Classic Liberalism and Social Liberalism.  Classic Liberalism is all the values of Christian Conservatives; Individual liberty and technological advancement of a free capitalist system under the moral direction of Christian values.  Social Liberalism is all the values of Totalitarian Socialists; Individual liberty subject to the needs of the State and the Collective Good under the moral direction of its rulers.  Why is the definition of the same word exactly opposite?

1st Paradigm:


Communism Socialism Moderates Capitalism Statism Fascism

In this paradigm the confusion is created when the same type of regime, absolute control by the State is at both ends of the scale, which is why you sometimes here the Left calling “Far right nuts” Nazis.  The fact is, both Communism and Fascism are absolute control by the State, just like the authority held by a Monarch or a Despot.  Whether he is a good or bad ruler is determined by his/their own moral values and no one can contest their will.  Those who do will be executed.

But the Right and the Left are not the same.  So there is the second paradigm:


Totalitarianism Socialism Libertarianism Capitalism Anarchy

On the far Left is the Dictator, on the far Right is no ruler.  While the far Left is rule by a King with an iron fist, the far right is the state desired by criminals, no control and no authority.  But the reason criminals would desire this condition is not so that everyone can run amok.  It is so that they have freedom to rule over others and take from them as they please without being under the authority of another, just as the King with the iron fist does.

The only authority over the King is God, and whether the King has God in his heart or not is always questionable.  The one thing history has taught us is that when a country becomes rich and powerful, the greedy and corrupt are drawn to it and try to carve out as much of its wealth for themselves.  The problem with this is, like America founded under benevolent rulers who provide liberty for the people, these power mongers will destroy that wealth and liberty to feed their own base desires.

So, since both the King and the criminal both desire absolute power over others to do as they please without moral constraints, this paradigm also has the same character on both ends of the scale.

The true paradigm to measure the Left vs. the Right is this;


Tyranny                         Liberty

On the Left are the Totalitarians, Monarchs, Statists, Socialists, Organized Crime, Anarchists, Communism, Fascism, Islamism, Hinduism, Despotism, and anything else which places rulers and laws on people where the people have no say and are subject to the whim and will of its rulers.  People under these systems of government have no freedom to choose for themselves how to live their lives.  They are not able to advance beyond their position in society.  They are merely cattle fodder to be used by the ruling class to maintain and advance their power.

On the Right is the Republic of Christian morality wherein We the People gather together for the protection of one another’s Rights and Freedoms.  This is the basis of the founding of the United States of America.  We the People choose our leaders who are responsible and answerable to us to make laws which guarantee the Rights of all and not a chosen few.

We the People choose leaders who will fight to protect the liberties and freedoms of each of us from enemies both foreign and domestic, leaders who recognize that one individual’s rights end where another’s begin and will not elevate any, especially themselves, above others.  We the People combine to “provide for the common defense”, that is, we elect a government whose job is to serve and protect us, not to rule over us.  We the People who are free to pursue happiness, not subject to a government who is directed to give it to us.

It is the Right of everyone to be free to work to the best of their ability and achieve what they can without stealing it from others.  It is not the Right of everyone to be given all they need or desire.  America is about Liberty, which is why America has becomes the grandest nation in the history of the world, not because we raped other nations of their resources, but because we produce and trade in a free market.  But the greedy and corrupt are attracted by wealth which they come to steal, and they will steal away the lives of those who work to build that wealth.  They are charlatans and grifters who will convince the greedy among us to vote them into power and keep them there as they tear down our nation.

The difference between the Left and the Right is not a balance of extremisms.  The difference is the extreme: Absolute authority of one over the many or absolute liberty of many from one.  The Left will confuse the people by telling them it is the responsibility of all to provide for one.  That is false.

The Right will tell you it is the responsibility of all to look out for the one.  That means, when you see someone who is being oppressed, you protect them from the oppression and give him the opportunity to provide for himself.  It is up to the individual to be responsible, not up to society to provide for the individual.  That is what they mean when they say,

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” – Confucius.

If you give him a fish, he is your slave and must come to you for his sustenance.  If you teach him to fish, he is responsible for himself and lives free.

Changing the meaning of words is the venue of liars and deceivers whose sole purpose is to enslave others.  Don’t stand by and let Socialists call themselves Liberals.  Don’t let Leftists tell you what that you are a bigot if you do not yield to their demands.  Bigotry is born on the Left.

It is the Anarchist demanding authority so that he can rule over you.  A Leftist puts everyone into groups and keeps them there.  A Rightwing individual will measure up each individual on their own worth.  Remember, prejudice is like ignorance, it is in everyone, but it can be overcome.  Bigotry, like stupidity, cannot.  As Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid.”

Remove those who would have power over us by taking over our businesses and industry, outlawing it with their fraud of ‘Green energy’ and dividing us with class envy while they reduce our economy to beggary.  Don’t let them shut you up with their cries of stupidity, “you want dirty air and water!”  Tell them they’re stupid!  Establish term limits for all elected posts to reduce their power over us.  Our government is there to serve us and not vice versa.  Their possession is to provide us with security.

“Where governments fear people, there is Liberty!  Where people fear the government, there is tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson, one of the Christian Founding Fathers of America

Men of Honor, of good Christian hearts like Washington and Jefferson founded our nation.  They warned us that evil would come against us to destroy this great nation.  “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.”  – Thomas Burke.

It is time for Liberty to speak with one voice!

Now get out and vote for the Right!

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This site is my opinion only and is unpaid. I am a retired Paramedic/Firefighter with 25 years of service in the City of Dallas Fire Dept. I have a B.A. degree in Journalism, and A.A. degrees in Military Science and History. I have spent my life studying military history, world history, American history, science, current events, and politics making me a qualified PhD, Senior Fellow of the Limbaugh Institute, and tenured Professor Emeritus for Advanced Conservative Studies. 😄 It is my hope that readers can gain some knowledge and wisdom from my articles.
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4 Responses to Left vs. Right – The true paradigm

  1. Pete Gambino says:

    dustyk103 Thank You for sharing what should be common sense, but alas is not. Keep up the good work, and be encouraged, as more and more Americans are beginning to see just what fruits each tree bares. 2016 may be as important to the entire world as was 1776! May God have mercy on us all.


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  3. David M. says:

    The truth is always a breath of fresh air. If anyone is trying to cloud the truth and spread lies it’s the left. Their anti-Christian, anti-Life, anti-Conservative, anti-Truth agenda is so disgusting and tiring. How many colleges and universities are teaching students to think critically? I think it’s close to none. I wish that more Christians and Conservatives would stand up and call “Foul” on the left wing agenda. Education shouldn’t be in the hands of those would indoctrinate and lie to the next generation. That poisonous path will rapidly destroy our country quickly unless we stop it.


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